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The highly anticipated and controversial sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and its predecessor Justice League, starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight. AllMoviesHub not only downloads Bollywood movies but also allows users to download Hindi movies, web series and movie sites. Visit 7starhd to see the fun without the torture. As the title suggests, they’re going to fight. But they have to work together to foil Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) diabolical plan.

Superb cinematography

Amy Adams returns as Lois Lane, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. Giants vs. Heroes was controversial because it was a great movie, and people considered it either the worst superhero movie since Iron Man, which set new standards, or the best. The consensus was that it was the former. When the quality of the film was announced, I was sceptical and watched it with low expectations and no preconceived notions.

Henry Sewell could have been a good Superman if given the chance

But the film, like the others, is neither entirely good nor entirely bad but moves in a grey area. Some elements were better than I expected, and others were worse. As you may know, I didn’t like Man of Steel, but I always thought Henry Cavill could be a good Superman if given the chance. That chance has yet to come. He’s still good, but his acting has strangely stagnated. I know it’s a simplistic comparison, but it’s like trying to make Superman look like Jesus, but failing because he’s become a stiff, religious, stoic actor.

His Batman looks more elegant than ever

Where is the humanity in him? In Clarke’s case, things are a little clearer. However, I expected him to talk like Superman, to address someone as Superman and start a conversation, but that didn’t happen and some of his words seemed very rehearsed. When he fights, he is in great shape and of course, delivers a fantastic performance. Ben Affleck’s Batman is my favourite, but he has some serious weaknesses. His Batman looks so seasoned because he’s been in three or four Batman movies that I’ve never seen.

He spends most of his time pretending and thinking

His background is clearly visible. But he hasn’t let his past hold him back for long. He has too many dreams. I mean, God. Bruce Wayne isn’t an alter ego either, but a real, useful person. Less playboy, more businessman, and that’s a good thing. Affleck’s good, too. But he spends most of his time pretending and thinking, and despite his vanity qualities, he has no real depth. Both men are assholes. I could never decide whether to side with Superman or Batman because every time one of them explained why he was trying to stop the other, I disagreed.

If that’s part of his character

I feel sorry for Bruce because in the last movie Superman and Zod killed a lot of people in the fight, but I can’t blame Superman for that. I blame Snyder. Superman may be darker in these movies, but he’s still very noble and his character doesn’t allow him to kill innocent people. That’s not his character trait, and it’s the movie’s fault. If that’s part of his character, then his fight with Batman was very hypocritical.

It was so horrible and so obvious

On the other hand, Batman tried to justify killing Superman by saying that if he wanted to, he could destroy the whole world. He’s a straw man. But I get it: as Ken Watanabe said, “let them fight.” The cast is also inconsistent. Lex Luther stands out! Unfortunately, Lex, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is one of the worst superheroes ever. And the only one who makes me uncomfortable. Eisenberg seems to be trying to play the depressed, caffeine-addicted Joker, and when he tries to do something dramatic, it’s pretty hollow and obvious.

He will never succeed with Alfred

I don’t care how old he is or what he looks like, he could be an interesting Luther. But not today. Also, I don’t like Lois. And I like Amy Adams, so she is not biased. Lois is so pathetic that she could always be in danger because of her high intellect and still not be able to calm down. She seems to want to be more than a friend to the hero, but she only succeeds in being annoying and occupying the screen with unnecessary entanglements. On the plus side, Jeremy Irons fits the role of Alfred like a glove, but he never gets anything done.

No story arc is needed for this to happen out of the blue

Whoever plays Wonder Woman is fine, although I would be pleasantly surprised if I didn’t know who she was because she looks like a cat at first. Nevertheless, she contributes to the making of the film and loudly announces her solo career. The film started out with good intentions of becoming a complex story that would build toward a final element-by-element climax, but just before reaching this point, the need for a story arc suddenly disappeared. All the schemes, intrigues, conspiracies, and investigations are almost completely unnecessary in the first half of the film.

The film is more CGI than anything else

And when the third act begins, the film forgets to be an intelligent film with a convoluted story and adult issues such as motives and grey areas and throws everything into an explosive “POW WHAM ZAP” ending. Everything burns, everything explodes, and the film has more CGI than anything else. The third act is just as beautiful and wonderful as the first two, but for different reasons. So I can question the necessity of the first half of the film, but without the first half, there would be no second half.

The film also has a unique and very funny book

This movie was not made to be good, but to be liked, and even I liked it more than I thought I would. Although at times I laughed at how bad it was, I was able to appreciate the joy. The movie also has a unique and extreme comic book feel that I have not felt in any other superhero movie. Snyder’s visual style may have contributed to this, but it affects the tone in an interesting way. Despite the seriousness, this is what makes the film too glossy, but surprisingly appropriate for the situation.

You have just been thrown into a box

There is a constant sense of drama in the film that takes itself very seriously, but it is not on the level of a realistic film. movies4me not only downloads Bollywood movies but also allows users to download Hindi movies, web series and movie sites. Visit this 9kmovies site and watch endless, no-nonsense entertainment. There is no sense of shame, language or safety net. Throw yourself into the fray, awkwardly, awkwardly and strangely detached from reality.

The spectacular layers of chaos inspire admiration

Finally, Dawn of Justice plays with things that require subtlety, such as plot, characters or anything that is not combative or even generous. But beneath the long wanderings, the search for meaning and the layers of chaos, there is something to admire.

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