Amazon: The best online shopping site

Amazon: The best online shopping site

Amazon is a multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1995. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is no secret that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites. The amazon SEO services are also very popular and helpful. Its main areas are e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming. You cannot think of a product, that is not available on the website. It has everything from necessities to luxury items.

The company has single-handedly managed to take over the reins of e-commerce shopping. It is one of the top companies in the world, along with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Meta. Amazon is everywhere as it is even a Hollywood player with two global globe awards in 2017.

Interesting facts about your favorite website Amazon :

  1. In the year of establishment, Amazon was named ‘Cadabra’, an abbreviation for abracadabra.
  2. The company owns more than 40 subsidiaries and brands.
  3. The name Amazon was chosen by Jeff Bezos primary because it starts with the 1st letter of the alphabet and is also the name of the largest river in the world.

Reasons why Amazon is the best online shopping site?

  1. A customer-focused approach
  2. Personalized shopping experience
  3. Multiple sale strategies
  4. Outstanding customer service
  5. Loyalty programs
  6. Constant innovation
  7. A focus on the book business
  8. Free shipping and returns
  9. Overnight delivery
  10. Talented management
  11. A large selection of Products
  12. Reviews on the product
  13. Worldwide service
  14. A UX team
  15. Testing


1. A customer-focused approach

The main reason why Amazon is the leading e-commerce site is due to the high-quality customer service that they offer. Amazon puts its customers first no matter what, that is what makes it stand out in the market. The company offers a large selection of products at low prices with fast delivery. They follow a customer-focused approach and it helps save customers time Amazon has always worked hard on making everything user-friendly and surely has been successful in doing the same. The website is easy to navigate and has everything to fulfill your needs right away.

2. Personalized shopping experience

Amazon is successful because it provides a personalized shopping experience to every customer. Amazon uses a customized approach to cater to the needs of its customers. After analyzing the customers’ history and buying behavior, it shows related items and products customers have viewed to help them make further purchases. The effective use of analytics has led Amazon to foster the needs of different types of customers, and it has also helped the company in its sales. Amazon even notifies its customer if the product is available or not so that later they don’t face any problems. Moreover, they give their customers the ability to track their orders and get to know their status whenever needed.

3. Multiple sale strategies

Amazon has a whole lot of subsidiaries in the market other than its e-commerce platform. Amazon has a popular grocery store named Amazon Fresh where you get all the foodstuff. There are many other subsidiaries like Zappos, Abebooks, Shop bob, Audible, and many more. All this has further helped Amazon to capture more markets and make more profit. Moreover, every market that Amazon has tried to capture helped the company make huge profits apart from its main venture

4. Outstanding customer service

Amazon has a no of ways to help its customers. Helping customers in every possible way is one of the main things that the company focuses on. On its customer service page, many different categories help customers to look for what they want, very easily. Therefore, online shopping at a cheap price is possible on the website.

5. Orders

Here, customers can check their orders and their status.

Canceling of any product can also be done.

If customers want to write a review or feedback for their ordered products they can easily do so.

Any problems related to customers’ orders can be reported on this page.

6. Digital services

This category is further divided into two parts – popular articles & things you can do.

The popular articles category consists of articles related to getting a fire tablet to charge, returning Kindle books, and other stuff related to the Alexa app and Kindle.

Things you can do category consists of digital orders that can be viewed and canceled by the customers. It also helps to manage digital content and app store subscriptions.

7. Returns & Refunds

This page helps the customers to know how returns and refunds are processed.

8. Payment Options

This category allows customers to change their payment options according to their needs as and when required.

9. Manage Prime

This page lists all things related to prime memberships and offers exclusively for amazon prime members, including shipping and deals.

10. Safe online shopping

This page assists the customers about their safety, privacy while ordering online. It also consists of the company policies are listed here.

11. Your account

This page has six subcategories- your orders, your payments, gift cards, login & security, your address, and prime.

12. Loyalty programs

In 2005, Amazon introduced Amazon prime, a paid membership service. Since then, prime has captured a large audience and is going strong. Today, Amazon offers many advantages to prime members. The main ones are special discounts, free shipping along unlimited access to online tv shows, movies. The offers are not just for one time but have an ongoing advantage. The loyalty program attracts more and more customers to its e-commerce site.

13. Constant innovation

No doubt, the main reason for Amazon’s success is its culture of innovation. It helps their employees create without any fear. They are not afraid of trying out anything new that they come across. This fearless attitude of Amazon has helped it achieve the status of the best platform for shopping online. For example, its innovation Alexa soon became popular due to its uniqueness. It is a voice command device that helps to play music, give news updates, do research, and even check weather updates. In the year 2017, Amazon made exceptional profits by this product and sold around 22 million units of it.

14. A focus on the book business

We are all aware that Amazon started its business as an online bookseller, hence they have a special focus on books. Its website has grown since then and they have continuously expanded their book business. Amazon also owns the Goodreads website which is one of the largest social media sites for people who love books.

15. Free shipping and returns

A few years ago, we had to spend a lot of money on shipping but with the popularity of online shopping, we have certainly overcome that phase. Products usually arrived late than their stipulated time, but Amazon solved this problem. In those times, people were afraid of shopping online as they were not sure about the authenticity of such products. Amazon has helped customers build their trust in e-commerce websites, now we have come to a point where we do not hesitate to buy online. Amazon was the first one in the market to offer free shipping and easy returns to its customers. All of these policies were what made Amazon be a step ahead of its competitors.

16. Overnight delivery

Amazon was the first one to offer overnight delivery at reasonable prices. This policy is beneficial to people who would otherwise go to a physical store as they were unwilling to wait for the usual 2-3 days shipping period.

17. Talented Management

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon as we know him had a lot of experience before establishing Amazon. So, he also hired a highly-skilled workforce for his company and hence the team is exceptionally well. Without a proper management team, it is difficult for any company to work efficiently. The team has appropriately managed everything and clearly, it is one of the main reasons for the success of Amazon.

18. A large selection of products

It is difficult rather impossible to think of a product, that is not available on Amazon because it has everything. The diversification of products had helped the company to have a diverse group of customers. It caters to the needs of everyone and everybody can easily get whatever they are looking for.

19. Reviews on the product

Amazon was the first to introduce a review system that is the best thing for online customers. Customers usually rely on the feedback of others and accordingly buy. Reviews help them to know the actual quality and value of the product.

20. Worldwide service

Amazon is there in all the major countries and is trying to expand its business to every possible country. It has websites for the United States, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, France, Singapore, Japan, China, Sweden, Saudi Arabia.

21. a UX Team

Amazon has a UX Team, particularly for user experience. Its main task is to conduct search engine research (SEO) to see the interests and needs of the customers.

22. Testing

The majority of the websites hesitate to run tests on their store features, whereas Amazon promotes it. Amazon runs around 200 tests per month to check all the features of their business.



Amazon is mainly successful due to its innovative nature and customer-focused approach. It is one of the best low price websites that we have today. They offer good quality products at reasonable prices with reliable shipping and fast delivery. Therefore, it is the best low-price website. This article will help you know more about your favorite website. It also enlists the reasons why it became an e-commerce giant.

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