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Artificial Turf Installation Diy Guide

The most ideal kind of grass that we can imagine when we try to visualize a still from paradise is called turf here on this planet. There are two types of turfs; one is original grass and the other is an artificial one. The material and length of that grass are so fine even of the artificial one, that a football fan can live his whole life playing on that one.


These turfs are used in terrace gardens to decorate them. People also paste it on the walls of their houses on the inside as artificial grass or turf does not require any water so no walls would go eroded. Residential turfing is quite common nowadays as people try to avoid growing original grass in their houses because they ask for maintenance. The new houses which were just constructed in recent times most have these turfs installed in them and there is no question about that they do not look much eye-catching.


People also decorate their offices by having a small patch of turf installed in their cabin to play a mini-golf pot. This is just an example however, on a much serious note commercial turfing is a business in practical. Some business models have worked like they have rented or bought a small piece of land and they have installed turf there to rent it out in batches to people on an hourly basis to be utilized as a five-aside futsal field or for playing cricket. And this has worked really well in a lot of countries. People started having tournaments on these turfs and for a considerable amount of time people almost forgot the original eleven-aside football.

Turf Services

There are a whole lot of different designs on how to decorate the house with turfs. Turf with stones, turf with pavers and tiles are just a few examples of how beautifully this can go. Turfing services that are responsible for installing and laying the turf are smarter than we think. They charge according to square meters which means there’s no minimum of what someone is to spend. These turfing companies come with a professional attitude and work according to the standards you expect. The best time for laying the turf is mid-autumn to late winters when the soil is not too wet.

Turf is quite expensive when compared to natural grass, but people who can afford it and still don’t get disturbed usually prefer it over the traditional grass.

Turf Football

Professional football has been changed a lot because of these turfed fields that have been laid in some of the biggest stadiums in the world. The main advantage of playing on a turf football field is that it can bear heavy foot traffic over it for about three-thousand hours of play every year, with no need to have any lengthy resting time. Whereas the original grass looks pretty good too but the main drawback of it is that it gets destroyed due to extra foot traffic and turns to dirt.

Some people argue that turf is not good for knees when it comes to playing football but on the other hand some say it improves the skill as the grip on the artificial turf is better than what there is on the grass. So People like to play on Artificial turfing.

Having turf in your house, or office or terrace can add an immense amount of attraction to the spot where it is laid. And not to forget the most important feature of it generating oxygen. It is said that an acre of turf produces more oxygen than an acre of rainforest.

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