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A Guide to a Well Planned All in One On-demand Service App

Millennials know how to get their work and services done with a few taps on their smartphones. Long gone are the days when people have to hustle to get even the simplest things done. On-demand service apps allow us to access on-door services. According to the PwC report, by 2025, on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a remarkable profit of $335 billion. Developing an app like Gojek can be the right choice at this time. Gojek clone aid to cater to multiple on-demand services through a single platform. In developing a multi-service app, the Gojek clone script is the right choice because it is highly successful and cost-effective. Currently, Gojek has a value of $10 billion.

Gojek provides nearly 20 on-demand services. Developing a Gojek clone app with a link to multiple professionals and markets is the first step to launch a profitable multi-service business.

A few popular on-demand services that can be provided by the Gojek clone app are:

1) Taxi-booking
Customers can search for available taxis within their location and connect to the drivers within a few minutes. Customers need not bargain or negotiate on the ride fare. The fare of the ride is auto-updated, depending on the km of the destination, making the travel hassle-free for the customers.

2) Food delivery
Customers have various choices and can search for restaurants or the dish they want. The price of the food is visible in the app. After adding the food items to the cart, the final amount is updated. Customers can pay at the time of delivery or by online payment options. Delivery executives pick up the food from the restaurants and deliver it to the customers’ doorsteps.

3) Grocery delivery
Customers can get the essential groceries delivered quickly. It avoids the burden of waiting for long hours at the grocery shops and carrying home heavy bags.Customers can choose from the different shops available and can also order from more than one shop.

4) Medical services
Users can log in, create a profile, and add their medical conditions. They can book consultations with doctors and connect with them through video calls or telecalls. The customers can also add their prescriptions and get medicines delivered at their place. It avoids the anxiety of visiting hospitals at this time.

5) Digital wallet app
Digital wallet services aid in the online transaction of money. The customer can avoid the trouble of carrying hard-cash and can carry out paying bills easily through this e-wallet app.

6) Professional services
It includes human resources like mechanics, beauticians, tutors, babysitters, plumbers, carpenters, etc. It is also useful for professionals as they get access to more clients, unlike traditional ways of catering services.

Advantages of developing a Gojek clone app

1) Customers can use a single app for all their services and requirements instead of shuffling between multiple apps for each need. It also saves up space on the customers’ phone as they need not install multiple for their every service need.

2) On-demand service apps have attracted 22.4 million users annually. Consumers in the US spend $57.6 billion every year on on-demand service apps to get their work done at ease. Ever since the global lockdown, people are turning more towards on-demand service apps for their needs, and this is the right time to launch an app and satiate the needs.

3) It allows the business owners to launch and maintain a wide array of businesses under a common platform.

4) It is also easier to market all the business at a time in a common domain. This avoids the capital investment and time involved in creating an app for every service the company decides to launch.

5) The entrepreneur has a backup. If one service does not yearn much profit, another one can. It is also possible to add more services to the app in the future.


Essential things to keep in mind during Gojek clone app development

There are a lot of firms that offer Gojek clone app development. There are very essential things to be kept in mind while choosing a firm to launch the app.

Gojek script
The Gojek clone script should be up-to mark, and there should be room for customization and options for additional plugins, depending upon the business needs.

Admin panel
The admin can monitor the business from the admin panel. The panel must be user-friendly and easy to use. The admin can also update notifications and promos through the dashboard.

Technical support
The firm should provide extensive technical support while launching the app and the on-going process of the app.

Suitable for all platforms
The Gojek clone source code must be suitable for platforms like iOS, Android devices. Both the mobile app and the website should be user friendly.

Basic critical features of a Gojek clone app

Login options
The customers and the service providers can log in by creating a profile and verifying their details.

Booking and ordering
The customers can book cabs, request for  service providers, order food, grocery, and other products by push notification.Thee drivers, delivery executives, and service providers can accept the work depending on their availability.

Safe payment options
Customers can pay with different options. Due to the on-going pandemic, cash on delivery options is not applicable most of the time. The customers should feel safe while carrying out online transactions, and their orders should be processed legitimately.

Real-time tracking of order and GPS-navigation
Customers should have access to the live track of the delivery process and receive notification about the estimated delivery time. If it is a taxi booking service or professional service, GPS should be intact to locate the customers’ place.

Ratings and feedback
Customers can rate their ride, their delivery process, and the services are taken. The administration has to take care to work on the negative feedback to sustain the business.


Given the Covid-19 situation, people would prefer to get their needs met at the safety of being at home. If one app can meet all the requirements, who wouldn’t want to use that? It is an opportunistic time to jump in and launch a Gojek clone app as there is a profound need for on-demand services.


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