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All About Tesla Financing

TESLA stands for tera electron volt energy superconducting linear accelerator. Tesla is an American Company who deals in electric vehicles, which cause no harm to the environment. Are you also among them, who want to protect nature from fuel and gasses and that’s why you are searching for Tesla financing

If surely, then you can say that you are on the right platform. Since this whole post is going to be on Tesla and Tesla financing. After that, this will offer you an informative conclusion as well. 

tesla financing


Why Is Tesla So Famed? 

Tesla now manufactures not only all-electric automobiles, but also renewable energy generation and storage systems that are infinitely scalable. The faster the world moves away from fossil fuels and toward a zero-emission future, Tesla believes, the better.

Why To Own A Tesla?

There are a lot of factors which are in favor of buying a Tesla, however, some of the major factors are explained below. 

Here they are!!

Eco-friendly vehicle

The best thing about Tesla is that it does not contain anything which can harm the environment. As it’s an electronic vehicle, it’s much safer than other fuel or gas cars. All the materials used in these vehicles are just like raw metal, batteries, etc. are reusable. They can be recycled anytime, so no resource is wasted in this. 

High safety level

Tesla is one of those cars who provides the best safety level. Why call it a safe car? To get the answer, you can go through the below-mentioned points.   

  • Low center of gravity
  • Impact-absorbing sides
  • Perfectly placed crumple zones
  • Exceptional camera systems

Fewer stops at repair shops

Because Tesla engines have fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance. Oil changes, fuel filters, and spark plug replacements are not required for Teslas. 

Furthermore, Tesla brakes divert energy to the battery, allowing brake pads to last longer between replacements. Batteries have an eight-year warranty, but are meant to last for over twenty years. As it needs less repair, so automatically, its base maintenance is also lower. 

Say bye to Fuel/gas prices 

Everybody knows that the prices of fuel and gasses are increasing day by day, and it causes harm to the environment as well. To get out of this, you can go with the Tesla, because it can save a lot of money on fuel. 

Pet friendly

Tesla made the coolest car, since your dogs are safe in this car. How? As this car has a dog mode in it, if you activate that mode and go out of the car, then your dog has to wait, he can not do any activity with the car. 

Furthermore, bioweapon defense mode, in this car, inhales the pure air inside, and throws out the all harmful gas or particles out from the car. It also has secret settings mode, just like sentry mode. 

If any person is standing by your car or roaming near your car for so long, it can make you alert in these types of situations. 

How To Buy Tesla?

If you are wishing to buy Tesla by your money or through Tesla financing, you should explore the below described points. 

Here they are!!

Visit Tesla’s website

First and foremost, you have to do one thing, that is visiting the website and selecting your preference. You can compare many things over there, and get the suitable car for you. If you are new to this thing, you can search for the under-listed things. 


There are a lot of models in Tesla and all of them have their own features and specifications. 


As it is an electric vehicle, it has its own limit. It comes in various ranges, they have their different capacity of running miles. So, you can select them according to your average running kilometers per hour. 

Color & Interior

You can select your color choice and interior as well. You have to check the availability of the color too. Moreover, if you add some customized things to the car, it will cost extra. 

Note: You can add on the autopilot mode to your Tesla, and it will cost you approx. $12000. Autopilot mode includes:

  • Automatic brake and accelerate
  • Steer lock, etc. 

tesla financing

Go to the showroom

You should not buy directly from the website, you must visit the showroom to know about the latest offers or models, if any missed on the website. Moreover, you can ask them for upcoming event offers. The best part of visiting the showroom is that you can take the test driver there. 

Buy the car

The last step after analyzing the suitable car for you is buying it. However, if you are buying it through Tesla financing, it will take a little more time. You can pay the monthly to monthly lease payment. Let’s discuss what you need to do to finance Tesla. 

  • There are a lot of platforms which provide classic car loans, antique car financing, loans for classic cars including Tesla financing. What you have to do is, note down the best lenders near you. 
  • Then you have to talk to them and ask about the rates and interests. 
  • Compare the interest rates and select the best one. 

However, before this, you should have a proper income and ability to pay the amount on time. 

Benefits Of Taking Tesla Financing

You know what? There are several factors which can influence you to take finance for buying Tesla, however, some advantages are listed below. 

Improve budgeting

You get to choose how much money you pay each month once you’ve agreed on a car loan. This means you won’t have to cut corners elsewhere in your life or overspend. You might even have enough money left over after paying off your car loan with a reasonable car loan to start saving for your next new vehicle.

Enhance credit score

Taking a car loan can aid you to build a credit score. It will be possible only then, when you pay the payments on time without any excuse. If you are not able to do so, then you will be responsible for your bad credit score. And a negative credit score will create difficulties when you apply for your next loan. 

Future financial planning

You might be tempted to buy a secondhand car in order to avoid taking out a loan. However, this isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective approach in the long run. Used cars are more likely to break down, necessitating pricey repairs.

 When you finance a new car, you have the assurance that you will not be responsible for such repairs for a long time. Not to mention that many current automobiles are more fuel efficient, resulting in lower gas prices.


In the end, before taking Tesla financing from any party, you must check out their reviews or feedback. Because by this, you can get to know about the common questions that are arriving in your mind. 

Moreover, Woodside Credit is the best platform to provide classic car loans, antique car financing, loans for classic cars, etc. This could be a suitable platform for you, since they are lenders and respect passion. So, they offer the lowest monthly payments. If you still have any doubts related to this, then you can contact them once. 

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