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All You Need To Know About Motor Grader For Your Construction Site

Want to have the best machinery for your construction? Then go for motor graders. Motor graders are self-propelled heavy machines that have adjustable blades. It is useful for several purposes depending upon the application, like cutting, leveling the road or materials, and spreading the materials. Its fine blade is placed between the rear axle and front, which enables it to work efficiently.

Moreover, the used cat motor grader for sale can work efficiently and increase productivity using its highly advanced technology tools. Its blades help remove the layers, spread new layers, and arrangement of layers.

A motor grader creates a well smooth surface and helps in road maintenance, and it flattens the soil. Additionally, before the asphalt layer’s pavement, they flatten the road to remove the uneven surface and a smooth road.

Classification of motor grader

Today, there some motor grader that are classified depending on frame arrangement, which includes:

  1. Rigid frame motor grader.
  2. The articulated motor grader.

Rigid frame motor grader

They have a single axle and is unable to move freely. It was only famous in the 19th century between the 1980s and ’90s, and now it is not used much as it has a restricted axle that only moves left and right.

Articulated frame motor grader

They are perfect for compact places or small-sized places and hinge between the rare axle and front. It has two-axle and blades are in between those axles. Additionally, they are perfect for small construction sites where there is less space.

Nowadays, most people use articulated frame grades. The two joints are at the back and front of the cab. It enables better visibility and a clear view, which allows the operator to work efficiently and comfortably.

Other motor graders

Motor graders vary depending upon the wheeling as some have all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel-drive system. Also, differ based on the purposes like there are different graders for unpaved roads and smooth, clear areas.

A compact motor grader has a horsepower range of 80 to 150 and is perfect for road maintenance, landscaping, and constructional work in small areas. However, the large motor graders are suitable for broader road construction like national highways and motorways structures. Further, they use a direct drive while, on the other hand, smaller ones are drive hydrostatically.

Uses of motor grader and functions

A motor grader is useful for multiple purposes, such as:

  • They are useful for moving earth from one location to another.
  • They are beneficial for soil leveling so that the next bitumen layer spread uniformly throughout the surface.
  • Scarifying is removing a complete layer of soil and then spreading a new layer at that particular location.
  • They help in the mixing of two materials and have effective results for mixing purposes.
  • It helps strengthen the pavement surface and mix all the elements like sand, rocks, and gravel properly.
  • They help in the spreading of soil, aggregates, and other elements.
  • They are useful in land grading through which a particular slope is made by using a motor grader.
  • Helpful in cutting of bank canals.
  • A motor grader is also used as a snow removing machine. They are suitable for areas where there is a lot of snowfall.
  • Motor graders are best for construction work for creating precise inclines and slopes.

Uses of Articulation in Motor Grader Work

There are three articulated frame techniques: Articulate the mainframe 15 to 20 degrees, articulate 10 to 20 degrees, and move the link bar two or three holes towards the shoulder, which articulate 10 to 20 degrees. There are several uses of articulation in motor grader, such as:

  • They are beneficial for counteracting side loads and balancing side-draft when you’re making a heavy cutting pass.
  • It is reducing blade loads, which will decrease the width of the cut and the load.
  • It is useful in machine turnaround, which enhances productivity and faster cycle times.
  • Work in Confined Areas and can steer the leading end of the machine. When working in confined areas gives outstanding maneuverability and allows it to operate at higher reverse speeds safely.
  • Use the motor grader to finish near the curb line where rear wheels are at a smooth surface, the moldboard near a 30-degree angle, and the drawbar centered under the frame.
  • Articulating frames make this job more comfortable by backfilling curbs in a Cul-de-sac, even in the throat area.

Advantages and disadvantages of motor graders

Advantages of motor graders

There are various benefits of using a motor grader at your construction site or places. These heavy machines are highly efficient and have quicker performance as they drive over roads very quickly without any effort. These versatile machines evenly distribute soil and other material while road construction and have highly accurate work capabilities.

Further, they are more suitable and recommended for larger projects; only the small compact ones are useful for remote areas. On the other hand, the frame grader moves in tight spaces and easy to operate.

Disadvantages of a Motor Grader

Despite the benefits, there are some disadvantages, and all motor graders cannot function all tasks. These machines highly advance and require professional workers with operating skills and experience because unprofessional people face difficulty handling it. Additionally, its highly advanced features have separate keys for a particular function, which is sometimes very problematic for the operators.

Moreover, it has limited traction because of the rubber tires, and they are only beneficial for carrying heavy loads and large projects. These machines are not preferable for a smaller project due to their maintenance, size, and functioning.


Motor graders are heavy machines, usually for construction and maintenance work. They help make the base of the roads and have various applications based on the use and purposes. They construct incline surfaces and provide the basis of the frame structure or building structure, because of which they are highly in demand.

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