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8 KPIs to Help Measure Customer Satisfaction!

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a vital for call centres as they help to indicate the productivity the business is gaining. Call centres take the help of KPIs a lot to check their customer satisfaction levels and to know about the agents’ performance.

KPIs are the decision-makers for the outsourcing call centre firms. They help to differentiate among the area of consideration and the areas where the business is excelling. KPIs notify the work performance of the agents so that the same can be considered to modify the necessary changes.

Outsourced call centre companies measure KPIs through various dimensions. There are probably 10 major tracking systems that can help your BPO track customer satisfaction rate, check out:

1. Call waiting time

The average call queue time decides how long the user stayed to interact with the business agent. To measure customer satisfaction here, it is vital to note the time the customer had to be in the queue. The longer the period, the more dissatisfied the customer would be.

This is the reason it is vital to learn from the KPIs and work on lessening the time used by the agent to answer the call. Every call centre firm needs to make sure that no customer is dissatisfied as it may lead to deteriorated brand value for the clients’ business.

The satisfaction level here is measured by dividing the waiting time of the caller by the total number of inquiries answered.

2. Percentage of the inquiries blocked

The number of calls that are blocked by the call centre agent defines that a user called the business, however, saw a busy tone and left the service.

In such a scenario the customer satisfaction runs down, which is why businesses need to have a team to answer calls 24X7. Even a single call missed can bring a negative impact on the image, thus make sure that call abandonment does not lead to degraded business value.

3. Average call handle time

Your business customer satisfaction is measured based on the average call handle time. Imagine a customer calling and putting off the call within seconds, well this shows that the user did not like to interact more. Maybe she/he did not find an adequate answer!

When the customer does not find your agents efficient enough to solve their inquiries, they leave to look for other providers

To increase satisfaction levels, businesses need to train their agents on effective call handling.

4. After call working tenure

The agent’s work is not limited to the time she/he takes a call. However, at times the agents work even after a call is ended. This after call work can be about updating the customers’ profile or working on the customers’ inquiries.

The supervisors in a call centre here can define the quality time spend by the agent in simplifying business opportunities. The average work time after the call is ended defines the customer satisfaction rate too. Nevertheless, it depends on work efficiency!

5. First call resolution (FCR)

FCR rate plays a highly significant role in boosting the outsourcing call centre firm’s services. If a call centre has depreciated its first call resolution rate, it means the customers’ are not satisfied with the services and that the agents are not able to look after the inquiries well. 

Resolving an inquiry in the first attempt can win the customers’ hearts. Your user might also advertise your services if she/he is happy with the offerings.

Thus gaining first call resolution is obligatory for companies as it decides the increasing or decreasing customer satisfaction rate.

6. Occupancy rate

The occupancy rate is your outsourced call centre agents’ time spent interacting with customers along with the time taken to finish the task related to the inquiry.

The more occupancy rate is the better your call centre is performing to bringing enhanced customer satisfaction.

7. Agent turnover rate

The agent turnover rate plays a crucial role in defining customer satisfaction.


Well, when agents leave a company to work in another firm, call centres have to hire and train new employees to look after the customer support.  It is important to note here that customer satisfaction does not augment when the agents keep on changing.

Customers want to talk to a similar agent every time, so if your call centre has a high agent turnover rate, you may not be able to satisfy the caller.

8. Frequency of call answering

During a specific time frame, the outsourcing call centre company has to take certain calls. The time an agent takes to answer calls is recorded here however the time taken to navigate through the IVR is not recorded.

The frequency of call answering checks the time taken by an agent to answer an inquiry along with the customer wait times, which defines the probability of customer satisfaction.

Melissa Wyatt

Melissa is working as a content writer at Go4Customer. She loves to pen well-researched articles on business strategies, business ideas, call centre services, call centre outsourcing, customer support, social media marketing, ORM, AI chatbot and lead generation services.

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