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9 Things To Avoid During Your Custody Battle

The court will decide both legal custody and physical placement if you want to get divorced and have young children. The court will determine who will take a major decision for their children through legal custody. Through physical placement, your child will get quality time with their parents. A child custody lawyer will be the best help and support for your child in cases of divorce. When it comes to determining both custody, the judge will not take the parent’s decisions under consideration.

He will listen to the child and will look at a wide variety of things. He will make decisions depending on the interest of your child and his beliefs. Below are some things that you should avoid to show the judge that you deserve custody and placement of your children.

Gentle And Polite Verbal Interaction

You have to keep yourself calm and avoid furious arguments with your spouse in court. Take this under consideration, especially when your child is present in the court. Those who quarrel and get into shouting matches do not look favorably upon them. Make sure not to badmouth the other parent in front of your child. When the court finds that both the parties are unable to reach a conclusion, they will interview your child. It will listen to the child’s thoughts and believe his opinions.

Slow And Steady Decisions

It can be possible that immediately after marriage, you get involved with a new partner. The divorce can also be the reason that both parents had new life partners. A child is very sensitive and cannot accept new people easily in their life. Especially replacing their parents with new ones is very hard. Do not inform the child about your new partner immediately after divorce or while an ongoing case.

Take help from a child custody lawyer who understands the psychology of the children whose parents are separated. They will help you to present such topics in front of your child in a different manner. It will protect your child from getting hurt emotionally.

Gentle Behavior with Ex-Spouse Or Children

It can be hard to control your temper and behavior, but you will have to calm yourself to avoid losing custody. A physical argument can turn worse and may lead to child abuse and physical abuse charges. It can result in a restraining order or injunction. It will restrain co-parenting, sharing, and placement custody of your, with your child.

Do Not Stop Your Child To Meet Their Other Parent

If the court allows your ex-partner to visit your child, do not be an obstacle in it. If the partner finds you intentionally performing such actions, they can inform the court. They can hold you in contempt and change the physical and legal custody of your child.


Facing a divorce at a young age is very hard for your children, and they may take time to adjust to their new environment. Make sure to take help from a child custody lawyer who will guide you and your child. They will tell you how to win custody of your child with polite behavior and a gentle appearance. You can discuss with the lawyer when it will be the correct time for introducing your new partner and how to get less involved in further charges after your marriage is dissolved.

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