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Animal coloring pages to print for children – DDC123

Did you know that since the first year of elementary school, animal coloring pages are already used for education? Printing animal coloring pages is a great practice to develop love and respect for pets. Furthermore, painting drawings is an activity that involves attention and control. A greater knowledge of species also gives children a better understanding of how the world works and the environment in which they live.

Thinking about this representation in early childhood, we see the importance of children understanding the value of animals. With this, we can present the animals through drawings with animals to color in, a pleasant and educational activity.

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How to present animal drawings for coloring?

Some parents find it difficult to introduce extra activities at home. Usually children arrive with tasks and do not want to stay studying for a long time. But family activities are important in child development.

Provide playful moments and propose activities involving all family members. Choose airy, pleasant places and then print the animal drawings to color.

However, before starting to paint the drawings, teach about animals and the diversity we find in nature. That way you will arouse curiosity in getting to know the animals and stimulate the child’s learning.

Animals convey safety and confidence to children

When we allow a child to take care of an animal, we realize that a very important emotional bond occurs. The animals become members of the family and there is a concern about the basic care of the animal.

All children look for the animal when they are in trouble or want to play, the little ones feel that the pet can bring tranquility and security. Little by little, this little companion becomes your best friend, and comfort in difficult times.

Learning about responsibility in animal coloring pages

We usually take care of children and take care of all their needs. However, when we present another living being that needs care, the roles are reversed and the child understands that he needs to have responsibility.

Allowing the little ones to feed, care for, and clean the animal’s needs provides important lessons for the future. Not to mention that bonding and learning develop other important emotional issues.

What will we find in the coloring pages of animals?

At first, we remember the dog, the kitten or perhaps the bird. However, there is a very large diversity of animals. They all teach and bring different contributions to nature. Here are some examples:

  • Butterfly;
  • Puppy;
  • Camel;
  • Crab;
  • Horse;
  • Rabbit;
  • Elephant;
  • Ant;
  • Hen;
  • Lion;
  • Monkey;
  • Birdie;
  • Sapo;
  • Little Bear.

In other words, there are children who have never seen some animals up close. The drawings containing the animals to color will provide this encounter.

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Dog coloring pages Dog coloring pages

Curiosities about animals

Some animals have very different characteristics and behaviors than normal. I guarantee you didn’t know about some of them either.


Butterflies live for a short period, which can vary from a month to a maximum of a year. Another interesting feature is that butterfly wings absorb energy from the sun, which makes flight possible.

Butterfly coloring pagesButterfly coloring pages Butterfly coloring pages Butterfly coloring pages Butterfly coloring pages Butterfly coloring pages


Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated by man and both males and females can have a beard, which hangs under the chin. Another interesting fact is the ability of goats and goats to climb trees and high mountains. This behavior occurs in the search for food and is only possible because these animals have skillful and resistant hooves.


Ever wondered, how do dogs know when we’re coming? This is because they can hear and smell much more intensely than humans! It is estimated that a dog hears about 10 times more than a human and can smell odors 40 times more accurately.


If a crab loses one of its legs in less than a year it can regenerate it completely!


Elephant coloring pages

An elephant eats an average of 180 kilos of herbs and leaves a day and drinks about 200 liters of water daily. Many might think that because of their size an elephant could never swim, but in fact elephants are excellent swimmers who can cross rivers with ease.


Ants have super strength, being able to carry up to 100 times their body weight. The queen ant, on the other hand, in addition to living up to 30 years, is capable of laying an average of 1000 eggs per day.

Read more:


The giraffe is the only animal that can touch its tongue to its ear, and this is due to the length of its tongue, which is 55 centimeters. Another interesting fact is the way they are born, giraffes give birth standing up and their young are born with horns! Many people don’t know that giraffes have horns, but you can get the proof in the drawing of the animals to color here on the site! Still have doubts? Click here!


There are more than 200 known species of monkeys with huge variations, the smallest known monkey is the little marmoset lion with less than 15 centimeters in length. However, the gorilla can reach up to 2 meters. The image of the monkey found in the animal coloring pages is a representation of a gorilla.


