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A Glimpse Of The Endless Charm Of The Desert Safari Adventure In Dubai

VIP Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Desert Safari Adventure

Living a monotonous life makes us dull, boring, and less productive. Take a break and go on a trip to your favorite place. There are many wonderful tourists’ spots in the world. The adventure-lovers always try to pick a point that is a perfect blend of adventure and nature. No doubt, desert safari Dubai is one of them. If you have not visited the desert safari in Dubai, mark it in your list to visit this year.

The expedition starts when you leave the hurry-scurry city life in a 4×4 car. It seems peaceful to listening to romantic songs on your way to the desert. When you reached the desert, you are welcomed whole-heartedly by the team members with garlands, Arabian ghawa, and dates. The desert safari Dubai is truly a memorable and enchanting tour.

VIP Dubai Desert Safari Tour

The VIP Dubai desert safari tour starts with boosting desert sports such as dune bashing. There is no need to worry; the drivers are trained to drive on the beveled dunes. Fasten your seat belts and grab the handof your partner to enjoy rip-roaring roller-coaster-like rides. Riding from top of the dune to downward direction rushes adrenaline in your veins.

Besides going to the desert safari, a trustworthy dhow tour company in Dubai has affordable cruise tour deals to have dinner in a boat. ATV quad biking is not an easy-peasy job but tour guides give proper instructions about handling of the bike. Some dunes are razor sharp around the corners and edges. Wandering in the desert in a quest of exploring it is a speechless feeling.

Sand skiing is a lovely adventure. Slipping from the top of the desert leaves an unforgettable memory. Fasten your feet on a sandboard and ask your partner to push you a little bit in the downward direction.

The camel ride to the campsite completes the desert safari adventure. You can feel birds flying in the air right above your head. The height of the camels is perfect to enjoy the bird-eye view of the desert.

VIP Dubai Desert Safari

The VIP Dubai desert safari entertains the tourists with spectacular dance performances. The dancers have prepared synchronized dance performances on Arabic flutes. Bellay dance, Tanura dance, and fire dance will take all worries from you and leave you immensely happy.

You will definitely feel hungry after spending a full day enjoying thrilling activities in the desert. The savory BBQ dinner feels not less than a blessing. You will always remember the finger-licking taste of desserts and dishes.

At the campsite, the tour companies have arranged a special section to enjoy the savory Arabic sheesha pipe. The enriched taste of tobacco is not to miss out. Besides, it is non-detrimental for health as nicotine and tar never are absorbed completely in water prior to entering the lungs.

The biggest attraction of the desert safari tour for females is having beautiful henna painting tattoos.

Likewise, it would be the best option to find a reliable dhow tour company in Dubai to enjoy amazing cruise tours

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