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Home Improvement

A Practical Guide To Maximize A Narrow Lot?

As days pass and we head to the future, we know how cramped residential places can be. Modernisation has had a massive impact on society, but it has gotten harder to plan out residential status. 

Building and planning new homes might become challenging soon, so we need to be more innovative and updated to conceptualise better ways to do the same, just as in the case of narrow lot home designs.

What Are Narrow Lots?

Here comes the concept of the narrow lot. With an expanding population and more land demand, we know how costly land is. It might be unaffordable to many to get a big chunk of land to build your house on, so it is always a better option for homeowners to afford a narrow lot. 

We all know that we tend to compromise on the lot shape and size to be nearer to the city or the city centre to ensure we are close to basic life necessities.

There are several ways we can make livable and affordable housing with the use of a narrow lot.

Building up Storeys

We can start by building up and adding storeys rather than expanding the home horizontally and taking more space which we cannot afford. In the current times, city planners approve vertical builds rather than extending horizontally, which we all know doesn’t completely utilise the space or efficiently use the asset. 

However, adding multiple storeys will increase the utility and provide more space to a family.

Get a Garage:

Getting the garage at the ground floor and then working your way up adding floors is an effective way to use a narrow lot and get a good and spacious home, keeping the dining, kitchen or halls on the middle floor and adding the bedrooms on the top.

Architectural Challenge:

Adding the garage door by keeping the garage on the ground floor can sometimes prove to be an architectural challenge. Architects are often judged by their walls and staircase placements, and planning a garage is a difficult feature. It is huge and has no other purpose, so we need to plan it wisely. It has to go on the rear or narrow end of the house like Rendition Homes.

Enjoy your Kitchen:

We can install interior windows if we feel that the kitchen tends to cut off from the dining or the hall. The chances are that the narrow house plans will feature several layers of rooms, all lined up from front to back. We can also consider leaving wide entrances in a row; by doing this, we can take advantage of the narrow lot.

Adding a Balcony:

We can add a balcony or use the roof as exterior space that gives a modern feel to the home and efficiently uses the space. This will also seem as the house is more significant than it is while also increasing livable space.

Bottom Line:

Make use of your home in a brilliant way, just as in narrow lot home designs. Architectural designs are always a way to enhance your home and make it look in a great way. Your home is always the reflection of your spirit, so have a good one always, in every respect.

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