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7 Winning Last Minute Event Promotion Strategies

There are many reasons people don’t attend events, but one of the most common is that they forget. With little time left before your event, it can feel like you’ve already lost because no one will come if they haven’t heard about it. But there’s still hope.

You need to put in some last-minute effort and employ these winning strategies for event promotion. Read on to learn.

1. Send Out a Personal Invitation

It’s always better to have someone attend an event because the organizer personally invited them than if it was just “mentioned” to them. You can send them a message directly through Facebook or text them something.

This method works best when you’ve already established good communication with your attendees. If you’re promoting an event for the first time, it’s a little late to send out invitations at this point, so try some of the other strategies below.

2. Send Out a Last-Minute Email Blast

Email is still an effective marketing tool on the internet today, and there are many services that provide last-minute bulk email delivery for a few dollars.

This strategy isn’t as personal as sending individual messages through social media, but it has nonetheless proven effective. Make sure that you include “save-the-dates” in your body copy.

3. Post Your Event on Facebook

Most people know that it’s easy to invite friends on Facebook to events through the Facebook event creator. If you didn’t create an event for your event, then go ahead and make one now.

The most important part is to post it in an area where interested people can see it. This could be on your personal timeline or at the top of a relevant fan page that you manage.

4. Run a Competition on Facebook or Twitter

There’s no better way to get attention on social media than through a good old-fashioned competition. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could ask people to follow you and share a post in exchange for tickets or some other kind of reward.

5. Send Out Press Releases

If your event is newsworthy, then you should send it out as an official press release. Many newspapers and blogs like to run stories about events that are happening around town, especially if they’re free.

You can also try sending it out to college newspapers or local TV stations. The key here is to get a little bit of buzz going before your event.

6. Put Up More Posters

Posters are still one of the most effective ways to get people out to an event. Just make sure that you post them in areas where your target audience is likely to see them.

Make sure you partner with a great digital printing service provider to get the job done.

7. Advertise on Craigslist

If your event has a specific target audience, then you might want to take advantage of Craigslist. It’s easy to create an ad, and for the price of a few bucks, you’ll reach thousands of people in your local area.

Utilize These Last-Minute Event Promotion Strategies

These are just some ideas on how to do a last-minute event promotion. You’ll have to choose which is going to work best for you when time is running out. Know that there’s always hope for even the most poorly planned events.

We hope you find this helpful. If so, please check out the other posts we have on this website.

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