9 Bathroom Decor Pieces That Are a Must

There are all sorts of ways to decorate a bathroom. You can stick with a single theme or add in various eclectic pieces. There’s no shortage of bathroom decor, that’s for sure! 

Bathroom decorations are often functional and stylish. Due to this fact, it’s easier for you to stylize your space. 

Think about having a combination of functional and classy decor pieces. An example would be to include an on-trend scale and a fun bathroom sign. Decorations like these will look amazing! 

Check out nine pieces of decor that’ll make your bathroom both functional and inviting!

1. One-of-a-Kind Storage Baskets

Baskets are fantastic for storing the essentials and other non-essentials, too. For example, if there’s room in your bathroom, put a storage basket or two in there. 

You can put one behind a toilet or on the floor. As long as it doesn’t get in the way, it can be helpful to stash some of your bathroom accessories. It’s better to have a basket than random shampoo bottles all over the floor! 

Consider getting something functional yet stylish to bring some character into your bathroom. That way, there won’t be a dull, plastic container in your bathroom. 

2. Stylish Scale 

Scales make a great addition to a bathroom since it’s easy to weigh yourself when you first wake up. 

You can get a fancy scale that measures your body fat or a simple one that blends in with your bathroom decor. 

Some scales are big and bulky, so keep that in mind. If your bathroom is larger, you may be able to fit a big scale. If not, stick to a smaller one. 

Size may not be a concern if there’s an area where you can slide the scale underneath a piece of furniture, for example.

Take all these factors into consideration before getting the ideal scale. 

3. Unique Wastebasket 

A wastebasket is a functional piece of decor that’s good to put in a bathroom. You and your guests won’t need to carry bathroom trash with you to the closest room where there’s a trash can. (Nobody wants to do that!)

There will be extra trash to empty, but having a small wastebasket shouldn’t be a big deal. 

If you decide to get a wastebasket, get one you don’t see that often. One example of a unique design is a rustic rectangular wood wastebasket. A natural wastebasket would blend in well in your space.

4. Hello Sweet Cheeks Sign

Do you like having funny signs in your interiors? 

Then look for a framed print of something that’ll blend in well and add humor. There are all sorts of clever bathroom sayings! 

Plus, it’ll make guests who use the restroom smile. 

5. Colorful Turkish Bath Towels 

Yes, bath towels can be decorative if you want them to be! If you’re tired of boring white and grey towels, infuse some color instead.

Bright, colorful Turkish towels can make a statement in the bathroom. Soft, luxurious, and absorbent towels are ideal. 

Sometimes, if a bath towel is too heavy, it takes longer to dry. So, finding towels that look incredible and do well when washing is vital. 

Turkish towels should work perfectly and will brighten up your interior too!

6. Fun Toilet Seat Decal

If you’re trying to think of other decor pieces for your bathroom, I have a fun suggestion. Make your toilet seat appealing by putting a decal on it! 

Yes, they make decals for the top of toilet seats, and there are an endless amount of patterns! 

Depending on your theme, select a decal that’ll blend in well. 

Go with a nature theme like seashells or embrace a colorful agate rock decal. It’s sure to impress guests if they visit the restroom during their visit!

7. Luminous Accent Shelf 

Floating shelves work well in a bathroom since you’re taking advantage of space on the wall. It’d be wise to put them above a towel rack or a toilet. 

If you’re not sure where to place them, take a look at your space and decide where they’ll look best! 

There are many shelving choices for you to consider. One idea is to use a luminous accent shelf with a unique design, such as honeycombs with a gold finish. 

8. Chic Soap Dispenser

Put your soap in an ultramodern soap dispenser for a glam bathroom.

There are ceramic and glass soap dispensers with various designs to choose from. And, there are plastic ones that still look nice as well. 

If you go with a ceramic or glass option, take care not to break it. For example, if you tend to bump into things sometimes, make sure the dispenser is against the wall. Or, opt for a plastic one that won’t break and still will look classy. 

9. Candles & a Candle Vase 

There’s nothing more relaxing than having candles in your bathroom! 

Whether you’re taking a bath or simply prefer the glow of their lighting — candles look incredible. The ambiance of your bathroom with candles can turn a blah day into a fantastic day! 

After you decide on a few candles, complement them with a beautiful aesthetic such as a candle vase. It’s a small yet elegant way to highlight your favorite candles. 

For example, a pierced candle vase will look magical in the evening. The flickers from the candle will light up the space and make your bathroom glow! 


Decorating your bathroom should be a wonderful experience. There are many directions you can go, which makes it such a fun project! 

If you need inspiration, hop on Pinterest or look up bathroom interiors on Instagram. There’s no shortage of images on the internet. 

See what piques your interest and infuse it into your bathroom. Over time, your bathroom might be the most impressive room in your apartment!

Author Bio:

Amber Smith is the Leasing Manager at Catalyst Houston. With over seven years of experience at luxury apartment communities, this Houston native has true pride in her city and understands why Catalyst is the perfect place to call home.

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