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A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Meanings and Uses

Crystals have been used for healing since 4,500 BC.  When used correctly, healing crystals can change your life. They emit positive and high vibrations that help you achieve different things, like love, peace, prosperity, and more.

There are various crystals in the market today, and it can get confusing to differentiate between all of them. That’s why we put together a quick guide on crystal meanings and uses.

Crystal Meanings and Uses

No matter what you’re looking for there is a crystal out there that can help you achieve it. Let’s dive into the different types of healing crystals and their uses and figure out which is best for you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. This crystal promotes feelings of peace, calmness, and self-love. It can also heal relationship problems, create mutual understanding, and boost skin complexion.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master healer and also a multipurpose crystal. This universal healing stone provides clarity, improves your memory, and promotes awareness in your life. Clear Quartz works in all areas of the mind and body, so it is suitable for anybody’s crystal collection.


Amethyst is known for serenity and intuition. This stone has calming abilities that absorb negative energy and can reduce anxiety, insomnia, and pain in the body. Amethyst is also known to enhance your intuition and open your third eye.

Black Tourmaline

Nothing beats crystals for protection like Black Tourmaline. This supportive stone is known for its cloak of protection, safeness, and security. Black Tourmaline protects you from harmful external forces and absorbs negative low vibrational energy.


Selenite is the crystal of clarity. It enhances and clears out your mind, as well as, creating self- and outer-awareness. This crystal also removes negative low vibrations and helps you become more at peace with yourself.


Jade is the stone of emotional balance and luck. This crystal rids any negative thoughts and energy from the body and brings peace, purity, and emotional balance to your life. Jade is also known to be the crystal of luck that can bring abundance and prosperity, like money and a successful career.


Moonstone brings in new beginnings. Not only does it promote intuition, wishes, and balance, it heavily channels femininity. Moonstone can aid female problems at a greater altitude because it’s highly aligned to female energy. This stone can also help balance emotions and reduce anxiety.

How to Clean and Use Crystals

It’s important to properly cleanse away any past energies from your crystals before using them. Ways to clean your crystals and have them ready for use include, running them under cold clean water for hard stones, saltwater bath for hardstones, smudging them with sage, burying them under brown rice for 24 hours, and leaving them under direct sunlight for 10-12 hours.

Now that they’re clean, how do you use crystals? Here are different ways you can use them.

  • Holding them when you need support
  • Put them in your pocket
  • Keep them in your car, wallet, purse
  • Bathe with them
  • Sleep with one under your pillow
  • Use them during meditation and yoga practice
  • Wear it around your neck
  • Decorate your space with them

While using crystals, don’t forget to set your intentions and be clear about what you want out of it.

Begin Your Crystal Journey Today

Crystals are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to do your research and look into what works for you. Now that you’ve learned about crystal meanings and uses, the proper cleaning methods, and how to implement them into your life, you can now start your crystal collection.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our website for more interesting posts.

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