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8 Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Major Repair Costs

8 Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Major Repair Costs

Maintaining your car Maintenance servicing can prove to be a major hassle. Changing your oil once every five miles or turning the tires is painful, we understand. It’s worth it to pay a bit every now and then to ensure that major repairs are avoided is totally worth it. If you own an older car, every day that you extend your car’s lifespan is an excellent deal.

A little effort can help in cutting down on the repair costs associated with your car maintenance. Here are eight tips for maintaining your car which can help delay or make it less costly to make a huge repair to your vehicle. Every car requires maintenance. We’ll guide you through the steps to take good care of your car!

Examine your spare tire

It’s as crucial to keep the spare tire in good shape as the four tires underneath your vehicle. The worst thing you could happen is to find that the spare tire is deflated while you’re taking the jack from your trunk. This is when you’ll have to contact a tow vehicle, which can cost thousands of dollars. You’re better off spending one dollar for an air pump to fill up your spare. This way, you’ll avoid the expense of a tow

Make sure you change the oil

How the cost of the oil change in your car affects your budget? Oh, plenty. Problems with oil can be one of the most expensive car maintenance problems to address because oil can affect a variety of functions your car has. It’s best to invest less than $25 to have your oil changed rather than delay the process and risk damaging the engine, which will cost you more than the $25 cost to replace.

  • Maintenance Tips: Change the oil at least every 5,000 miles, or do as suggested by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Clean the battery

Corrosion (which appears as blue or white powder) may appear on the terminals of your battery. If you don’t clean them it is possible that your battery will form a crack or perform as it should and leave you in a bind. A quality car battery could cost up to $100 and a tow could cost you more, purchasing the wire brush for $5 and keeping the terminals nice is a good investment.

  • Maintenance Recommendation Check your battery two times each year and then check for any signs of corrosion.

Change the pads on your brakes

Are you hearing a sound that squeaks when you break? If yes it could be that your brake pads might be worn out. A new set of pads can cost as much as $300 for the four wheels, and the cost for labor when a professional installs them. We are aware that the cost might seem high. However, being able to stop and not rear-end that Lexus ahead of you is unbeatable.

  • Maintenance Tip: Examine the brake fluid each time you change your oil to make sure it’s not dark-colored. If so, you’ll have to replace the brake system earlier rather than later.

Replace your air filter

Your car’s air filter prevents pollution from getting into the vents. Air filters perform an important function that’s why you must take care of them. Additionally, having an old filter beyond its lifespan could cause major issues for the air conditioning system. We’re sure you do not want that. Replacing your complete AC unit could cost anywhere from $800 to $4,000.

  • Maintenance Tip: Replace your air filter at least every one year or after 12,000 miles.

Replace your windshield wipers

Based on the model and make of your vehicle, new windshield wipers will cost between $30 and $50 for the set. Although that may seem like a huge amount for something that is so tiny and effective, they’re essential when you’re on the road. If you’re unable to be able to see the road, then you shouldn’t drive at all. If you don’t keep clean your windshield regularly, dust may accumulate over time, and could result in the windshield shattering. Keep in mind that new windshield wipers cost less expensive than brand-new windshields ($100 up to $500).

  • Maintenance Tip: Make sure you check your windshield wipers prior to the time of each season’s change and replace them if needed.

Make sure your tires are rotated

Did you know that you can effectively prolong the life of your tires by rotating them often? It’s true! The four tires on your vehicle don’t wear out in the same manner. The front and the back tire set may be worn down at different rates, depending on the vehicle, speed, and the road you are driving on. By rotating your tires, you’ll be able to extend their lifespan and save $400-$800 on the brand-new set of four.

  • Maintenance Tip: Rotate your tire every 3,000-5,000 miles.


Examine the springs, shocks as well as struts (suspension mechanism)

A suspension is among the most intricate components of your vehicle that you probably overlook. We rarely consider it until the suspension stops working and creates a roller-coaster ride of your journey. If you discover that one of your shocks is in need of being replaced, be sure to replace them all. It’s a bit sad, but it’s the truth.

  • Maintenance Tip: Inspect the suspension shocks and complete the suspension system at least every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Firestone Complete will perform courtesy checks for you at no cost if you visit us for repairs. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your vehicle’s main operating system, including tires, fluid situation lighting, batteries and wipers. They also examine belts and hoses.

Before starting work on your vehicle, our bus counselors will make any suggestions for repairs or conservation. They will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to care for your vehicle. We will not surprise or charge you for any unexpected auto repairs.


Engine Repair

Firestone Complete Automotive Care repairs your car to ensure that it lasts longer. Trust the experts for critical com commodities such as machine repairs.

A/C form

Firestone Complete can still repair your car’s air conditioning line C system if it fails to function properly. Requesting a bus conditioner when you notice any problems is a great way to save money and time. We can repair your air conditioner before it gets worse.

Brake Repair

Boscage pads, boscage Rotors, boscage Calipers and the master Cylinder Firestone professionals will fix or replace your thickets’ boscage factors. Your thickets will be examined by the nearest shop if they are grinding or grazing. This will allow you to feel confident that your thickets work properly.

Tire Form

It’s not an easy road to travel on, and your tires are the bones that bear the weight. Firestone Complete Automotive Care has been fixing tires since 1926. We are proud to have fixed tires in America. Firestone Complete Auto Care is a great option.

Contact Cooling System Services

if you have a problem with your tires. Even so, driving can cause significant disunion due to factors in your vehicle. This causes heat. The machine will work efficiently when it is warmed up and the temperature is maintained through various cooling rudiments. If any component fails or is damaged, the machine will not be at its best and could cause serious injury to you. Firestone Complete Auto Care will check your cooling system to make sure you are comfortable.

Wheel Alignment and Steering

Suspense Form

To keep your bus on the road, you need to be able to steer and maintain suspense. These are essential in keeping your vehicle from going in the wrong direction. Firestone Complete Automotive Care will take care of all the bumps in your trip. You can do this by logging your appointment time to have your alignment checked this week. They will make sure your steering alignment and suspense are ready to take you wherever the road may take you.

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