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Health and Fitness

All About Calisthenics That You Need to Know

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses only one pod to build muscle strength and keep the body strong. Calisthenics can be done without sports equipment and complex structures. The basic idea is to have endurance, durability, durability, and strength without relying on advanced tools or equipment.

Calisthenics exercises are designed differently for each person, depending on their condition and medical history. It is a great place to exercise for those who love life. This is the work of controlling the muscles and body that has become a sport that many love to train and compete with.

Fundamentals of education in calisthenics

Various exercises that use your skis as resistance. Basic tools, such as pull cords and cables, reduce the use of machinery. These tools can be purchased at the local market or connected at home. Most people pay attention to these tests because they can be done almost anywhere. You can tap into your garden and walk away.

Who can do calisthenics?

Calisthenics is suitable for everyone, but bodybuilding depends on physical strength and endurance, so you need to get used to training and endurance. If you are an active trainer and trainer, it can take up to six months before you can comfortably do all the basic work.

Exercise can be used to achieve all kinds of health goals. Some athletes and bodybuilders make it a practice to increase their stamina and flexibility. Different levels of training can be used to achieve all kinds of goals.

This is a complete exercise for weight loss, weak muscles, basic strength, and coordination, and posture throughout the body.

Even if you do not have certain health goals and want to stay healthy, it is possible to exercise.

Types of calisthenics

Calisthenics cannot be determined by the body because it contains all the nutrients of the scalp. However, other types of training can be done at the beginner level. Once they have mastered it, they can be included in regional training or other types of better results.

Some examples of Calisthenics methods:

Chipboard: Chipboard helps with strength and strength.

Lie on the floor and support your skis with your toes and arm.

Keep your body in good shape at all times and hold this position for as long as possible. You can raise your arms and legs to increase your stamina.

Diving: Diving is an exercise that includes skiing. They strengthen your upper body and work the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and arms.

You can dive into the barber with straight arms. Keep your body low until your shoulders are below your elbows. Push yourself until your arms are up again.

Squares: This often helps the legs and especially the muscles of the legs, hips, and buttocks.

Stand with your legs wide at the shoulder, and your hips above your knees, and your knees at your ankles.

Do not neutralize your spine and turn your bladder against the wall. When you first see the buttocks, make sure your back is straight and that your chest and shoulders are straight.

Pull up:

Pull up is a combination of high body pull. Pull up and other exercises help to build your legs, arms, and shoulders and strengthen your inner self.

Hold the needle with the palm of your hand sideways or back.

Place the broad shoulder of the penis over the arm. Pull your elbows down and pull them up.

Keep pulling until the chin passes through the bathtub. Lower your body until your arms are straight and then lift them again.

Handling notes: Your hands should be broad shoulders to get a wide grip. To keep your hands straight, your hands should be as wide as your shoulders and your fingers should be smaller than your shoulders.

Push-Push: Exercise is easy in the desired position by lifting and lifting the arms in the arms. Push-ups are used to improve chest and triceps brachii muscles.

Enter the position of High Commissioner. Keep your hands firmly on the floor and keep your back straight until your body is neutral and straight.

Lower the body and press. If you are busy, take a deep breath as you move back to the beginning.

Burpee/Squat exercise

Burpee is a complete exercise that moves many muscles of the body, from stretching the muscles around the buttocks, buttocks, and hip and chest joints. You can burn more and more calories in very little time.

The first position to stand upright is with your legs spread over your shoulders and hands on your side. Press and place the palms of your hands on the soles of your feet. Go back and forth until your foot is fully extended, push upwards fully, and strike your foot on the back of your hand. Use explosive movements to press the end and return to the starting point.

Stick bomb grenades

Muscle groups Target groups: quadriceps and hamstrings. Second step: abdominal muscles, buttocks, buttocks muscles.

Stand up straight, chest straight. Run sideways with your right foot, put your hand on your hip, jump, move your foot in the air, and press your left foot & swap sides for about a minute.

Lift the elevator

A standing calf focuses on the calf muscles, especially the calves of the long calves, giving the calf its shape and form. Calf muscles are the most important factor in the beauty of everything else.

  • Stand with a healthy heart and softback.
  • Put your hands on each side or hold the wall to measure.
  • Release your feet. Stretch your ankles as high as possible, bend your baby and lift your heels.
  • Pause and return slightly to the starting position.
  • Hang the leg lift
  • Lifting the legs for hanging exercises strengthens the base of the entire abdomen, improves back stability, and strengthens other muscles such as the arms, shoulders, and legs.
  • Hold the handle by holding the bound arm. Lift the legs until the light bulb is at a 90-degree angle and lower the legs slightly until they are straight and dark.

Exercise AB:

Exercise exercises help you get a relaxed skin tone and help you better control your body movements.

There are many benefits to AB training. For example, it strengthens your muscles and keeps your body in good shape. You will also find that these exercises help relieve back pain, make your back flexible and regular exercise improves digestion.

When you start exercising to lose a lot of fat, you need to pay attention to the pelvic area, because this area is very hard to tighten and firm. When your lower abdomen is tight, your upper abdomen will shrink and tighten.


Calisthenics is a safe, focused form that actually works. Many people underestimate the value of calisthenics exercise. Good exercise for muscle growth, flexibility, endurance, and communication. calisthenics exercises increase the strength of your muscles in a way that helps prevent injuries, especially in the lower back, which is a problem for many people. The reason calisthenics exercises are probably overlooked is that they are so simple and usually only use your body weight to resist them. You can easily hit every part of the body in a short time. There are thousands of different types of exercise you can do with calisthenics to keep your process fresh and fun. If you feel that your use of gymnastics has become much easier, you can simply add resistance to a Weighted Vest.

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