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A Transitioners Guide- Vaping and its Kinds

If you are a person who likes to be aware of your surroundings, be up to date with the new techs that are brought out, then you must be aware of vaping. Now, if you are one who is looking forward to transitioning from smoking, then vaping is the one right choice for you.   

If you look for a definition online, you’ll get it somewhere along the lines following Vaping is the process in which a person inhales the vapor produced by their machines. Vaping is just an alternative to smoking and inhaling nicotine. First things first, transitioning is a difficult process. The switching from cigarette smoking to vapes could be a difficult task. But with the right type for your need, you can try and make it happen. If you are looking forward to transitioning, here are a few options that you can look forward to and choose. 


The E-cigarette was one invention that no one saw coming. And it’s entry impressed and blew the minds away of everyone who came to know of its existence.

Everything that glitters is not gold. Lookalikes seldom perform similar tasks. While it may seem like the mind will make itself up and consider it to be smoke but it is just a “ciga-like” that provides you with a little amount of nicotine necessary for you to transition. More often, people choose to take tanks or mods, but if you are at a stage where you know that you can manage with just a small amount of nicotine, then e-cigarettes are for you. 

Pod system

A pod is another kind that is usually called the new generation pods. They are considered to be better than e-cigarettes. 

The best choice for smokers when trying out vaping for the first time is by the use of nic salts. They help in easy transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Usually, the best vape is one that provides the best quality and hence an even better experience. 

You must know that every vape has a different style and function..and so you need to look out for the one with the perfect fit for you.

A Vape Pen

Also called a wax vaporizer, these are portable devices that heat the concentrated content into vapor. It could be available in different sizes, with different coils and batteries, handy and portable which is also why they are becoming popular. Wax Vaporizers are often preferred over others because of their ease of use. Being one of the latest inventions in this very industry, you just have to load your oils and concentrate into the chamber, and voila, there you have it. Wax pens are known to use waxy concentrates 

Producing good flavor, compact and portable, all in one device, heat hitting, rechargeable and easiness of use are few of its advantages apart from being convenient and discreet. These are the best options for those looking forward to more experience in vaping. 


If you are looking forward to transitioning into vaping, then you can go ahead and choose a kind that will suit your type. Vaping is the new in, and with time, more updates will be made for the same.  

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