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7 Things You should know about Composite Bonding Procedure

Composite bonding, also called cosmetic bonding is a method in which the dentist adds special coloured resin to your teeth for improving overall appearance. There is no anaesthesia needed with minimal pain and you do not have permanent option for natural tooth surface since no drilling is needed. By using the latest materials and proper techniques, composite bonding can be a quick and reasonable alternative when compared to veneers or crowns. This can be performed in a single dental visit which can save your valuable time and money.

  1. Composite bonding for your crooked teeth – Composite bonding can help to improve the appearance of your slightly crooked teeth for better look. With the addition of some resin at the right place, your dentist will be able to hide misaligned teeth thus, enhancing your smile. But it is possible to correct minor teeth problems with the help of composite bonding. One expert in Townsville orthodontics advises that if your teeth have become severely misaligned, it is suggested to see an orthodontist to perform a orthodontic treatment before bonding.
  2. Composite bonding for the bottom teeth – Composite bonding is done to improve aesthetic of bottom teeth but there are various factors that should be considered before doing it such as biting habits and how the top and bottom teeth meet each other. If the patient suffers from the problem of teeth grinding or bruxism, then dental bonding is not at all a suitable option as composite resin is not strong enough to resist the forces and thus, might lead to fracture.
  3. Composite Bonding can close gaps in the front teeth – Composite bonding is a suitable choice for closing small gaps in between the teeth. Thus, you can attain most desired results with bonding for either a single gap or several small gaps in between the teeth. The dentist puts composite resin on your teeth by closing gaps between them or making them more discrete when it cannot be closed completely. But if the gap is extremely big, then the dentist will opt for quick orthodontic procedure before performing bonding in order to avoid the problem of disproportional teeth.
  4. Composite bonding versus dental veneers – You will find some differences between composite bonding and veneers that should be considered by the dentist and patient before undergoing any treatment. While bonding does not require drilling or there is no permanent damage to the teeth, veneers should be drilled properly to fit in the perfect way. You can perform composite bonding in a single visit but veneers need at least two dental visits to prepare them in the laboratory. Bonding will last for at least 5 to 7 years by taking proper care but veneers last for 15 years at the most. You need to talk to a dentist and know about the right option for your case. So, when looking for an affordable option, composite bonding is definitely a good choice for you.
  5. Composite bonding does not involve any pain – Composite bonding is absolutely pain free and you do not need any injection or drilling for your natural teeth. The composite resin is added to the clean tooth surface that will gently be polished in the end.
  6. Advantages of composite bonding – Your tooth structure can be preserved with composite bonding and it can last for 5 to 7 years when you see a dental hygienist for routine checkups and take proper care of it. There is no laboratory work needed and the dentist can perform the entire procedure in one visit only. The price is also comparatively cheaper than other kinds of cosmetic dentistry treatments.
  7. Search for a composite bonding clinic near you – It is suggested that you find a reputed clinic in your area to perform composite bonding procedure and improve your overall appearance. Some trustworthy clinics provide free consultations sessions that allow you to ask all questions you have in your mind before you decide to go with the treatment. Make sure the dentist can solve all your queries and you are really satisfied with the answers. This way, you can enhance your smile and confidence level.

Patients who have healthy and strong natural teeth and want a suitable solution to improve their smile, composite bonding is a quick and an affordable option. This is the least invasive method for restoring your teeth in the best possible way. It is a great choice for everyone who is looking for an inexpensive treatment when compared to other options. You will be able to get instant results by seeing a dentist in a single visit. Thus, if you are suffering from minor dental problems, then composite bonding might be the right solution to regain your gorgeous smile and confident look. You need to book a free consultation to get affordable composite bonding in London and get yourself treated from experienced dentists.

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