Are You Ready To Buy Gold For Diablo 4’s Ultimate Endgame Content?

The Diablo 4 endgame content, as we know so far, seems pretty promising with the introduction of Nightmare Dungeons, Hell Tides, the Tree of Whispers, an upgraded Paragon Board and the Gambling System.

Diablo 4 is giving us plenty of content to work with after the storyline and allowing us to be able to even target farm specific gear and buy Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade our builds even quicker.

Gambling System

The first system that we’ll go over is the most familiar one and the simplest one. It is the Gambling System.

It’s very similar to Diablo 3 in where you’ll be able to do some sort of daily objectives to gain what are called Obols and these Obols can then be used for gambling. You can collect these Obols doing either daily or weekly objectives that will have listed throughout the world. You can also complete these prior to beating the campaign in afterwards. You can use these Obols to gamble for specific gear or weapons and they all have different rate drops at different costs.

We didn’t get a realistic gambling rate or drop rate of unique items in the beta version just because the developers had confirmed that they did increase the drop rates throughout that beta. It’s also confirmed though that if you are a PVP player, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain your own currency within the PVP system to gamble through those also, which potentially could have either different gear items or maybe even increased drop rates knowing that the risks are a little higher.

While playing PVP, if you die, you will drop this currency for other players to pick up, so it does become pretty competitive. If you decide to team up with a friend, then you can also do this to do a little 2v2 action.

You definitely shouldn’t use this as a primary source for target farming at the endgame. Because there are better systems that are in place rather than just sitting at like in Diablo 3 in town gambling with Kadala forever as she hands you garbage.

It is confirmed that though you will have access to every single magic and rare items to farm for base Diablo 4 items. Then, you can go through and do Nightmare and Hell Tides to target farm specific unique items.

The majority of what we’re discussing except for the gambling system is unlocked once you reach World Tier 3 Nightmare mode, which can be done after you defeat your Capstone Dungeon. The Capstone dungeon will be a difficult challenge. Even at level 45, the dungeons are set to level 50. But it’s really a gateway to test and make sure that your character and build are strong enough to enter into this nightmare mode.

When you enter into this Nightmare mode, you will unlock things like Hell Tides, Nightmare Dungeons, the Tree of Whispers and what are potentially a lot more things that we just don’t know about yet in that they haven’t released to us.

What Are Hell Tides?

Starting up though, Hell Tides will be a regional activity that you can join in on and this will occasionally happen throughout the day.

A Hell Tide will take over a region where portals will open up and waves of enemies will come through it. And these enemies and bosses will have different strengths and weaknesses. And they will vary from Hell Tide to Hell Tide to keep it interesting in where you may have to team up with parties in order to do these.

As you’re playing these Hell Tides, you’ll drop a currency that you can then used to go and open up specific Hell Tide chests that are located and marked around the map. These multiple chests that will be marked around the map will be also dedicated to specific loot, gear, or weapons. So, you can target farm for this specific gear, weapons, or whatever. If you come across some duplicates, you can also sell them for Diablo 4 Gold.

For example, if you’re a Sorcerer and there’s a specific staff that you’re looking for, you can go ahead and target farm, kill some enemies some bosses, try to time it out because these Hell Tides will have a time limit on it. So, maybe you play for a few minutes through this Hell Tied, knowing that you only have a total of five minutes or whatever it may be. Collect your currency, then work your way towards the specific gear, loot, or test that you’re looking for and then go target farm that staff.

What Is The Tree Of Whispers?

The next thing that we’ll talk about is the Tree of Whispers. You’ll see around the map that you will have these specific objectives called Whispers. As you do these Whispers, you’ll collect material called Grim Favors. And it’ll take a total of 10 of these to unlock a Tree of Whispers cache.

When you open up this cache, you’ll receive an abundance of either weapons, boots, or whatever it is that you may select crafting materials, D4 Gold for sale and even have the potential to pick up some Nightmare Sigils in which we’ll discuss that here in just a little. Because of that, you will be doing a lot of traveling with this and having to go around doing all these objectives around the World Map.

It’s important to make sure that you are unlocking all the fast travel waypoints and that you’ve got a good amount that you enjoy, knowing that you will be traveling around the map a lot. These Nightmare Sigils will be the next step in what seems to be probably the most important part of the endgame content.

As you unlock these caches and you start collecting Sigils. These Sigils and Nightmare Dungeons seem to be one of the most important part of the Diablo 4 endgame content from what we can understand. Even though Hell Tides in the Tree of Whispers will be important, the Tree of Whispers will also be important. Because they will also link back to upgrading the Paragon Board and glyphs.

What Are Nightmare Dungeons?

Nightmare Dungeons will be difficult challenging and can level up in increase in difficulty as you do them more and more and more.

When you locate a Nightmare Sigil, this Nightmare Sigil will be specific to one of the 150 dungeons located around the entire map. This sigil will unlock a more difficult challenge or level of that said dungeon. When you unlock that Sigil and you release it, it will open up a portal or transform that dungeon into a Nightmare Dungeon. This Nightmare Dungeon will contain new monsters and a different layout, so nothing will ever be the same.

In that, if you thought you knew a dungeon, you can scratch that, knowing that you’re about to get brand new content with this Nightmare Dungeon. Each Sigil will modify the dungeon in a specific way, whether it’s that you receive maybe additional cooldown. But the monsters are more difficult in that they have higher lightning resistances or maybe have higher lightning damage output. So, not all Sigils will work with all characters.

As these affixes change from Sigil to Sigil, you’ll be farming these Nightmare Sigils alone to find specific ones that fit your character the best. You can go through this Nightmare Dungeon with or without friends and, assuming that if you do it in a group, you’ll have higher drop rates, so you will be enticed to probably do this in group settings or Co-op.

At the end of this Nightmare Dungeon, you’ll be able to upgrade your Nightmare Sigil to a higher level to then unlock more loot, a harder dungeon, and continue to progress through Diablo 4 in-game content with your character. As you do, these in the Nightmare Dungeons get harder. It’s going to force you to go back to do Hell Tides, work on the Tree of Whispers and gain more experience through doing the Tree of Whispers and these daily objectives, world bosses, etc.

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Eventually, you’ll get to a point where these Nightmare Sigils will only work if you’re in even World Tier 4 the step above Nightmare World Tier 3. And as you go up in difficulty, these Nightmare Sigils will get a lot harder in the sense of that the World Tier 3 ones will allow you to die a total of 12 times in the dungeon. These torment dungeons will only allow you to die 4 times in total before the Sigil will disappear from your loot completely.

Upon completing this Nightmare Sigil in your dungeons, you’ll be able to upgrade it. But you’ll also be able to then upgrade your glyphs in which these glyphs will then be inserted into your Paragon Board.

If you picked up a Sigil that you don’t like, you can take it to the Oculus to actually have it salvaged to break it down into Sigil Dust or Sigil Powder. Then, at that point, you can craft yourself a new Sigil anywhere between levels 1 to 100. Then, that way, you can continue to try to almost gamble for a new Nightmare Sigil that works best and complements your character.

But these Sigils don’t stop at level 100. You can actually continue to level these Sigils all the way up to level 150 similar to Greater Rifts in Diablo 3.

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