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Advantage and Disadvantage of Owning a Vacation Exchange Home

Vacation exchange homes are one-second homes as a supplement to your permanent home. As an owner of two vacation houses, I can introduce you to several aspects that will help you getting your dream vacation real estate with lasting pleasure for yourself and your family. In fact, when you read this easy list you will also get an impression of the pros and cons of owning an extra home for vacation.

Some of the same aspects of buying a vacation home are exactly the same as buying a permanent home.

The most important aspect of a vacation house

If you ask a real estate dealer about the most important aspects when you are searching for a new house he will say “Location”.

Think through what will that mean for you. When you get a vacation home you might be able to improve it and make it bigger and better. But you cannot change the location for the same house or vacation flat.

Many will summarise it in the way that it is smarter to buy a not-so-super vacation home in a super nice location – than the opposite.

Price and running expenses of the vacation home

For most of us, the price when we buy a home and the costs through the year are obvious and important limitations to take into account. Make sure to think through what you can afford now and what you can afford when you retire if that is on the horizon.

The style of the vacation house

As we already have 9 grandchildren from our four children we gave a high priority to our vacation houses that could accommodate everybody. Not in a luxury way but in a functional way. Other couples might be more focused on having a more luxurious living space for themselves and say two friends on overnight stay or the like.

Other families might be more focused on finding a rather simple and basic accommodation that is not demanding in any way but which might have a rustic appearance.

How often will you or your family members use the vacation house?

Be realistic and calculate how often you and your family would actually be able to make use of it when you think of your checklist for reflections before you buy an extra home for your pleasure time. A vacation house or other vacation home must not develop to be a burden in daily life. Difficulties and expenses going there should be a part of your calculation, but also your ideas of alternatives like going abroad on vacation.

Facilities at the vacation exchange home

If you go to a vacation house far away from other people the facilities in the house might be quite simple and primitive. You might not even have running water and toilet facilities.

In such a place it will also be a challenge to get help from professionals when you need repair and service. On the other hand, such a house might be rather cheap to buy.

Can you make use of the vacation home in the way you want?

Finally, you should think over and discuss in the family which kind of activities you want to have as options when you search for a vacation house or flat. Some families are very focussed on skiing, others on swimming and sunbathing on a beach, others on wildlife experience and others again on hunting. If you have teenage children ask them what could attract them and expect to let them bring a classmate or other guest with them when staying on vacation.

Summing up the pros and cons of owning a vacation home

Advantage of vacation exchange home

You will have the ability to escape from your daily duties and exchange your home environment with something different that might reduce stress and improve your feeling of being on vacation.

Often you will combine your trips to your spare time home with social activities like inviting friends and family members. Your guests will often think back on such visits with much more satisfaction. Pleasure compared to normal social gatherings in your permanent home.

Your children will get a wider horizon by being familiar with another location than their daily surroundings.

The disadvantage of vacation exchange home

A vacation home is an extra burden on the economy and daily management.

It might limit your access to travel to new places and to experience unfamiliar sightings and cultures.

It might generate some discussions in the family about when to go and when not to go. You might experience clashes between your dreams of going to your vacation place and fulfilling expectations to stay home and be involved with other activities, e.g. birthday parties of friends, etc. And finally, it will not be possible to be sure when you can sell your vacation home in time to a decent price.

Find out more

Vacation rentals are furnished homes that can be rented out for a short period of time. Unlike hotels and motels that have a lot of limitations on their set of amenities. Vacation rentals give you a homey atmosphere with everything inside. The house is available for you to use as if you own the place.

Other benefits of staying in a vacation home are the following

They are unique

in a way that no two vacation houses are alike. Each home boasts of its own personality without the standard decors that a hotel has. You can conveniently search for vacation rentals by the owner. So that you can match the house with the personality of the one who lives on it.

Easier to stay together
It’s easier to stay together when you are having a group vacation. Unlike hotels where you have to rely on the availability of rooms. Vacation homes let you stay together as a group which multiplies the fun during dream vacations.
More Privacy During Stay

You have more privacy during your dream vacations. You never have to listen to other guests walking up and down. The corridors or have snotty hotel staff looking at you from afar. You also have more space to move around compared with that of a hotel room.

Forget About Expensive Menus

You do not have to worry about pricey room service and expensive menus. With a vacation home, you can order take-out and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Kinda the same as having room service yet more economical.

Vacation homes are pretty much cheaper than a hotel room. It may seem to cost much at the start but considering the amenities. Also, other perks that go with it, you can definitely tell the big difference in price.

Today, there are more vacation homes that are being rented out for vacationers. You only have to look them up from vacation rental sites. That offers match-up services for you to have a vacation house. That will make you feel at ease. You can even do a search on your own. Also have searched for vacation rentals by owner, by location, price, and other parameters to your liking

You do not have to worry about being unhappy with a vacation home. All you need to do is to look for a vacation home. That follows the standards of the Vacation Room Managers Association so that you can rest assured. That your chosen vacation home is safe, secure, well-maintained, clean, and most of all, very accommodating.

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