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Health and Fitness

Aloe Vera Creams

Aloe Vera creams are one of the best alternatives  when it comes to taking care of the skin. Depending on its components, creams with aloe vera can attack any problem on the skin and any other part of the body.

There are a variety of aloe vera creams combined with other natural ingredients to meet the needs of any skin type. Aloe vera-based face creams can regenerate the skin and delay the effects of time.

Take advantage of the benefits that aloe vera offers you

There are many ways to take advantage of aloe vera, although the WHO does not endorse the effects of ingested aloe to treat some diseases, the beneficial effects on the skin is something that is proven. To get real benefits from this plant, here are some tips.

  • Use the plant you have at home: An aloe vera plant that is more than four years old can already be used to extract the gel and make your own natural aloe vera cream to hydrate the skin.
  • Buy pure aloe vera in a store: If you do not have an aloe plant at home, you can buy aloe vera in some health food stores.
  • Use aloe vera creams: There are different types of creams on the market, both facial and body, special for each type of skin. On our page, you can find the best aloe vera creams as well as balms and protective milks.
  • Consume aloe vera juices: You can make aloe vera juice yourself by combining it with some fruits and vegetables of your choice and a little honey. This can help you improve things like constipation.
  • As a makeup remover: If you want to maintain healthy skin, you need to remove makeup. There are aloe vera creams specially designed to remove any remaining impurities, leaving a fresh and radiant skin. You can also make it yourself at home with olive oil and honey.
  • As an exfoliant: Due to its high enzyme content, it can be used directly on the skin, allowing it to absorb it. By mixing it with sugar and a few drops of lemon you can remove any impurities and remove dead cells while hydrating it.

What should an aloe vera cream have to guarantee its effectiveness?

  • Purchase aloe vera creams in authorized establishments: Since many of these products are made from natural ingredients, care must be taken that they comply with health requirements.

To know where to buy aloe vera creams, you must make sure that health food stores have the corresponding permits. You can also get them in pharmacies and online stores.

  • Check the concentration of aloe vera in the cream: In some cases, aloe vera creams are combined with some other natural product to enhance and complement their benefits, however it is important that the proportion of aloe is higher to be considered as such. .
  • Buy aloe vera creams contained in opaque bottles: Aloe vera has photosensitive characteristics, so it is important that the cream bottle does not let light pass through to prevent its content from losing its properties.
  • When you buy gel creams, look at the color: Aloe Vera gel is colorless and not green as we usually think. When you buy a gel cream, the guarantee of its purity is its transparency, otherwise it is likely that it has some additive to give it color.


Types of aloe vera cream

The cosmetology industry is aware that aloe is a substance capable of working miracles on the skin, hence it is used in numerous aloe vera creams for different skin types. Among the best aloe vera creams on the market are:

  • Aloe vera anti-wrinkle cream: Age is unforgiving when it comes to the skin, however it is possible to greatly delay wrinkles caused by factors such as the passage of time, exposure to the sun and abuse of tobacco and alcohol, with the use of an aloe vera cream.
  • Aloe vera cream for acne: Using aloe vera creams for acne, not only cures it but also prevents impurities and helps to improve healing. It is important to maintain good hygiene and be very disciplined to achieve a good result.
  • Aloe vera cream for spots: Age and sun exposure are the most common causes of spots on the face. Aloe vera has the ability to restore burns caused by the sun, but if we combine it with rosehip we can also eliminate or appease any stain.
  • Aloe vera cream for oily skin: Any type of skin needs hydration, even if it is oily. Maintaining moisture allows a balance in the skin, preventing the sebaceous glands from generating more oil.
  • Aloe vera cream for dry and sensitive skin: We have already mentioned that aloe has a powerful moisturizing capacity, especially due to its easy absorption through the pores. The amount of water it provides is enough to restore elasticity and luminosity.
  • Aloe vera cream for normal and combination skin: One of the most necessary things to keep skin radiant is moisturization, in the case of combination skin you can use any aloe vera cream that offers hydration.
  • Aloe vera creams for burns: Aloe vera cream for burns is one of the best options to relieve symptoms. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory abilities, which is why it helps reduce inflammation of the tissues.

On the other hand we have that it also has analgesic properties, so it can soothe pain, finally its healing agents can shorten the recovery time from burns.

The best aloe vera creams

Aloe vera by itself is already an excellent way to maintain a well-groomed and shiny skin, however in some cases it can be enhanced when different natural ingredients are combined that add some other benefit.

1.Aloe vera cream with shea

Aloe vera creams with shea are indicated for very dry skin. Its combination allows greater hydration and activates collagen that reduces wrinkle lines.

This type of cream can also be used on people prone to acne, because it does not clog pores, it is perfect for treating skin conditions that are not extremely deep.

2.Aloe vera cream with grape seeds

They combine their properties to achieve an antioxidant effect, hydration and cell regeneration. Long-term use can restore skin elasticity and protect from the effects of UV rays.

It has calming and healing effects, making it suitable for acne treatments. It is recommended for very sensitive skin.

3.Aloe vera cream with milk

The spots on the skin can appear with the passage of age and exposure to the sun. Maintaining a care with protective and moisturizing creams can lessen the effects, however, once they appear, aloe vera creams with milk, although they do not disappear, can lessen them considerably.

4. Aloe vera cream with cucumber

We have already talked a lot that one of the most important things to maintain healthy skin is correct hydration. Cucumber is 96% water, but it also has nutrients and a substance called silica that helps regain elasticity, which maintains smoother skin.

This combination makes it one of the best aloe vera creams, since it is the ideal formula to maintain radiant and healthy skin.

5. Aloe vera cream with calendula

Calendula is a plant that has been used for thousands of years just like aloe vera. Its most relevant properties are the healing and antiseptic capacity, on the other hand it provides collagen and is highly hydrating.

The combination of calendula and aloe vera enhances its properties, making the treatment more effective. This cream is ideal for removing makeup since, in addition to removing dead skin cells, it penetrates and feeds it with its nutrients, on the other hand it has the ability to regenerate facial skin cells.

Aloe vera, not just for women

Today, not only women spend time and money to keep their skin healthy. Men are rebounding when buying skin care products. Aloe vera lotions and creams are also aimed at gentlemen.

Aloe vera cream is ideal to place after shaving due to its astringent, healing and soothing properties, in addition to complementing with moisturizing action.

Even though most men do not use makeup, it is true that they are also exposed to impurities from the environment, so they would also need products such as aloe vera cream for deep cleaning, moisturizing and regeneration.

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