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An Extend Method to Convert PST to PDF without Interrupt.

This article contains the most important details regarding the conversion of PST files to PDF format.  You should probably read this blog. If you require to convert the PST file from PDF you should definitely read this blog for your convenience. I am completely sure that everyone who is in the technical field should once have faced issues in converting PST files to PDF format. Without skipping any portion of this article, read the blog thoroughly.

After the introduction now we shall classify both file formats.

PST is a most approaching file format of MS Outlook mainly opts for storing e-mails along with its attachments like calendars, journals, etc. There is a situation where you acquire to convert a PST file to a PDF. Because PDF is the most secure and comfortable file format used for securing the file. While users convert through PST to PDF to access PST files easily in PDF format.

A PDF file is meant to highly recommend file format for saving the document in the form of the save. It is known as a Portable document. If we convert our PST so we can easily view it without outlook.


What are the Belongings that users need to Convert their PST file to PDF?

There are various reasons why users need to accomplish the conversion of PST files to PDFs. We have mentioned them below.

  • Administrators cannot operate PST files without Outlook.
  • PDFs are Password Protected files. An unauthorized user cannot open the file.
  • A PDF file is not dependent on the platform it performs its functioning alone and can be easily accessed.
  • Whereas PST files are platform dependent
  • Therefore you can encrypt your PDF file while saving your data.

In the above scenarios, we have discussed that Outlook doesn’t allow you to save your data in PDF. And in that condition, you are required to convert your PST file to PDF format. On behalf of that conditions, we have written this technical write–up for the convenience of users.  In this blog, we have described 2 methods of conversion by which you can export your PST file to PDF format.

Let’s continue the blog with the manual method.

Method 1- Pocket-friendly Solution for Converting PST files to PDF format.

With the assistance of the manual method, you can convert PST files to PDF format. You have to follow the steps for the conversion of the PST file to PDF format. The procedure that we are going to elaborate with the method is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Adobe acrobat is the best formula for exporting Microsoft Outlook emails as PDFs. This is a budget-friendly solution for the conversion of PST files to PDF format. It can serve plug into Outlook which is further used to save emails in PDF format. For this further procedure, you could get some additional options to get the PDF.

The steps that we have given below are for Convert PST to PDF by adobe acrobat.

  • Show Outlook and click on adobe PDF in that bar.
  • You can choose the required email for converting.
  • Hit on the chosen messages in the Adobe PDF tab.
  • Select the option to create a New PDF from the display drop-down menu.
  • There will a new saving tab will display.
  • Go for the saving location and deliver a name to the PDF file, then you have to hit the Save button.

These are what you need to follow for the conversion of PST files to PDF by adobe acrobat.

Whereas now if we talk about adobe acrobat solution this method is a bit manipulating and cannot opt. for this situation we have another technique for converting PST files to PDF.

Method 2 – By the Assistance with Microsoft Print to PDF.

You can convert your PST file to PDF format. If you are using Windows and working with an Outlook 2016 or later version. Then you can convert PST emails to PDF with Microsoft Print to PDF option. What you want to requires to do is just operate Microsoft Print to PDF and after that, you should process the conversion of Outlook PST to PDF.

  • To convert your file from PST to PDF with Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • First, you have to go to Outlook and select the emails in the PST file requirement to export.
  • Click on the file tab from the ribbon bar and tab on the Print button
  • Opt for the Printer, and tap on Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Print button.
  • Inside the saving tab, hit the saving location and file name.
  • Now enter the save button.

In the end, you can be saved your file at your desired location. After the following steps. You should have understood the manual methods.  If you are a tech-savvy person then you can work with both the manual method because technical users can easily understand its steps, but if nontechnical users require to work with this manual method will get stuck with its operating steps. For them, we have an automated solution.

Method3- Automatic solution for converting PST files to PDF.

For converting PST files to PDF, you can go with DataVare PST to PDF converter tool. Which is an accurate solution for both administrator, and have fewer confusing steps than both manual methods. Over else it saves your precious time during the conversion process of PST file to PDF format. It maintains your exported data quality after the conversion process.

This tool has versatile features. We have highlighted some of them below.
  • Allow users to export MS Outlook emails, calendars, notes, contacts, etc.
  • It will show you a preview of exported data of your selective emails.
  • Provide users to choose a particular PST file for conversion.
  • It will imminently save data at your desired location.
  • Maintain the original data structure after the conversion.
The users who want to convert PST files to PDF format. Follow the steps we have enlisted below.
  • Download the software and run it effectively on your system.
  • Now you have to load the PST file on your system.
  • You will get a complete overall view of your import data.
  • Users need to select the browse location where they want to store their location.
  • Now you have to tap on the convert button for the conversion button.

We have written this technical blog for your sake of converting PST files to PDF format. The main motive for writing this weblog is to spread awareness of the exact method of conversion of PST files to PDFs. Administrators can go for the manual process which is a bit tricky and complicated. Regarding that, we have an automated solution for converting PST files to PDF format. Which is good for both users, we would highly recommend you go for an automated solution, you can download the demo version of this automated PST to PDF converter tool before you purchase the tool.

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