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8 Myths Of Online Proctoring

The online testing platform has received a lot of flak over the years. Critics have gone so far. It calls remote proctoring creepy, excessive, and intrusive. 

It raises the question; how do you access about 6.6 million students who get enrolled in some kind of online course. Learners say the ideal solution to such a large-scale challenge is online proctoring. The discussion that takes around from a remote site is between two sides. One group feels that remote proctoring is unsound and should get discontinued. There is another group. It may or may not support the practice in all forms.

But it believes that at least one form is essential to ensure the legitimization of remotely administered exams. Nevertheless, there is a lot of disarray about the benefits of online proctoring. We want to debunk some myths or misconceptions. It relates to online exams proctored from a distance. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of online exams.

Recording student videos will induce anxiety.

Most remote proctoring will involve the use of software that assesses students. It likewise uses them to confirm their identities. It monitors them all along the course of the test. Still, it may also have a review and record technique, wherein the test session gets recorded with the student’s camera and gets rereview later. The basic type of online exam system involves the use of programs and cold within the testing platform itself. The online testing platform uses communication technology like email and instant messaging, performing tasks like saving, printing, and copying. Most students will feel less anxious when they take exams in a known environment. The fact is that anxiousness tends to fade away after getting more exposed to online proctoring.

There is no non-video related proctoring available. 

Not all remote proctoring practices seem to be equal. Using the browser lockdown software that will prevent test-takers from pausing the allotted time, saving the exam, and accessing resources by which they would cheat. Remotely proctored exams get designed to capture sound and voices. This system can also capture soft tunes. Hence, any candidate that cheats by asking or telling answers will get recorded by the system. Image-based remote proctored exams can also get conducted.  Some interval, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 15 seconds gets set by the cameras that capture the image of the candidate. The system will check the image and raise one image notification if it finds any discrepancy.

Remotely proctored exams will fail to demonstrate the student’s subject mastery.

It is not about the grade results of remotely proctored exams. 

There is a quantitative difference between in-person, and onsite proctored exams. It has remotely proctored exams and online exams. As per the critics, traditional exams have two advantages. It helps you manage faculty overload and analyze low-level skills. It’s also a belief that remotely proctored exams are in contrast to course learning objectives. It will get designed around one’s ability to check, analyze and create the course material. Besides, live proctoring can get employed with any alternate assessment approach. It has quite standard ones like collaborative assessments, essays, and study analysis.

It is one of the advantages of online exams.

Remotely proctored exams are easy to crack. 

Remotely proctored exams get conducted by an online platform that features Question Bank management. This feature allows you to create a set of questions that can get deleted, modified, and saved. While creating the questions, there are many options available. It allows the question paper setters to determine the level of difficulty for each set of questions. Question Bank management features will also provide options to decide on the pattern of questions. The combination of these options enables the question paper setter to include questions that can vary in terms of difficulty. 

There is some way to use a question timer that will allow the candidate to try a question within a specific time.

Remote proctor test is not available in the rural site.

Remotely proctored exams are designed for candidates all over the world. 

It is conducted in the largest city as well as in the remote area of the nation. 

The candidates can appear for the exam even when the internet connection is poor. The set of questions can apply to a particular time zone. It becomes possible to take online exams in rural areas that get proctored remotely.

Remote proctoring will fail to guarantee accreditation and legitimization of online courses.

Proponents of remote proctoring may or may not support all the practices in their forms. But, they believe it is important to legitimize tests administered from a distance. Faculties feel one has to safeguard it against cheating in online assessments. Online courses that do not ensure a safe way of testing may not get treated as reliable by other accreditors.

Legitimation of online education will point to the instructor’s ability today to show that anti-cheating measures get executed.

Remotely proctored exams are not easy to install.

Online exam platforms that allow you to conduct remotely proctored exams will eliminate the need for a third-party installation. It gets developed in such a way that it becomes easy to launch the exam.

The fact is that remotely proctored exams are compatible with a range of systems. Hence, the need for third-party installations gets removed. It also helps you save some costs interested in buying licenses and the manual effort to install the software on each system.

Remotely proctored exams will assess the student’s screen even after the completion of the exam.

It is not true. The speakers and a web camera will stop working immediately after the exam is over. Hence, video and audio recordings stop to maintain the privacy of the candidate. 


The use of online proctoring services is growing with the rise of independent learning in the post-covid-19 era. When online exams are becoming popular, lack of knowledge fuels some myths, discussed in the article. 

If you’re searching for help to address your online proctoring challenges, reach us today. 

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