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Advanced PPC Strategies for E-Commerce Site

PPC is something that every digital marketeer should know to the core. But there are plenty of hidden strategies that only a selected few know. In this article, we will talk about some of these strategies that are only taught in a premium PPC training institute. So, let’s get started with the first one.

Greeting the Customer:

Sending the customer, a nice impressive package that has a handwritten note. The package may have a referral card in there they can give to a friend. This is going to be a good experience for the customer, and it may create a good sense of feeling towards the brand and probably get them again for the product page. It may have a coupon in it for a future purchase. This will increase the revenue and increase profitability, and get the brand going on the website, which is needed.


Use A Good Shopping:

A shopping cart in an online selling site software that facilitates the purchase of a service or product. There are three types of shopping carts Woo-commerce, Shopify, and big commerce. Suppose you are not already in these carts. It’s high time to check them out. These three carts are really good for design, SEO, and paid search as well. It has everything that you need to scale your company. When you need any help, it has a support team to back you up.


Schema Markup on the Product Pages:

When someone searches on the Google site, right there on the Google search page, before they even go to the website, they will see what Google calls product rich cards, which will show some information and your product image right there on the search page. Make use of the schema markup testing tool. Search “schema markup tool” in Google, and you’ll land on the schema site. Just enter your page URL in there, and it will show you if you have the proper schema markup or not. If not, it will show you some tips to improve on how to make sure you add that.


Run Dynamic Targeting Campaigns:

A dynamic campaign feature is an advanced feature for multiple campaigns. With this campaign, you can run various campaigns on the same website. The dynamic ad automatically organizes your website into groups that are customized to your services and products like “phones,” “sports shoes,” and “computers.” Select the groups or categories that are relevant to your website. So, if someone comes to the website and they look around for something, and they don’t do anything, that day when they are on social media kind of looking through their feed, all of a sudden, they will see an ad for the brand.


Run Google Shopping Ads To Get Best Results For PPC:

It’s a very popular one, and people go to Google, search for something like black shoes, click the shopping tab, and those are all ads. If you want to be in the shopping tab, you should be running Google shopping ads. So, invest in running product ads and optimize your product ads based on results. Use an e-commerce tracking setup, and you can see your ROI per product. You can see the revenue generated from each product and on the product ads. Turn off the products that aren’t doing as well, the ads that aren’t doing as well, and increases the budget on the products that are doing well.


Run PPC Ads on Facebook And Instagram:

Social media have a chunk audience and has huge channels today. People are on social media like Facebook all the time, so if you target people on social media and targeting is so intense that you can get right in front of a person, that would be perfect for your product. You could use custom audiences, a life lookalike audience, events targeting, and other such techniques. Using Facebook Ads Manager to create Instagram ads makes you run a PPC campaign on Instagram, even without your Instagram account. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can simply choose your Facebook page associated with your ad campaign. This Facebook page then constitutes your business for Instagram ads.


Optimize the Shopping Ads To Get Best Results For PPC:

Shopping campaign optimization is a key part of the selling strategy. You have to use different types of ads for e-commerce. You can add negative keywords to make sure you don’t want to show up your ad for certain search queries. Once you have set up your Shopping campaigns and got your right ad structure, most of the optimization work will be about getting your maximize CPCs to the exact level. Enough that you are getting enough clicks but not getting too high, which means you’re hurting your profitability.

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Optimize the Product Pages:

You have to spend a considerable amount of time and money optimizing your product pages. Optimizing the product pages also helps in SEO and write an apt product title. You should add the keywords in the title tag that people are searching online. Search the keywords that match or relevant to your products, and also add them to your description. Write good, relevant, and unique descriptions of your products on your pages.



Update the Product Pages:

The product page should be up to date, and it never looks outdated. It works through the holidays and weekends. When someone visits your product page, they want your exact sales pitch every time, so put some time and money into that. The most important one is good product photography. Ensure that the images of your product should be very clean, clear, and well optimized. The product video also can be very helpful; it increases the chances of sales and adds value to your product.


Optimize the Product Feed:

Using the Google merchant center, you can optimize your product feed. To run Google shopping ads, you can use the Google merchant center. Ensure that you have good information about the product title, keywords, and description so that you are showing up when people are searching on Google merchant center when you are running the ads. You want to be in the game when somebody is looking for the product on google shopping. The product feed should be very well optimized.


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