All You Need to Know Before Selling on Etsy- OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension

Selling online is becoming more popular these days. For the same reason, offline businesses are going online to reach a larger customer base. At the very beginning of the eCommerce era, online selling was not as trendy as its potential. As the hands of the clock turn, eCommerce has grown exponentially. Nowadays, there can be comparatively more online start-ups than offline ones. Someone correctly stated that once a strategy works, a couple of million others begin to follow suit. As the online market grew, it nourished the competition along with it. Nowadays, along with personal eCommerce shops, merchants are not missing even a single chance to sell on major marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and all others. The question is, is it a good idea to start selling on marketplaces like Etsy?

The answer to the same is divided into 2 parts: pros and cons.

Let’s start with the positive ones first.

The Wide Business Range

The one thing that Etsy assures its sellers is the wide business range. Undoubtedly, the vendors can present their special products not only to a limited country but also to the Esty sellers, who have a ready-to-grab opportunity to present their handcrafted or special products in front of a massive audience.

Made for all product types

If you are wondering about which kinds of products are a perfect fit for selling on Etsy, take a deep breath. Etsy is known for every near-and-dear product category. Moreover, you can even find a wide variety of second-hand used products, hand-crafted products, rare products, or whatever you can name.

Less Technical Headaches

Etsy has its own solid and successful technical team that handles its digital sites. These markets encounter extremely few technical faults and can handle massive amounts of traffic at any given time. Selling on these platforms might save you a significant amount of time and money spent on addressing technical issues on your site. You do not have to hire a large workforce to manage your Etsy store as the marketplace will assist you shoulder-to-shoulder with everything from establishing the shop to getting orders.

Shipping and Delivery Assistance:

Shipping and delivery are important aspects of the online business process. Selling your products on Etsy will help you save time and money on logistics. Etsy handles all aspects of product shipment and delivery from the very first moment when the vendors get orders. Moreover, Etsy also takes care of return and exchange orders to assist online vendors. This saves small retailers a significant amount of money.

Here are some of the top catches from selling on the Etsy Marketplace.

However, as every business has its pluses and minuses, selling on Etsy is not as easy as it seems.

Like the benefits, Etsy has a wide number of cons for online vendors.

Market with high competition:

Undoubtedly, selling on Etsy Marketplace is going to be one of the hardest nuts to crack for online vendors who are dealing in non-unique product categories.

Because of the platform’s popularity, the number of online vendors on the Etsy Marketplace varies by millions, and on top of that, the number is growing rapidly.

Delays in Payment:

The biggest unknown con of selling on the Etsy marketplace is the delayed payments. It takes a considerable number of days to get an order completed on the Etsy Marketplace.

Furthermore, after the product’s successful delivery, Etsy takes a couple of days or even more time to process the payment to the eCommerce merchants.

Building a Brand Is Difficult:

The other complicated con about selling on the Etsy Marketplace is that Etsy has a tough market for the sellers to build their brands. The reason for the same is that the customers who purchase goods from the Etsy Marketplace are Etsy’s customers. If you are looking forward to taking your business to the top of the competition, it might take some additional marketing efforts from your end to do so.

However, thousands of merchants on the OpenCart Etsy Connector can be seen with millions of orders, proving an exception to this rule.

A Relatively High Commission Rate

When it comes to commissions, Etsy is one of the top platforms on the list. Unlike other multi-vendor marketplaces, Etsy charges a huge amount from the sellers in the name of the commission. So, if you are planning to set up your shop on the Etsy Marketplace, be ready to pay annual charges along with commission per sale.

These are the top pros and cons of selling on the Etsy Marketplace. However, there are thousands of rumors spread on various social platforms about Etsy, but no doubt, Etsy is still the best platform for online retailers to set up their eCommerce shop and sell online.

Likewise, if you own an eCommerce shop based on the OpenCart platform and are looking forward to selling on the Etsy Marketplace too, the following can add value to your eCommerce business. Moreover, adding Etsy as an additional sales channel in the eCommerce business sales channel list is becoming a trend in online businesses these days. More and more merchants are encouraged to sell their products on the Etsy marketplace through their eCommerce stores.

For the same reason, Knowband has developed the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace integration plugin for OpenCart online vendors to turn their multi-channel selling thoughts into reality. Furthermore, OpenCart online retailers can enjoy a wide variety of features offered by the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Integration plugin without having any coding skills.

Real-time Data Synchronization:

The very first feature offered by the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Marketplace connector module is real-time data synchronization. The vendors can sell the same products on Etsy as they sell on their OpenCart store. Moreover, the admins can enjoy the stock management offered by the OpenCart Etsy marketplace connector plugin.

In other words, products will automatically update the available stock in case the product either gets sold from their OpenCart online shop or the Etsy Marketplace.

Etsy’s Order Tracking:

On top of the real-time data synchronization, the Knowband OpenCart Etsy marketplace connector offers Etsy order tracking right on the OpenCart admin panel.

OpenCart eCommerce merchants can track and even manage the orders received from the Etsy marketplace on their OpenCart shop admin end.

Price Management:

As we have discussed, one of the cons of selling on Etsy Marketplace is the commission amount Etsy charges from the online sellers. The Knowband OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Plugin overcame this by offering the price management feature to the sellers.

Now merchants can list their OpenCart store products at an increased or decreased price on the Etsy Marketplace.

For example, if you are selling a premium shirt at a price point of 100 USD on your OpenCart store, you can sell the same at 120 USD or any desired price on the Etsy Marketplace.

One-time payment:

The most adorable benefit of the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension is that the marketplace comes with a one-time payment and lifetime usability module. So, in case you are having doubts in mind about paying every month or year to continue using the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension, take aid from Knowband’s latest Etsy Connector module by paying one time.

In the end,

Starting up an eCommerce business is never an easy task for vendors. Online businesses take a lot of effort and hard work to reach the targeted customer audience. To make multi-platform selling easy for the OpenCart merchants, the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Marketplace connector Extension is the right pick for the retailers.

Furthermore, in case you are having any sort of queries regarding selling on the Etsy marketplace, we are also available at our email address

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