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9 Tips For Good Customer Service

Best Tips For Provide Good Customer Service

Customer Services: Differentiating Element

Regardless of the channel, the attitude, the personalized service, and the resolution of needs and demands must be part of the reason for being of all customer service. This service can become the added value or differentiating element of our company against the competition, boost sales and cause business success. Here are 9 tips to improve customer service

Qualified Staff

The basis of good customer service is the people who offer the service. It is the job of the human resources department to carry out a good selection process to find trained, qualified and predisposed employees to offer the best service for the client.

Customer service, such as communication, evolves and incorporates new technologies and strategies so that continuous training and training of staff is essential. In addition, this will contribute to the motivation and incentive of employees to meet the needs of consumers.

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Meet The Customers

Knowing the clients, both particularly and in general, that is, the profile of the target audience is essential to correctly meet their needs. Listening, understanding and responding to your changing expectations are the three pillars on which customer service is supported. But this does not end once that need is satisfied, but it is advisable to follow up, especially those consumers who have left the brand as customers or who have filed complaints. Knowing your opinions and feedback, changes and improvements can be implemented.

Service Mission

Mission, vision, values, and objectives are terms applicable to all areas of the company. Customer service should reflect all of this and be in accordance and harmony with the company’s philosophy. This service is the main champion of the brand image and branding and should be taken care of accordingly.

In addition, the customer service department itself must have its own vision and objectives, these being understandable, verifiable and measurable, through surveys, forms or other tools that allow knowing the degree of customer satisfaction.


The principles of kindness, cordiality, and courtesy must be applicable to any client at any time and circumstance and transmitted in the best possible way in the different communication channels. A correct spelling, grammar and tone in written messages, eye contact and respectful body language in person, and proper vocalization and intonation via telephone.

There must be a willingness on the part of the employee to help the client and show interest in his satisfaction rather than in the realization of a sale.

customer service

Resolve Needs, Complaints, And Demands

In the case of customer complaints, it is recommended to follow three phases: explanation, solution, and compensation. But you never excuse. The error or infraction committed must be explained, quickly offer a viable and satisfactory solution and compensate the client for the inconvenience caused with any product, promotion or similar.


The client is, first and foremost, a person who wishes to be treated as such, with his characteristics, needs, tastes, and individual preferences. Therefore, you should receive personalized service and be attended, preferably, by the same employee or commercial during the entire purchase process.

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Within the limits allowed by the business and the company, it must adopt the characteristics of the client.

Sincerity And Commitment

The main objective of customer service is to get him to place his trust in the brand. This will be achieved through sincerity and commitment. By transmitting relevant, continuous and transparent information, and remaining available to the consumer at all times, we will gain their loyalty and trust.

It is not necessary to promise what cannot be fulfilled because only customer dissatisfaction will be achieved and, as a consequence, bad reviews and lost sales.

Do Not Press Or Argue

Pressing a customer can end up in purchase on your part, but you will certainly not trust the company again and it will go into competition. Avoid discussion in all circumstances and preserve cordiality and kindness at all times. Present all possible options for the client and remain open to the dialogue.

Additional Services

Customer service cannot be limited to answering a call or answering an email. It must be complemented with additional services, such as home delivery, installation service or training for the use of the product, technical support, etc. In addition to added value, it will be a differentiating and loyalty element. There are a number of customer service training and customer service courses available online you can have more ideas about customer services through that.


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