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9 Product Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

Did you know that 7 in 10 people base their purchase decisions off of product packaging?

The packaging design helps draw people in and makes them grab your products upon further inspection.

If you want your packaging to do beneficial, you must take steps to have it be just as effective as your product.

Continue reading to discover the best product packaging tips that will help improve your sales and success!

1. Be Simple

One of the most basic product packaging tips to try is to be simple and concise.

A simple packaging design will let products speak for themselves. These types of designs draw attention to what is underneath the label. Even if you decide to go with a simple style, you will still need to incorporate details about the product and colors that stand out.

A packaging design firm can help you find balance in your packaging so that it is not complex, nor too simple.

2. Tell a Story

Packaging for businesses often leads to stories about each company and how they originated.

If you feel that the history of your company is important for consumers to understand, don’t be shy. Include your company details within the packaging to help increase loyalty and interest in your products.

By telling a story through your packaging design, you are creating an experience that the consumer will remember.

3. Do Something Bold

When running a business you will learn that there are times to hold back and other times to make bold moves.

Packaging is a great place to make bold moves and create a statement for your company. Ways that you can create a bold look are through bright colors, patterns, and unique designs.

An excellent example of bold packaging is Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume. This perfume bottle has a simple look except for the top. The top cap is covered in a variety of playful daisies that stand out.

4. Go Green

A popular trend that businesses are getting involved with is going green.

By getting green or recycled materials for your packaging, you can help save the environment. Many people are trying to support small businesses that care about the Earth and reduce carbon footprints.

Not only will you draw in a new crowd of consumers, but you will also be able to rest better at night. There is so much plastic and cardboard that ends up in landfills. A green packaging material won’t sit at these dumps for hundreds of years.

5. Incorporate the Product Theme

If you have a creative product that you want to sell, try using packaging with the same theme.

Matching the packaging with the product will make the buying experience cohesive for the consumer. A fun example of this type of packaging is the pet rock product. You can buy a pet rock that is packaged in its “home” with a nest inside.

By incorporating the packaging with the product, you can design an entire experience for the customer. This also helps grow creativity for your business!

6. Create an Experience

Creating an experience can be done through many different routes.

A company that is well-known for creating a packaging experience is Apple. Apple products are sleek and so is their packaging. People love the thrill of taking off the plastic seal and slowly lifting the top off of their box to reveal their purchase.

You can also create experiences with packaging by having intricate details that they can feel and open. This is the part where you get to make opening a product feel like a gift on Christmas morning.

7. Consider Your Specific Market

If you want to successfully market and package your products, you will need to keep your market in mind.

Your specific market is the group that you are marketing your products to. If you are marketing towards a younger crowd, be sure to utilize bright colors and trends. Older generations will want more simplistic packaging that they can relate to.

Do your research on packaging for whichever crowd you are targeting. This can save you time and money.

8. Use Different Textures

A fun way to make your packaging stand out from competitors is by using different textures and materials.

Different textures and materials will make consumers want to pick up your product and engage with it. They might be drawn to wooden boxes, fabrics, or even metal containers. Although the cost of your packaging materials may increase, so will your sales.

Utilizing various materials will help make a product feel more luxurious and unique.

9. Make It User-Friendly

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a product, only to fight with the packaging to get it free.

An example of why you should make packaging user-friendly can be found with scissors. Oftentimes, people buy scissors that are covered in thick plastic that is hard to remove. To get this packaging off, one would need scissors, which is what they just bought.

Think about how easy or difficult it will be to open your product. If consumers have too difficult of a time opening it, they may break it or turn to another business. Try to make your product packaging simple to work with so that the consumer doesn’t have to put up a fight to get it free.

Find Success With Product Packaging

Product packaging can easily be overlooked in the business world because people are so focused on the product.

By utilizing these packaging tips, however, you can focus on the experience for the customer and the product. There are many ways that you can stand out from your competitors and display a good product.

Your packaging design should reflect the product you created and the services that you provide. Don’t be afraid to invest in packaging, as it will help get your products off the shelves.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with business advice and sales techniques!

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