Some species of turtles can live for more than 100 years and are capable of reaching up to 90 kilos. The turtle pictured on the animals coloring page is a sea turtle. In Brazil it is possible to find 5 of the 8 species of sea turtles. Another interesting fact is that your hoof has nerve endings, that is, you can feel the touch, scratches or even tickle!

More information about these animals can be found in digital encyclopedias .

“Butterfly is in the kitchen making chocolate for her godmother”

Spreading its bright and colorful wings, the butterfly crosses the sky in search of new adventures. However, this was not always the case, the butterfly owner was born a small caterpillar. He learned how to walk crawling on the floor and looking for his food with great difficulty.

Over time, she learned the hardships of life and realized that the time had come to build her house. She spent some time kept in her cocoon and came out transformed, there were beautiful colored wings revealing her new destination, the sky.

Despite the countless adventures, Mrs. Borboletinha separates moments of relaxation with her friends. As we see in the song, everything is being prepared in the kitchen, you are invited to have a chocolate and print this beautiful drawing on the animals for coloring.

Waving its tail and running across the bone, the little dog is arriving

A friend of all hours, the puppy makes everything around him happy. Good or bad days he is always there, running, messing and playing with whoever he finds. With its strong bark it transmits its love and communicates its joy to the world.

We find these little animals in the children’s drawing Canine Patrol. The united puppies save people and live great adventures. However, we don’t only see this in the drawings, these two-legged friends help children and adults on a daily basis.

Benefits of children’s contact with dogs

Parents often worry about the mess or expense of owning a pet. However, the benefits that the puppy transmits to the little ones can be greater than the imagined problems. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Strengthening the child’s immune system;
  • Decrease in allergies or respiratory problems;
  • Increased physical activity (playing with animals);
  • Improvement in physical and emotional development.

In addition to all these points, we see that the joy transmitted by the dog infects everyone around. Children, adults and seniors receive all the affection of this furry little companion.

Shall we find among the drawings of animals to color one that lives in the desert?

With high temperatures and a very dry climate, few animals survive in the desert. However, there is a very strong and special animal, the camel. It has its own characteristics, it has two humps and a large size.

Your body can stand days without consuming water and any type of food. It has a lot of fat, thus resisting the scorching heat of the desert. Walking this animal can be fun, but facing the desert can be difficult.

However, we can find it among the animals to color, where through the drawings we travel to the desert sands, without experiencing so much heat.

Let’s have a crab burger at Siri Cascudo? Or who knows how to paint it on the animals for coloring?

The famous Seu Krabs decided to open a hamburger restaurant in the bikini slit. However, crabs do not have so many gastronomic skills, after all, their paws make it difficult to handle cooking utensils.

An excellent entrepreneur and very intelligent, Seu Sirigueijo hires the best cook in the sea, Bob Esponja. Who knew that the famous red crab would become a successful businessman, and would be among the animal coloring pages?

Princess Sofia prepares her Flying Derby horse for the big race

Welcome to the big race! All horses are prepared to show their skills and win the grand prize. However, Princess Sofia prepares her animal differently, there is special care and a lot of affection before the competition.

Your Flying Derby horse receives food and lots of words of encouragement. She teaches children that racing cannot harm animals, and that everyone needs to have fun. All animals must be respected and given protection and care.

“Easter bunny, what did you bring to me? An egg? Two eggs? Three eggs?”

With white fur, large ears and long teeth, we found the rabbit. Running in a hurry looking for vegetables and losing predators. Unlike the bunnies in children’s songs, this one doesn’t carry chocolate eggs.

We know this little animal as Pedro Coelho. He lost his parents at an early age and needs to take care of his siblings and find food. Rabbits normally feed on vegetables and lots of fruit.

However this rabbit in the animal coloring drawing holds a carrot. Are we going to change this beautiful song? Bunny from the garden what do you bring me? Cabbage, zucchini, tomato and cassava. Garden bunny what color will I paint? Yellow, red and also blue.

One elephant bothers a lot of people, two elephants bother a lot more

Does such a wonderful animal bother children? I don’t think so, after all, with big ears, a special trunk and a heart as big as the body, it’s hard to bother the little ones.

