Anniversary Flowers That Show Unconditional Love

Marriage is a special bond between two people that should be treasured forever. That is why couples celebrate years and milestones they have stayed strong in their matrimonial home. With so many things that go on around us, many couples end up separating. If you are in a marriage and you have stayed together no matter what life throws at you, then you have the reasons in the world to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a more special way. 

One way to mark your wedding anniversary is by sending lovely anniversary flowers ordered from a flower delivery. Cosmea Gardens has years of experience in growing, arranging, and sending floral gifts. You can always count on them to deliver all sorts of flowers to Cyprus, Greece. This article will explore the various types of flowers that you can send to your spouse and what makes them special. Read on to get inspired. 

Carnations for the First Year 

The first wedding anniversary is always full of excitement since the new spouses are still in their honeymoon stage. The perfect flower to mark this auspicious occasion is the carnation flower. These delicate blooms have long conveyed young love. The fire of passionate love has its temperatures rising. It is believed that a bouquet of carnations has the power to cause instant and lasting love between two love birds. Young and energetic full bloom, carnations have long been used to express young, romantic love. The best thing about carnations is that they come in many vibrant colors, and therefore couples can decide which hue or hues works best for them during their first wedding anniversary celebrations. Carnation anniversary flowers help couples to capture the passion, optimism, and sweetness of the newlyweds. 

Cosmos for the Second Year of Marriage 

An exuberant time in a couple’s life is the second year. Couples have now learned how to live with one another under one roof and replaced their simplistic knowledge of love with a complex understanding. The honeymoon phase is over, and it is now time to get to the business of building their home together. This transformation is well represented with the cosmos, which are luminous and gorgeous flowers for the second wedding anniversary. Its stunning looks are quite intense and exuberant. Every Marriage is unique, and that is exactly what these beautiful flowers represent.

Sunflowers for the Third Year in Marriage 

It is now clear that you, the spouses, were just meant to be. Many of their friends were skeptical at first, but now it is plain to see that there is no stopping this roller-coaster. In the third year, the best flower to celebrate the far you have come is the sunflower. These are bright yellow blooms that symbolize strength and all the attributes of the third year in Marriage. The sturdy stalk of the sunflower represents the strong foundation on which the Marriage is built. You can order these bright blooms from Cosmea Gardens and have them undelivered to your recipient on time and in perfect condition. The best arrangement that goes well with sunflowers is a flower basket. The flower also has smaller varieties that can work very well in a bouquet. 

Geranium Flowers for the Fourth Year 

A couple that is celebrating its fourth year wedding anniversary is truly blessed. The couple now knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are now content with what they settled for. Geranium is a wonderful flower that vibrant bloom hues that will make your spouse the envy of the town. The flower adds an unexpected color and texture into the relationship, where couples learn to tolerate one another. You are always one step ahead when ordering special flower bouquets from Cosmea Gardens because their flowers are always on point. It has intense lines of color coming out from the flower’s stamens, which symbolizes the couple’s undying love that is celebrating its 4 years of Marriage. 

Daisies for Five Years in Marriage 

The fifth year in Marriage is considered a milestone, and therefore a couple of gas to mark its fifth wedding anniversary a special way. Daisies are vibrant hues that are perfect for this magnitude of celebration. Since there are many types of daisies, gerbera daisies are the most vibrant due to their colorful hues—the petals of the daisy flower radiate from the center outsides. Growth and expansion are what the couple is thinking of right now, and the colors that this flower offers helps to deliver this message. Its beauty is apparent to those who pay good attention to it, as much as they look simple. 

Calla Lily for the Sixth year of Marriage 

The couple celebrating the sixth year in Marriage has seen it all, and they have their eyes set for the long run. There is just no breaking this couple, no matter what life throws at them. They are not just attracted to the outer beauty of each partner but also the inner beauty of their better halves. They are focused on building not just the Marriage but also each other. The best floral gift for such an auspicious occasion is the calla lily. They are elegant and sophisticated, and the couple will be inspired by the fact that they made it despite all the odds being stacked against them. They also represent all the uniqueness that each spouse brings in the Marriage to make it better. 

Freesia for the Magical Seven Years of Marriage 

If you are marking your seventh year in Marriage, then you need freesias to tell your spouse that there is no one else you had rather stay with for the rest of your life than her. There is no denying that freesia has a charming look; however, what really makes it stand out from the crowd is its delightful scent. It has a captivating fragrance that has made it admirable for hundreds of years. That is why it is used to make bathing soaps and lotion. The seventh celebration of Marriage allows the couple to reflect on their life’s achievement together and to ponder on what they are expecting in the future. 

Lilacs for the 8th Year Celebration of Marriage

Couples should take the opportunity of the eighth celebration of Wedding Anniversary to remind themselves what brought them together in the first place. The perfect wedding anniversary flowers that will help them do that are lilacs. White lilacs convey new love; therefore, just take your sweet time on this day to remember the interesting aspects and attributes that attracted you to one another. The promise of rebirth is what purple lilacs represent. They are heart-shaped blooms that will definitely impress the person that you chose to stick with for the rest of your life. 


With these lovely anniversary flowers to celebrate your anniversaries, you are bound to make it memorable and impressive. What should motivate you is the fact that you have a strong and beautiful friend who is willing to stick with you for the rest of your life. Anniversary flowers come in many shapes, colors, and sizes; therefore, choose a flower basket that will remind you, the recipient, that you made the right choice choosing her as the better half in your life. 

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