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Advance Display Solution: A Key To Successful Executive Briefing Center

Considering to associate advanced display solutions to your executive briefing or security operations center? Well, you can always look into the aspects that make them an ideal addition to the presentation and briefing by reading the below post.

“Success is no accident but the result of the hard work, investment, learning, and sacrifice”

The time has changed and so are the ways the businesses were conducted in the past.

Taking you back to 2008, executives used to gather in a big executive briefing center to discuss projects, investment, outcomes, and profits before they seal the deal with a handshake instead of digital thumbs up. Today, thanks to digital advancement, every aspect of our work can be placed online.

Despite the universal connections and flexibility, many believe the new way of connectivity is not perfect and lacks a major aspect- In-person experience. Fortunately, the advanced LED display solutions are taking a leap to cover this gap.

LPD display and executing briefing center: A great combo?

When it comes to conducting the client meeting- it takes weeks even months to get the preparation done. Briefing managers work day and night to comprehend the client expectations and goals that should be discussed during the meeting. As they work as a bridge of communication between clients and business, they need to ensure the unforgettable experience is there to leave a good impression behind. How can it be done? Simple, through LPD 6k display solutions that enhance both executive briefing center, and security operations center of an organization.

Key aspects that display solutions add in the entire scenario to make the magic happens to include:

  • Custom experience
  • Client engagement
  • Seamless flow

Learning how it enhances the executive briefing center of the organization can help the briefing managers to take the conference to a whole new level while unlocking an array of benefits.

Custom experience

While conferencing managers are busy gathering all the data possible to stitch together everything to put on the table, they forget that in order to grasp that information, they need to deliver dynamic and content-rich presentations. As the whole briefing includes a range of quality images, videos, spreadsheets, and other multimedia content, the visual collaboration with the executive briefing center can help to present the rich content in a single interface.

The custom experience that you can create with the advanced led display solutions will not only help clients to grasp all information in real-time but also allow them to see the big picture behind your ideas.

Client engagement

The actual work begins when the briefing manager is being asked to explain the sales from the client’s prospect. To tackle this request, having all the data at the same place is not enough, managers should be able to display how a slight change in sales and other aspects can affect the goals. The Prysm Go solution allows managers to update the data in real-time to showcase how it can alter the outcome and affect both short and long-term goals.

Seamless flow

Different details need to come together on the big screen to bring the executive briefing center to life but that’s not the only thing. There is always more than what meets the eye. Behind the scenes, details like introduction, briefing on time, and covering the target audience effectively, and ensuring the clients grasp all the details are what makes the executive briefing so flawless.

While a details briefing merged with advanced LED display solutions is the driving force behind an impressive security operations center, it takes the team effort to have a successful client gathering. Paying extra attention to display solutions can help organizations to take their presentations to a whole new level.

Lessons Learned from Sprint’s New Executive-Briefing Center

We pick Prysm, in part, because it reflected our brand in being very innovative.” John Heiman, Director of Experiential Marketing, Sprint

Recently, Prysm published a case study about Sprint’s newly renovated executive-briefing center (EBC) at its headquarters in Overland, Kansas, featuring Prysm Visual Workplace. The telecom giant’s choice of technology was symbolic of a movement in today’s enterprise the transformation of the traditional “dog-and-pony show” into a consultative sale requiring authentic collaboration.

In the case study, John Heiman, Sprint’s Director of Experiential Marketing, describes the architecture of the company’s first-generation EBC as putting the guest in a subordinate position, subtly communicating that he or she was to be a passive observer of a one-way presentation. In refreshing the space, one of the goals was to place the customer into an “eyeball-to-eyeball” position with the presenter, which was better to facilitate conversation, he explained.

Here are some of the key features that are finding their way into the modern CEC:

  • Agnostic technology. Enterprises cannot afford to get locked into one platform or application. Today’s EBCs must leverage existing IT infrastructures, allowing companies to maximize their technology investments.
  • Supersize screens and video walls. With smaller screens, you can only view one piece of information at a time. This can prevent users from seeing the big picture. Large screens allow multiple types of content to be view on the screen at once, helping participants to derive actionable insights and accelerate decision-making.

“A lot of companies have theater rooms with media walls,” Heiman continued. “You sit back in your seat and see a movie about how the company can benefit your business. I wanted a dynamic environment where the tools enhance the experience and are not a ‘show,’ so to speak.”

Another criterion the company used in redesigning the space was the ability to implement a content-control system. Heiman wanted presenters to be able to move things around, drill down into briefing files and navigate back up again, without missing a beat. Additionally, with the old system, a presenter would use their laptop and often, inadvertently, expose their desktop or files, something that Heiman found distracting and unprofessional.

Innovative enterprises have begun to recognize that today’s customer who often comes to meetings with much more product and competitive knowledge than in times past, thanks to the Internet isn’t watching a brochure on a screen.

The Sprint example above represents a trend we’re seeing at Prysm.

In fact, they often won’t accept a meeting until they’ve combed the company’s site and read its whitepapers and product briefs. The meeting has become an opportunity for the customer to present their ideas and describe their use cases, putting the sales rep in a position of having to respond to concerns and ideas in real-time.

Of course, another main goal of an EBC, to wow the customer with an impressive visual presentation, hasn’t changed at all. In Sprint’s case, a massive 50-foot curved Prysm laser-phosphor display (LPD) running Prysm Visual Workplace elevates the impact of Sprint’s content to a whole new level.  “With the Prysm wall, we can bring in so much light and color and amazing audio. It really livens up experience.”

As customers become sophisticate, the enterprise must embrace innovation or be eclipsed by its competition. Prysm has published other blogs about the next-generation EBC, but the Sprint example illustrates the transformative power of an updated collaborative space/experience, as well as how Prysm digital Visual Workplace solution and free video conference can be a game-changer with a potential straight line to revenue.

Prysm Systems

Prysm Systems is a pioneer in display and visual collaboration solutions, creating a new category in the display market by its seamless interactive display – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, 225" which is 20ft wide and 5ft high. The Prysm LPD 6K Series are interactive large-format displays that offer a need in the market for larger, fully integrated Visual Workplace solutions for a new generation of multi-purpose conference rooms that allows users to share, annotate, and edit office documents, web apps, multimedia files, and video from multiple simultaneous sources including laptops and mobile devices.

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