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All you need to Know about Gold Loan 2020

When you are in desperate situations arising due to money shortages what will you do? You might either go for a personal loan or lend from others, based on the urgency of your need for money. For meeting urgent cash requirements, it is better to make use of a powerful asset like gold especially when you have a trustable Gold Loan Company in India like Kosamattam Finance.

Kosamattam Finance personally opines that when you have gold in your lockers, then why should you go for other money sources? With a dependable and recognized organization like Kosamattam Gold Loan, the advantages of availing gold loan come in many ways as:

  • Your need for instant cash can be met immediately
  • On completing the repayment, you can gain back your gold asset pledged

Also there is maximum value and utmost security for the pledged assets. We have been in this business of providing money against gold at the time when you need it and returning your asset on completion of your loan tenure for quite some time. Kosamattam Gold Loan has an immaculate record in the Gold Loan Business and has been serving for more than 150 years. Customers are our strength and the strong foundation on which our establishment is built.

What are the Gold Loan Services that Kosamattam Finance Offers?

Kosamattam Finance has its services delivered through its exclusive outlets. We have always been on par with the latest advancements and as a matter of fact have our services extended through the online medium. Today, we have a lot of customers availing Online Gold Loan at home Services from Kosamattam Finance and we are happy to get positive feedback on our online as well as branch services.

Additionally, Kosamattam is offering the following services:

  • Freedom Online Gold Loans
  • Running Schemes (based on Annual Interest Rate)
    • KLF-AA
    • KLF-AF
    • KLG-AG

What is Kosamattam Finance’s USP?

Kosamattam Finance has its Loan at home Services made available across the country irrespective of whether it is an urban or a rural area. Financial constraints, as we believe, are not limited to the poor fraction of the population. It is also meant for meeting the huge financial crisis of large businesses too. So we believe that we can serve whoever is in need of money and for this reason have our branches open nation-wide.

At the time of availing Gold Loan, we ask for minimal document works for making it easy for the common man. Loans are sanctioned instantaneously and maximum value is implicated for the pledged asset.

Apart from all these, we have proficient employees in the field to handle the Loan against Gold business. Kosamattam Finance takes extreme measures to make the document works hassle-free. We also provide 24×7 customer support with our experts addressing your queries any time you need!

What are the Key Advantages of Kosamattam Gold Loan?

  • Instant sanctioning of loan against gold
  • Minimum and hassle-free documentation
  • Minimum rate of interest for maximum value given for your gold
  • Various repayment modes
  • Reminders about the payments pending
  • Customization made to various schemes
  • Exclusive branches nation-wide
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Expert professionals to assist customers
  • Strong presence in the online medium for various Kosamattam services


Kosamattam Finance aims at extracting your thoughts and leading it to us for any money related necessities. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we value our customers’ feedback to make our services better each day. Kosamattam has a strong proven history and positive testimonies from our customers that speaks much of why Kosamattam Gold Loan is the best gold loan provider you can ask for!


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