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A Comparison Between Quartz and Granite From the Countertops Suppliers

Countertops Suppliers

Natural Countertops like quartz and granite make natural stone countertops beautiful and modern. The main differences between these materials for kitchen countertops are explained below by countertops suppliers.

Visual appeal: color combination vs. natural stretch marks

The unique beauty from the granite kitchen countertops supplier makes it a fashionable material for kitchen countertops, despite the fact that it needs more maintenance than engineered quartz. The natural appeal of granite is due to its swirling patterns and ridges; these characteristics cannot be found in engineering quartz. Each granite countertop is unique. At the same time, many people like the way quartz counters designed to match the surrounding decor can be stained.

Basic Construction: Granite countertops vs. Molded Countertops

To create natural Oak Creek Countertops, granite ore is mined, cut, and polished. Since granite countertops are created from solid stone slabs, longer extensions of countertops may require multiple slabs. Perfectly matched colors are difficult to find in different samples of natural granite. Also, the sealant must be applied evenly to the joints between stones.

In contrast, a mixture of 5 percent resin and 95 percent crushed quartz is placed on Franklin Countertops that are natural stone countertops. For this reason, molded quartz countertops do not require regular sealing.

Permeability: stains, bacteria and mold

It is generally made up of Countertops near me, several different minerals that have been fused together by pressure and high temperatures. In fact, the word granite comes from a Latin word for “grain.” Basically, a piece of granite is an amalgam of different “grains” of minerals. This construction means that natural granite includes air pockets.

If spills are not clean immediately, liquids can seep into air pockets on granite kitchen countertops and cause permanent staining. Additionally, granite countertops must be re-seal consistently; otherwise, they can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Since quartz has non-porous countertops Suppliers, quartz kitchen countertops are often considered more hygienic. Water cannot sink into quartz countertops, so mold and mildew cannot grow on them either.

Durability: Scratch and chip resistance

Here’s another area where granite kitchen countertops are more delicate. Granite may be chip or scratch; quartz, on the other hand, is so dense that it cannot scratch and damage in this way. In fact, quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet; typically lasts longer than any surrounding minerals, such as sandstone, and is often in stream sediments, as it is highly resistant to weathering. This makes quartz a natural choice for kitchen countertops.

If you are considering new countertops suppliers, explore your options. Granite countertops have been the most popular for the past 10 years, but the popularity of other countertop materials is increasing. Here are 8 of the most installed countertops.


Granite is available in various grades – the better the grade, the higher the price. It is a natural stone that creates a beautiful and elegant look for any kitchen. It is extremely durable and heat resistant. Granite countertops are available in a wide range of colors.

Woodblock or butcher

Wood or butcher installation and kitchen countertops supplier is a great option for a rustic-themed kitchen. Maple and oak are widely use, and they seal to prevent staining. Wood countertops require more maintenance than most other countertops. They should be sand and reseal once a year (more or less depending on use).


Concrete is a great countertop option for those looking for a unique look for their kitchen. Installing concrete countertops has many benefits, but keep in mind that they can cost anywhere from $ 65 to $ 100 per square foot. Benefits include durability – they resist all types of damage, including chips, cracks, and scratches; simple maintenance: they must be reseal once a year; Green concrete is a widely available and renewable resource, making it the preferred choice for homeowners looking for a green countertop option. Additionally, concrete countertops can be form on-site, eliminating seams in the countertop.

Engineering stone (quartz)

Engineered stone countertops of quartz particles mix with color stones, polymers, and epoxy. They cost roughly the same as granite. The advantage over granite is that artificial stone is available in a wider range of colors. Countertops resist scratches and require annual sealing.


If you are looking for extremely smooth and elegant countertops from the expert countertops suppliers, then soapstone could be for you. It has an impressively soft touch and is available in rich colors. It does not stain, and no liquid can penetrate its surface. Soapstone is a profitable option, as it can be installed by a beginner. Because soapstone is a soft stone, it can be cut and without special stone, shape working tools. Many homeowners choose soapstone for DIY countertop projects.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is heat resistant, durable, and easy to clean, making it a smart choice for countertops. These countertops in contemporary kitchens are the best option. A sound dampening undercoat to reduce noise associated with countertops. They are stain-resistant and safely bleach.


Marble is extremely expensive and is not a common choice by the countertops suppliers. However, it is most commonly used for islands and bakery centres. Marble has excellent qualities, including the fact that it is waterproof and heat resistant.


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