An Easy Guide to Recondition a Vaper’s Tongue

Is it bothering you that in spite of using the best of vaping apparatus, best e juices in perfect doses, you are not able to taste the flavours of your product perfectly? Does it look like the flavour has disappeared? This means two things, firstly you are a veteran when it it comes to vaping and secondly you have been vaping too much for too long. This is commonly known as vapor’s tongue or vapour’s fatigue.

 Luckily this change is not permanent and can be fixed by following certain steps to undo the desensitization. Here are some tips to help you to overcome this glitch.

Using the same flavour every time you vape causes olfactory fatigue. It might be your favourite weed ejuice flavour, but using it recurrently will render your sensory system indifferent to taste.

It is recommended that you should rotate flavours regularly to avoid the unfeelingness of vaping flavours.

They have been telling us how staying hydrated will solve most of our problems. Vaper’s tongue problem also finds its solution in staying hydrated. Vaping is a dehydrating process. For any flavour to taste its best saliva is important and dehydration can lessen the saliva.  Increasing your water condition if you vape often is the key to enjoy flavours fully.

Bad oral hygiene can greatly impact your flavour sensing capability. Many people who have vaper’s tongue have said to felt a thick layer over their tongue. The buildup in a vaper’s mouth is more than normal. This gives rise to the additional need for flossing and brushing the teeth regularly not only for tasting better but also for oral health. Regular cleaning will clear the buildup in the mouth leading to a better vaping experience. Palate cleansing also plays a major role in resetting the taste buds of a vaper’s tongue.

You can always take a break. This will help in fixing and resetting the taste buds. Taking a break will help in rejuvenation of tasting senses as we know taste bud cells are renewed after regular intervals of time. Let’s face it perpetual vaping can do a lot of damage to the health of any person. The lungs of a person who is a constant vaper are always under stress. So taking a sabbatical from vaping can be advantageous in more than one way.

Rechecking your choice of the vaporizer or the quality of vaping juice would do no harm. Check whether you are using the right voltage and temperature settings for your vaporizer. Getting the right flavour is striking a fine balance between the voltage and temperature at which our vaping juice vaporizes. Also, check that your juice has not been standing for long to have lost all its flavour. This happens when vaping juices are stored in hot temperatures with exposure to light.

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience where a balance should be struck between enjoyment and health. If unfeeling of vape taste persists, it should be reported to a medical practitioner immediately.

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