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Affiliate Marketing | What is it and how to start affiliate marketing in 2023?

If you are interested in the field of profit from the Internet, or let us customize it more since your goal is to make profits from the field of affiliate marketing in particular – which means commission marketing -, you will find in this article a comprehensive guide on how to start working in the field of affiliate marketing and how to professionalize it to achieve maximum profit.

The most important thing that distinguishes the field of commission marketing is the lack of an element of risk due to the low cost. Nothing can be lost in this field except for time and a little money, which, compared to other projects, is an attractive element for beginners. So it is a project whose capital is only your time and the Internet.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? What are its types, advantages and disadvantages of working in this field? What is the amount of expected profits from working in this field? All this and more you will know in the next lines. Below is the content of the article, you can press and go to the point you want to read exactly.

  • Article content:
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Types of affiliate marketing
  • Advantages of working in commission marketing
  • How does affiliate marketing work, and how do you start?
  • What is the amount of profit from affiliate marketing?
  • Tips for getting the best affiliate marketing products
  • Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing
  • The most popular affiliate marketing program
  • Frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business in which you promote a specific product or service to another company in return for taking a commission on the sales that result. Which is often determined by a percentage of the value of the sold item, and sometimes the agreement is on a fixed amount.

Types of affiliate marketing:

There are three main types of affiliate marketing: unrelated affiliate marketing, linked affiliate marketing, and embedded affiliate marketing.

1- Related Affiliate Marketing:

In this type of marketing, the marketer advertises the product or service he is promoting and has no connection with it. As a result, he is exempted from providing an explanation or recommendation and advice, because there is no connection between him and the potential customer and the product.

2- Related affiliate marketing:

As we can see from the name, which indicates a relationship between the product and the affiliate. In other words, there is a connection between the affiliate and the product or service. In this case, the subsidiary has sufficient experience to generate traffic and its level of authority to make it a reliable source. However, the affiliate does not make any claims about the use of the product or service.

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3- Affiliate marketing that includes:

as arbproduct said In this type of marketing, there is a deeper relationship between the affiliate and the product or service they are promoting. And here they have used the product they are promoting. In this case, they are confident that others can share their positive experiences and expertise, and their advertisements are reliable sources of information. On the other hand, since they make recommendations, their reputation may be jeopardized by any problems arising from the offer.

Advantages of working in commission marketing:

When you think of working in commission marketing, there are two reasons that drive you to work in this field:

First, it is low cost and low risk:
It is logical that when you think about any project in order to reap profits from it, you must incur a lot of money in it, from products, commissions, employees, rent, and so on from these basic items. All this while you are not sure that you will win in the end.
But in this project, the possibilities of gain and loss are the same. On the contrary, in the field of affiliate marketing, all you need is a website and the Internet. And in the event that you fail and do not achieve profits, you will certainly not incur many losses, except for time and very little money.

Secondly, it is characterized by flexibility in dealing:

Since he is an affiliate marketing agency, this does not oblige him to deal with one party and promote its products only. On the contrary, he can promote the products of many different companies and earn commissions from all of them simultaneously.

How does affiliate marketing work, and how do you start?

In the affiliate marketing system, the merchant gives each affiliate its own unique link, so they can track who is responsible for the sale. If someone clicks on this link. What happens in this case? A small file called a cookie is stored on their devices and an affiliate cookie does two things:

1- The merchant knows from him who is the person responsible for the sale.
2- The expiration date is recorded, so that you will be paid even if the buyer is late in purchasing.

And this is an illustration of how it works. Let’s assume that someone sees your promotional post about the best winter clothes, for example, and clicks on one of the affiliate links that leads him to a product on Amazon. However, the current time did not help him to complete the purchase process due to his association with appointments outside the home or for any reason whatsoever. And when he returned in the evening, he returned to Amazon to complete the purchase, to find the product again, and on the occasion of entering Amazon, he decided to buy some other sports supplies.
You are here in this case of lucky. Why ? Because when that person clicked on your link a profile was stored on their device. Thus, you will get a commission on winter clothes and also on sports equipment, even though you did not promote it in the first place.

