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9 SEO Practices That Should Be Followed in 2020

When we use Google or any other renowned search engine to search for any particular topic or a website, we wonder how any website is seen on Google’s first page and stands out in the crowd driving traffic through it, given there are more than thousands of other competitive websites available. And the answer to all these questions is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is an art of optimizing the search engine that affects the website’s visibility or for a higher rank in the search results sections, which are unpaid. Social media marketing is also a critical aspect of SEO.

 Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions: If you have a good SEO, then there could be a high ranking on the web page, but if you do not have a good brand for your marketing campaign, it won’t turn out to be that effective. So you should focus on stronger brands. The brand should contain all resources and fame that would give better placements. Most people would trust it because of the services they offer and the products they enlist.

Web Vitals

Web Vitals: Google update ensures that there is always a better version of the previous one by giving faster and most relevant search results. The only problem with Web Vitals is that it is too complicated and difficult to understand at once. Core Web Vitals will soon be a ranking factor that will largely have LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), and also FID (First Input Delay).

Domain Factors

Domain Factors: As is found by the researchers, approximately 60% of the websites in the top ten rankings of the Google search engine are at least three years of age or more. A domain that has keyword as their initial has the edge over other sites. The domains which exactly match have a higher value and more relevant. And even the subdomains which contain keyword can boost the ranking of the website.

Search By Intent

Search By Intent: There was a time when people started optimizing with the string of keywords, assuming that they would give a maximum optimized result. But what happened eventually was that there were keywords phrases match, which led to content that did not make any sense or was not expected. There was an introduction of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to bring about the changes in the optimized result

This helped in searching the keyword queries according to the required contextual clues that the user needed. So due to this factor, one can optimize the result as required.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO: If you want to be ahead of the ongoing competition always, then you should work on-page SEO‘. On-page SEO means working over the Meta description, focusing on overall content and relevant titles, subtitles, or the internal links. You need to write an appropriate submission part, which will give the entire idea of the content.

SEO Backlinks

SEO Backlinks: This is also one of the best practices to follow. It is one of the critical factors of SEO. You should be able to produce a quality Backlink to increase the authority of the domain and the web page. The more the number of Backlinks more is the traffic. So you can invest a quality amount of money on SEO Blacklink.

Web Content

Web Content: As is known by the most commonly used phrase, “Content is king,” one should always ensure quality content on the web page. Top-quality content and the most appropriate keywords would give your website a high ranking, keeping you always ahead. The entire content decides the visibility and ranking of the web page on the given website.

Speed of the Page

Speed of the Page: All the websites that work fast and effectively are rewarded by Google, which includes mobile speed. Only if the site is fast, then it will generate more traffic when it is compared to the slow ones. Google rewards all the sites that can adjust with Google and other search engines’ most recent updates. So all the websites which have fast connectivity will be on the top of the web page.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile Friendliness: When a website is friendly with the mobile view, it is considered significant to be used by most people. Nowadays, in the current technological world, everyone uses mobile rather than desktop to access the web. If the site is not optimized with the mobile, then it will undoubtedly be under-ranked. So if the site gets opened on the mobile with the same speed as on desktop, it is considered mobile-friendly.

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