When we sing about the number of elephants, we remember the herds. All walking together and seeking protection through family union. Finding the little elephant among the animals to color is a gift, as we learn about the importance of family and union.

The little ant cuts the leaf and carries it, when one leaves the other one

Among the animals we find the workers ants, who work daily catching food and taking it to the anthill. Organized, companions and special workers are examples of union and collective effort.

In other words, we can remember the cicada singing all summer long. She mocked the little ants working and carrying their food. However, winter arrived, and while the ants were warm and supplied, the cicada was cold and hungry.

The painted hen lays a yellow egg, will we find her drawing in the animals to color?

There was a commotion in the chicken coop, all the hens were discussing how to lay yellow eggs. Who knows how to lay a golden egg and save João Pé de Feijão’s life. Everyone knew that the boy was very poor and could not help his family.

Despite the efforts, all the eggs came out white as milk. However, João learned to collect all the eggs and make a delicious lunch for the family. With the collective effort in the production of eggs, there was a large amount left to sell and pay all expenses.

Shall we salute the king of the forest? I hear different sounds in the animal drawings to color!

The savannah is celebrating as the heir of the king of the forest was born. All the animals prepared to receive and applaud the little lion. Carrying its cub, the lion appears large and imposing.

The cub still doesn’t have many characteristics of the father, the animals look for the big mane or the sharp claws. However, they realize that growth will enable everything to change and in the future bring a new king to the forest.

We can teach children that development is important, and that everything is changing. All these processes will make it possible in the future for all dreams to be achieved, perhaps our little ones will ascend the throne, like the little lion.

What a racket! The monkeys are gathered to play, are we going to print this party on the animal drawings to color?

A lot of noise, confusion and the biggest long jumps found in the forest. All the monkeys are gathered to play and jump between the trees. However, the silence that once reigned undergoes changes with the noise of these animals.

Big and small monkeys, mum, dad and puppies all enter the mess. When we play for a long time we need to feed and replenish energy. The little monkeys are also looking for energy, let’s find out what they eat?

The main food source for these animals is bananas. A fruit rich in carbohydrates that guarantees strength and a lot of energy. This delicious, juicy yellow fruit ensures that the monkeys’ party will last for a long time.

Are we going to hear the birdsong? There are so many sounds and so many colors!

Little bird what is that sound? Every song enchants and becomes music from heaven. So many different colors and shades that allow the little ones to use a lot of creativity in drawing animals to color.

Are we going to learn the names of some birds? Let’s see below:

  • Parrot;
  • Parakeet;
  • Canary;
  • Cockatiel;
  • I saw you.

Let’s separate several colors and start this adventure through the air. Flying with the birds and discovering the beauties of this beautiful musical symphony.

Toad Cururu on the riverbank, waiting for a princess for a beautiful passionate kiss

Shall we turn this little green frog into a handsome fairy tale prince? Or who knows how to find a passionate and enchanting frog in this beautiful stream. Anyone who thinks that frogs don’t wash their feet is wrong, they live in the pond and always bathe.

First let’s learn that even if they don’t turn into princes, everyone needs to be cared for and respected. These animals are special and make a difference in nature. Let’s color these greens and sing a beautiful song?

The frog is our friend and we must respect. All animals are made to care for!

Playing and coloring with the cuddly teddies

The teddy bears decided to hold an art exhibition in their enchanted village. Everyone is excited and wants to present the most beautiful drawings. The world of these animals is colorful and full of life and they decide to transmit affection by presenting drawings of the animals to color.

They believe that all animals are special and can convey a lot of love and care to people. Finding differences and choosing many shades made the exhibition even more special. Let’s join the teddy bears and paint more animals to color !

Printing animal drawings for coloring

We definitely find the best friends to play with and throw a big party. All the animals are getting ready to ascend to the sky and make the biggest fraternization that exists. Yet they need help for this great gathering.

The first step will be to print the drawings containing the animals to color. Then add a lot of color and expose all the designs together. That way everyone will be united and prepared to start a beautiful party!

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