7 Most Happening Places to Relocate in India

Are you planning to move to a better location, away from the hectic lifestyle of the metro city? It has been an old thought that only metro cities can provide you with good job opportunities and a better lifestyle. Apart from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai, you will find there are other places as well where you can lead a successful career with a peaceful lifestyle. These places won’t be a burden on your pockets as well. Have a look at them.

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Let’s start with the largest metropolis of northeast India, Guwahati. This city, situated on the banks of the river Brahmaputra is the fastest-growing part of the country. Planning to shift and enjoy the beauty of the northeast region then Guwahati has a lot to offer. The tea processing and manufacturing activity of the city is well known around the world. But the main part of the economy consists of petroleum and manufacturing industries.

The accommodation, you will find is a lot cheaper, but the only drawback is the rising rates of the daily essentials. Other than that, the city is beautiful to stay and settle.


Kochi is a beautiful city laying by the Arabian Sea. As it is witnessed a lot of growth in the last few years, it is seeing drastic changes. It leads in the IT industry and enjoys the highest literacy rate in India. For more than 600 years it has enjoyed being the financial capital of the state due to extensive trading opportunities. Even today it has ways of providing several job opportunities to people coming in from different parts of the country.

It has cultural places, where foreigners come to learn and enjoy the diverse culture of the city. Many people come here to just visit and later settle here as they fall in love with the place. It has developed into a commercial and financial hub of the country but the main source of income includes the remittances from the NRIs.

Several companies such as V-Guard, SFO Technologies, Muthoot Finances, etc. have their base here making it a great place for available opportunities. the city can provide you with great accommodation options at cheaper rates. You won’t find the harsh traffic of the metro cities even though it is densely populated.


Did you know that Dehradun was developed as an alternative for Delhi after it witnessed a population explosion there? It is developed as a smart city and has become an alternative growth center for the migrants coming to Delhi. Depending upon the growth, it is going to witness great future developments. When compared to Delhi, it is much more beautiful and full of scenic beauty.

The city is known for the vast production of basmati rice and bakery items, so it seems to have a bright future. At present, the main economy depends upon education and tourism. Additionally, to all this, agriculture is also a main part of the economy. The accommodation is easy and cheaper to find in this “school capital of India”. As the students from all over the country come to this place, it sees a lot of activity.

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In the southmost state of the country, Kerala has Trivandrum as its capital. This is considered one of the best places to stay in Kerala. The clean and clear beaches, the beautiful weather, and proper work opportunities make Trivandrum suitable for shifting. The city contributes to more than 55% of the software necessity of the state. After Kochi, Trivandrum is the major IT hub in Kerala. The major occupation of this place constitutes of education, aerospace, rubber plantation, IT, tourism, commerce, and politics. It contributes to 10.31% of the GDP, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the state.

Apart from tourism, it attracts people looking for medical tourism. As Kerala is known for Ayurveda, it has people coming from all over the world coming to enjoy this in this city. The backwaters, beaches, historical places, animated training centers, cultural heritages, etc. make it easy for people to enjoy themselves.

The Vizhinjam International Seaport is another established landmark of the city. Due to a surge in the internal as well as external investment in real estate, infrastructure, and retail market, this place is in great demand. The accommodation is quite cheap and you can relocate to this place easily. the beautiful apartments by the beach are available for a low cost compared to the high standard of living.


Visakhapatnam, a beautiful beach place in Andhra Pradesh is of great historical value. Also known for its two major ports Gangavaram and Visakhapatnam, is the fastest growing city in India. The local occupation of the area comprises seafood export. Above all, it is gradually developing into an industrial area with many companies such as HSBC, Paytm, Infotech, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, IBM, etc. The two main companies providing jobs to many people are NTPC Limited and Simhadri Super Thermal Power Plant.

It has emerged as a Global Financial Tech capital after the establishment of Fintech Valley Vizag. The place has beautiful scenic places that you can visit without traveling long distances. Work by the day and then take an evening walk by the beach. All this and much more makes Visakhapatnam a good place to relocate. You will find lots of job opportunities with good accommodation for cheaper what else would you want.

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Coimbatore has another name to it and that is “Manchester of India”, with the most photographic view of the city. This is also one of the spiritual cities in the country. In recent times, it has been nominated as one of the best cities to reside in attracting more and more residents from all over the country and around the world.

Now, with so much demand in the city, companies are also coming in to set their bases here. And for this reason, the city seems to be blossoming well. The city witnesses a lot of footfalls every year. It is the tourist attraction that contributes to the huge capital of the city. From Coimbatore, it is easy to travel to some of the best tourist spots such as Palakkad, Coorg, Waynad, etc. as they are well-connected by the road, rail, and air. So, shifting to Coimbatore can help you become a part of one of the booming industrializations in India and enjoy the scenic beauty, with good weather. It is one of the cleanest cities in India and is getting developed as a smart city, you will find it so much easy to settle in such a beautiful city.


People often get attracted to the posh cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc., and don’t think about visiting other places where they may find more opportunities. But now that you have the list of other places where you can find lots of opportunities, a better lifestyle, and peace of mind. Opting to stay in one of the above-mentioned cities will not only make you happier but keep you away from the hectic lifestyle of other metro cities. They are easy to follow and can help you save quite a lot when you just starting off in your life.

Once you decide to pack and move, make sure you get in touch with the house broker in the new city and the best packer and mover to get you shifted carefully across the country. With so many facilities, you can easily relocate and settle in any of these cities. You can lead a good and happening life here.

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