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Angular Development: Pros and Cons

Angular has long been able to provide developers with a wide variety of features and functions. These features and functions supported angular development for different kinds of user interface creation tasks as well as for the creation of single page applications. Angular has a History of more than 5 years behind its back, and has long supported developers and designers to create awesome single page application functions and promoted many different features for developers and designers alike.


In this article, we will have a look at the angular development pros and cons and why not you should use angular for your next development project.


Angular Development: Pros and Cons


Pros of Angular development


Powerful Component based architecture

Angular provides developers and designers with a powerful component based architecture that enables developers to create different kinds of components as well as code the application logic between them. 

Due to this nature, it becomes easy for developers to create angular components and establish functionality between them. Please component based architecture provides developers and designers with many different unique functions that they can use in their application logic and the code that they design.


Supports MVC

Initial versions of angular supported MVC architecture and as we all know that MVC architecture is a good initiative to support and code application logic easily and efficiently. Newer versions of angular support MVVM architecture which is the model, view, view model architecture, that is similar to MVC architecture and provides extra functions and features that the application developers can use in their code.


Used for UI and SPAs

The main function of angular is to enable developers and designers to create the user interface logic that is used for applications and programs. Apart from this angular can also be used to create single page applications that work only on single page architecture.

The UI that is needed for creation of single page applications is also based on Angular. Angular provides a power set for the creation of single page applications as well as the creation of graphical user interfaces for different programs and applications


Great Community support

Angular provides great community support to budding and emerging developers and designers, the community is ever helpful to support developers in their endeavors to create awesome code for applications. 

Developers and designers can take advantage of this great community support as well as the forum support that is provided. Whatever questions that developers have can be posted in the forums, and the moderators and experienced programmers answer these questions within the span of 24 hours.


Excellent Documentation

Angular provides excellent documentation material that can be referenced for developers and designers. The documentation serves as an excellent resource for developers to learn concepts as well as implement them in their code. All the examples and concepts and neatly and clearly explained in simple English that any developer and designer can grasp easily and efficiently.

These were the advantages of Angular, if you are willing to build your Web Applications with Angular then you can Hire Angular Developer from Nimap.


Cons of angular development


Steep Learning Curve

Angular has a steep learning curve, and the concepts that need to be implemented can be difficult to grasp for even experienced developers. It takes time and patience for developers and designers to learn all the concepts as well as used in their applications. 

AngularJS is notorious to be difficult amongst all of the web frameworks that are available out there, and it requires time and patience on the part of developers to learn the concepts that are explained in angular documentation. It requires a lot of practice and patience for developers to implement the concepts in their code. 


Functions and features being deprecated or unsupported in newer versions of angular

There are many features and functions that the angular team has deprecated in the newer versions of angular, so because of this, the backward compatibility for newer versions of angular has not been possible be maintained. In such cases, the code that was supported in previous versions of angular needs to be rewritten when migrating to newer versions of angular just to preserve the changes and functions that are offered by the application. This can cause developers to easily get frustrated just to maintain the application and to ensure that the code doesn’t break.


Migration of code to newer versions of angular can cause breaking changes and coding nightmares.

Migration of angular code for newer versions of code angular can cause easily breaking changes for the newer versions of the code. This is because many of the old features and functions that angular supported are deprecated in the newer versions of angular.

This causes Code breaking changes, and incompatibility arises when developers and programmers migrate their code. We hope that the angular team addresses this issue and backward compatibility for code is being maintained for newer versions of angular that are yet to be released.


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Conclusion: We are sharing with you the different Angular Development: Pros and Cons that developers come across when developing code using Angular. We hope you like this article and have found it informative.

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