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9 Easy Ways To Secure Your New House In 2021

Home decoration is one of the most fun and exciting for homeowners with that secure your new home also takes serious and puts a top priority home security while renovating the house or new house decor. Below is a list which you have to remember while decor the house and implement it as well. Interior designers when happen there is a lot of time missing out on securities installation and appliances in their package so make sure to choose always house automation and secure-based interior packaged when hired an interior designer.

In the USA many freelancer interior designers are available which you can find out easily at google or the local marketplace website. And, if you have a limited budget of interior designers and securities make sure you have to choose two-three tips to follow to get secure your house.


  1. Secure Property With Insurance
  2. Put Surveillance Camera 
  3. Install Lights At Landscape Area
  4. Secure Door Lock Used
  5. Install Unbreakable Glass At Windows
  6. Garage Doors Security
  7. Lockdown Wifi System
  8. Hiding Palace 
  9. Decide Renovation Budget


Current time insurance is mandatory for all USA property owners because of their property and it is also secure their property from theft, flood, fires and other unusual activities happen there are mostly big space house to tiny house concept available and due to heavy price of the house most of the couples or single people move on to the tiny house for better living, but tiny house insurance also required because of water leakage, damage, accident or theft possible happen for that you have to take insurance from reputable insurance companies.

  • Purchase directly from the Insurance website
  • Read all points when taking insurance
  • Take Insurance which can cover personal insurance as well


Just like a business, In residence property like a house also required a camera inside and outside both houses as well which can give a proper record of what actually happens when the owner is not available at the house. The owner has to install a camera outside which is cover the roadside, door, living room (inside the house), and backyard side which can cover an entire house. There are lots of companies available which can nowadays DIY camera installation give and available over amazon as well.

  • Put night vision camera
  • Installed Internet access camera
  • Motion sensor camera also available which can detected face too.
  • HD Camera gives more accurate results rather than the black one.


Outdoor lighting installs in the landscape area with a motion sensor install with LED strong because of any unethical person or thieves, an animal entering into a property it can be light up with a motion sensor program. Not only will you make intruders skittish, but you’ll also cut down your risk of a stumble on your way up the front steps.

  • Use Motion Sensor Lights
  • Solar Energy Lights Option For Saved Energy Bill
  • Put Timer With Lights


Put a secure door locked there are smart locked comes in a market with voice assistant, digital password, finger password and faced recognized password protected locked arrived that can available online and install easily with guideline books comes with the pack. Always choose a dual door if possible one of is iron or steel door and the main door is a wooden one with a strong frame and dual lock option.

  • Used faced recognized unlock and lock smart lock at the door which can give accurate way to open.
  • Installed Camera At Keyhole which you can access at the mobile phone as well without move to the door.
  • Strike Plate Installed for better security


If you are going on vacation time make that time door is protected but windows are not then there are the biggest mistakes that happen. And, many house owners do not put secure glass at windows side also do not put any iron grills to secure it. Use the strong wooden frame with locked over windows. If possible using an iron frame rather than aluminum or other material of frame because it is strong enough and hard to break.

  • Use security film over windows glass for more security, it can not break easily.
  • Installed glass break sensor in a house which immediately alert at your cellphone or siren
  • Add windows bars


If you are secure your main door and windows there are a high chance that thief can come from the garage or backyard space entry if you put a car and other automobiles and stuff at the garage they can target that without entering a house and damage your property as well then secure garage doors as well with security.

  • Put Smart Garage Opener Not As simple as locked used
  • Do not put stuff open to put it under the cage or drawer with a lock.
  • Dual locks used if possible smart locked used either at garage door
  • If possible automation system is installed at the garage door where a door can close after you exit or enter a parked car.


Wifi system available nowadays all house and if you are using automation and CCTV system there are must wifi router available. if you are open up the wifi signal for everyone there is a high chance your automation system will be hacked easily and it easily damaged finances and houses there are few points that need to focus before leaving the house for a long period of time.

  • Secure your wifi router with a secure password
  • Rename with unrecognized wifi name do not put house number or etc.
  • Always turn on a firewall
  • Check internet connection active before go out which you can check house activities remotely as well.


Hiding palace-like if you have a huge backyard and trees available keep trim that regularly because trees and other where easily hide thief there or also come inside from roof. Trim down trees and plants close to your home that could be used for cover. Opt for smaller flowers and bushes instead. If you have trees near windows, either remove them or reinforce those windows with extra security.

  • Always Put Away Tools and ladders
  • Without forget you can lock gates, sheds, and other entering access.
  • Kindly put the signs of protective signs outside

Advanced tips: House owners can take an animal help like use a pet as a security guard if you have a good dog that can give a good job as a security guard.


House interior designer is quite costlier before decide that house owner have to figure out the exact budget discussed with an interior designer. If a house owner living in a tiny house there is a huge chance you have less budget comes but when big space comes there is an interior design budget increase.

  • Choose a professional interior designer.
  • Hire Agency if house budget is big.
  • Get a house interior loan from a bank


There is the main focus on house securities with an interior designer their living room, kitchen, and bathroom all cover your decoration budget. For approx $25000 house owners can get interior designers as well secure their house as well in a proper way.

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