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A Travel Guide For Your Journeys During Pandemic!

Ultimate Travel Guide During Covid-19

It’s been a very long time since we all traveled recklessly. From the last couple of months, going out of our houses, traveling, and especially using public transportations have become synonymous with terror.

Earlier, during the pre-COVID-19 period, the only worry we used to have before traveling was packing our stuff up. But now the time and situation is changed and so are our worries.

Traveling has become a very risky and questionable task. Everyone is trying to avoid it as much as possible for their safety. But, there are times when we are left with no other choice.

As our jobs resume, and the world tries to get back to normalcy, traveling is also coming back in our lives.

So, the biggest question that pops into our minds is how to keep ourselves protected from coronavirus while traveling.

To keep your anxiety to rest, here we bring to you the best traveling tips that will keep you safe and secure during this pandemic.

●     Mask and Sanitizers are your new companions!

Since the day coronavirus entered our lives, government and health professionals are emphasizing on the importance of masks and sanitizers.

Hence, while traveling as well, these two things are going to prove to be your savior. From the point, you step out of your house to the point you reach a safe place, make sure to wear the mask. It would be best if you wear a proper PPE kit while traveling to shield you against coronavirus infection.

Always remember the basic funda that a mask is necessary for not only your safety but also to assure the safety of people around you. So, if you want to stay away from the contact of coronavirus then stay in close contact with your mask.

Also, make sure that you keep a sanitizer in your pocket. Whenever you feel that you have touched anything directly that doesn’t belong to you, sanitize your hands. You should also never touch your mask without sanitizing your hands properly.

●     Social Distancing is the key to safety!

Social distancing plays a crucial role in the prevention process of Covid-19.

  • Always ensure at least a 6 feet distance from everybody (at least wherever possible).
  • Don’t try to rush and push people away in the queue.
  • Stand at the proper distance from others while boarding, getting tickets, buying stuff, etc.
  • Be patient when entering and leaving any form of public transport. Keep a safe distance from others and wait for your turn.
  • All public transports are following the rule of social distancing by leaving vacant seats and not filling to full capacity. Don’t occupy these vacant seats forcefully.

●     Don’t forget to disinfect!

As soon as you reach your destination, the first thing you should do is to disinfect your belongings.

Clean up everything from your bags, clothes to your body. Disinfect the bags. Take a nice shower and change your clothes if possible. If not, then, make sure to sanitize yourself appropriately.

Disinfecting and cleaning your belongings is going to get rid of any unwanted germs that might have come in contact while traveling.

●     Carry your essentials with you.

If you are traveling through a car, bus or train; carry your water bottles and food items(if needed) with you. Avoid stopping at different restaurants, or hotels in the midway.

Even if you stop at any such place to buy something or to use the restrooms, make sure to sanitize your hands.

●     Cover your hands!

Using gloves to protect your hands from getting on any virus is a great idea. While traveling, wear a disposable pair of gloves and keep a few handy with you. Make sure you don’t re-use the gloves.

●     Study your destination!

Before leaving your home, study your destination properly. Know about its guidelines, quarantine period, etc. If you are planning to stay at a hotel, look after the locality. See if they are taking proper measures or not.

●     Avoid public transportation!

If you can travel by traveling in your car then there should be no conflict in your mind. There is nothing safer to travel in than your vehicle during a pandemic.


●     Say no if not urgency!

If it’s not an urgency, then you shouldn’t decide to travel amidst a pandemic. If the cause can wait for a little while, postpone your plan.

We understand that this pandemic and lockdown have made our lives boring. We all need a break and some enjoyment after a while. But, don’t risk your lives just for the same as a vacation. We are sure that you will find a million ways to enjoy your city.






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