How to start working in the field of affiliate marketing:

There are seven steps you must follow for this:

The first step:

Decide on which platform to start from: There are several platforms to choose from. But if you want me to tell you the best ones, you should start a blog or create a YouTube channel. Either way, working with them will be much easier to build an audience and increase sales.
Starting a blog today is simple and inexpensive and there are plenty of tutorials on the internet
It teaches you how to get started at a small cost. Once your website is up and running, optimize for search engines, so you have a better chance of ranking. Then, you can add affiliate links in your content, and this part also has to be mastered.

As for the other platform, it is to create a channel on YouTube, which is an ideal and easy idea for many people because uploading content to YouTube is free. Just try to optimize your videos for SEO and include affiliate links to your content.

The second step:

Choose your specialization: you must be aware that you intend to enter this field (affiliate marketing or commission marketing) that you are in fierce competition, as the demand for work through these platforms has become widespread. Therefore, if you are not able to challenge and make yourself a place and imprint, there is no need to go through this experience in the first place.

But I will leave you some tips that if you take them will definitely help you to find yourself a privileged place in this race, the first of which is specialization. The more specialized and in-depth you are in your field, the more this will be a factor in your success.
Suppose, for example, that you will create a channel about food or cooking, this is considered a specialization, but it is a very general specialty. In the sense that you will face thousands of channels that talk about this topic, so you have to specialize in this topic more specifically. For example, to talk about a certain type of food. For example healthy food or grills and so on.
Specialization will create a fan base from which you can promote links. But if you are going to outsource the content, it is best to deal with experienced experts in this field who can help you create high-quality and trustworthy work. Which, in turn, can lead to more traffic, more engaged visitors, and more affiliate sales.

The third step:

Find the right affiliate programs to join: There are three types of affiliate programs that you can choose from:

1- Affiliate programs with high commissions and low volume. This type of program is affiliated with specialized

products with high payments. For example, the convertkit affiliate program pays close to $700 per month if you only send 80 clients to it. However, there is a tendency to compete for these programs with high commissions, because it is difficult if you are a beginner to make a large amount of money to compete against skilled marketers.

2- Affiliate programs with low pay or commission and large volume.

These programs, although the profit from them is small, the demand for them is very high, because they usually offer countless numbers of products for sale.
Take, for example, the Amazon affiliate program, in which you can earn up to 10% on almost anything Amazon sells through your promotional work. Also, one of the good things about dealing with this program is that you often get commissions on the full value of the products purchased instead of just the product you indicated. So you have to increase your traffic to make these affiliate programs pay you those commissions.

3- High-paying and large-scale affiliate programs.

These programs are characterized by mass demand and also pay high commissions.
We take credit cards as an example, everyone needs these cards and most people stay with the company for many years.
Now which programs will you choose to join and on what basis? The answer to this question depends on your position and level of experience. In the event that you were targeting consumers, the second model of lower commissions and higher sales volume suits you more than others. But if your target audience is a commercial audience, it is more likely that you choose to deal with the first model with high payment and low volume.

The fourth step:

Create great content: You are certainly striving from the beginning for the success of your project, so you must work on making your affiliate site successful accordingly. but how is that ? In order to achieve this, you must work to provide distinct content so that you can promote affiliate links well and be naturally appropriate to the content you provide.
For example, when you promote products from Amazon, don’t just sponsor the products in line with what Amazon sellers say in the product description. Rather, try to explain more to your audience, an additional and detailed description, in order to attract them to click on the link through you. There are many ways to do that, the shortest and most reliable of which is to buy the product yourself, try it and put your detailed description of this product. In this case, the audience will be well convinced of what you are saying, and you will find that the rate of interactions has increased significantly.

Fifth step:

Driving traffic to your affiliate website: This is the second step after creating outstanding content, which is to get the audience to read it well so that they can click on your links. There are three traffic strategies that you should consider:

1- Paid traffic:
And that is by doing a paid advertising campaign, meaning that you will pay for providing traffic, and the advantage that you find in paid traffic is that at the same time that you will pay, you will immediately get heavy traffic. However, despite what distinguishes the payment traffic, it has some drawbacks, which are:

Firstly, displaying ads will draw attention to your profits and search for them, so advertisers will lose money before achieving it. Therefore, you must be realistic about how long this paid traffic campaign takes to improve so as not to incur more losses.

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