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9 Things You Should Not Do When Staging a House

If you have already decided to sell your private residence, you want to make it look the best to attract maximum homebuyers. Taking the help of home staging increases the possibility of selling your house to a potential buyer. Home staging involves cleaning, painting, decorating, refurnishing, and planning to prepare your house for going on sale.

Engaging in home staging will provide an exceptional makeover to rooms that will gain the interest of many home buyers. This marketing strategy of staging houses ensures property purchase at the highest value. However, the entire home staging procedure is not as simple as it might seem.

It requires hiring professional home stagers who will facilitate the faster renovation of your home while creating an aesthetic environment. The expense for professionals, including things essential for the décor, will need an investment of a huge amount of money. Moreover, staging takes time, and any lapse during the process can extend the working duration.

Here is the list of 9 things you should not do when staging a house.

Listing a Home Before it’s Ready

Staging a home is not just about cleaning and decluttering. There are several things you have to keep in mind while making your house suitable for going on the list. When choosing a house, home buyers mainly consider location, condition, and price factors. They would check every nook and corner before buying their dream house.

To make sure that your house catches the attention of potential buyers, you have to depersonalize everything. Homebuyers will have different preferences, so overdoing the decor or renovating it partially just to stage the house faster will never increase your chances of selling a home.

Staging Without a Plan

Home staging is a very competitive real estate market that has recently gotten the attention of many people worldwide. You make a huge mistake if you are staging your home alone without a proper plan.

Staging a home needs the help of a home stager, as they have tons of ways to format and remodel your property. They know exactly how to execute a plan and stage house most appropriately.

Avoiding Simple Home Improvements

A buyer may not have the same preference in home buying as you. Even if they select a well-furnished house, they will make some changes according to their preferences. Deep and decluttering are important, but that does not mean you put less effort into styling your house. Buyers get their first impression from looking at a well-decorated house which means the more you make your house appealing to the buyers, the more they will be on the line to purchase it.

However, the buyers would always check the basics before finalizing any deal. If your house lack improvements in some of the most basic things, the chances are that they might not choose your house.

Not Taking Professional Photos

When we see a good photo, it instantly grabs our attention and gives a positive perception in our minds. Likewise, in terms of choosing a house, if a buyer likes what he sees in the picture, it will increase the pace of selling your staged house.

Photographers understand all the angles and lighting, and they can get the best picture of your stage house in the most creative way. A bland photo will never be interesting to buyers. Hence investing in a good photographer can help you present appealing photographs of your staged house to potential online buyers.

Not Replacing Old Dated Decoration

When you have decided to stage your home, you cannot simply clean and paint the house to give it a new look. Staging takes time and lots of effort. Without a proper staging plan, you cannot take photographs of your house and view it with the buyers.

Moreover, if you keep your old wallpapers and furniture as it is in the rooms, it can turn out as a huge bummer for the buyers. Although buyers may want to personalize their house later in their way, you should still replace the old stuff with the new ones before getting your home on the market.

Leaving the House Empty

In the real estate market, a fully furnished house will always be preferred over an empty house. Some house owners make the mistake of leaving their houses empty which can be a big turn-off for those willing to buy a new house.

Empty rooms appear flat and might not enable buyers to visualize the house properly. A small renovation will positively affect your house and attract a wide range of potential homebuyers.

Leaving Personal Photos on Walls

The process of home buying is quite emotional. Buyers go through troubles for a long period to be in their desired home. Home staging allows buyers to imagine themselves in the house before they get in it.

But if you leave your photos hanging on the walls, the buyers might be disappointed since your personal belongings can disrupt their visualization. Some homeowners avoid taking out personal pictures for security reasons, but it is not that complicated as long as your documentation is safe.

Not Giving Full Effort With Tidying

A clean and tidy house will always be more attractive to buyers than a messy house painted in vibrant color. Cleaning is essential as staging. Before finalizing the deal, buyers will be eager to walk inside your house, and if they come across the unpleasant smell of paint or cement, it will not leave a good impression on them.

Before preparing to stage your house, make sure to clean it properly. Plus, paint your walls with a subtle, neutral color to make them more appealing in the eyes of the targeted audience.

Going Over Budget With Holiday Décor

If you plan to put your house on sale on Christmas eve, you have to fix specific dates to show the buyers’ online photos of your home. Your house would be decorated during a certain festival, so you have to be extra careful with your staging plan.

The photographs of a beautifully decorated house will attract a lot of buyers. However, you should not go overboard with the budget. A holiday décor is not permanent; hence it should be kept minimal till the time of the occasion.






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