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Asda is an extremely popular supermarket, with over 18 million customers shopping in ASDA stores each week. ASDA employs more than 145 000 people and its stores are packed to the brim with various foods, clothing, appliances, drinks, warm foods, snacks and beauty products. At any given moment, there are thousands of ways that any of the people in an ASDA store can be injured and be a victim of an Asda accident.

While we all know how busy supermarkets can be, when you go to do your weekly shopping trip at Asda, you don’t anticipate that you will need to detour your grocery trip to the hospital because you suffered an Asda accident. If the Asda accident has caused you or a loved one injuries, and someone else, whether Asda themselves, or another customer is to blame, then you may well be able to make an Asda accident claim for compensation.

Asda Accident Claims


There are countless forms of Asda accidents that customers, visitors and employees can suffer while in Asda. An Asda accident includes any incident that has happened on the Asda premises, and which has resulted in some form of harm being caused. Whether you were injured by a car in the parking lot of Asda, or something fell off of the shelf and hit you below as you walked past the wine shelves, or you have slipped and fallen on spilled food or liquid in the shopping aisles, Asda accidents can cause all types of injury, and some injuries can be quite serious.

Employee Asda Accident Claims

If you are an employee working in Asda, whether as a shelving and packing assistant, a butcher, a cleaner, a teller, or in the back office of a supermarket, you can easily be injured as you go about your daily job. Your employer has a duty to take necessary precautions and steps to ensure your health and safety in the workplace.  If you have been injured in an Asda accident as an employee because of an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a Asda accident claim.

The physical injuries sustained in any form of Asda accident don’t just affect your health and physical wellbeing. They can affect your person life and could also have a drastic impact on your financial life for you and your family. Although money might not be the first thing on your mind after you’ve been harmed in an Asda accident, the financial compensation you could get will help on the journey towards recovery- in all areas of your life. If you have hurt yourself in any type of Asda accident, be sure to get in in touch with Free Legal Justice today to receive free legal advice on your Asda accident claim.

If you have been injured at Asda and the accident was not your fault, contact Free Legal Justice today to discuss the merits of your potential Asda accident claim.


If you are involved in any form of Asda accident, there are a few steps you can take to help advance the merits of your Asda accident claim.

Seek Medical Attention

Firstly, if you need any medical attention for your injuries you should seek medical care as soon as reasonably possible. Make sure you keep a record of any diagnoses or medical reports, as these will be used at a later stage to form the basis of your Asda accident claim. If your injuries are serious you should call the emergency services to the scene immediately. If you do not appear to have any immediate injuries, be sure to attend a doctor at a later stage as some injuries only develop symptoms at a later stage.

Report The Asda Accident

Secondly, you should be sure to report the Asda accident to the manager, or the customer service desk, of the store. In most cases, this will involve filling out an accident report book which records the details of the accident, the injury and the individuals involved.  If an Asda accident report book is not the normal procedure of the Asda in question, enquire with the store manager as to where you should record the accident so that you have an official record of what transpired. The formal record of your accident will be important when it comes to formulating your Asda accident claim.


If possible, you should find out whether there were any witnesses to your Asda accident. If there were any shoppers or employees around at the time that you were involved in your Asda accident, be sure to take down their names and contact details, in the event that you require witnesses in support of your Asda accident claim.

Gather Evidence For Your Asda Injury Claim

Lastly, if it is possible to do so, you should take photos of the scene of the accident and preferably the cause of the accident. For example, if your slip and fall accident was due to a slippery or wet floor in Asda that had no warning sign to mark it out, you should take a photo of the scene where you had your slip accident, as proof of the cause of your Asda accident. Also try to obtain any CCTV footage of the accident. At the end of the day, the more evidence that you are able to present of the accident, the better your chance of a successful claim.


Asda has a legal duty of care towards the public which is based in numerous items of legislation. As a starting point, the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 ensures that those responsible for the upkeep of Asda take reasonable steps to ensure that the Asda store is safe for those who visit the supermarket. Essentially what this means in practice, is that the operators of Asda will be deemed to have been negligent should they allow hazards or dangers which are known to them, or could have been anticipated by them, to remain in place in Asda stores, and these dangers then result in injury to another person.

Health And Safety For Asda Supermarkets

As regards Asda employees who work on a daily basis in the supermarket, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 protects these employees and compels Asda management to take necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the supermarket is maintained in a safe condition for both members of staff and anyone affected by their work. Where Asda as the employer fails to do this, they will likely be deemed to be negligent and will be liable for an accident at work claim. These rules, combined with the various regulations under the Occupiers Liability Act, mean that Asda as an employer is required to carefully assess risks and dangers in the workplace, and take steps to deal with them as they arise.

In summary, there is a strong legal basis setting out health and safety responsibilities of the management of Asda for accidents sustained by employees and customers alike. If the Asda in which you suffered your accident failed to meet these standards and thus failed to meet its duty of care, you may well have been the victim of negligence, and you could be entitled to make a supermarket accident claim.



There is a common misconception that all supermarket claims are trivial and are that injuries suffered in a supermarket accident do not warrant compensation. This is simply not true. Supermarket accidents can range from fairly minor to serious injuries, depending on the nature of the accident and the party involved. A fall can easily result in a broken bone, an open wound or cut, an injury to the head or the face.

Slip And Fall Asda Accidents

This is arguably the most common type of supermarket accident claim that Free Legal Justice deals with. Individuals typically slip and fall in the supermarket because something hazardous is on the floor surface, for example water or ice, slippery cleaning products, or oily food and drinks. Trip accidents can be the result of things being left on the floor, by uneven floor surfaces, by obstructions such as potholes, cables and uneven steps. Fall injuries in Asda could be caused by loose floor coverings, broken stairways, poor general health and safety measures, defective equipment; or simply an individual rushing to get somewhere. In addition, individuals have a greater risk slipping, tripping or falling in supermarkets where the lighting is insufficient or where the obstructions have not been brought to the attention of the public by means of warning signs.

If you are a customer or employee that has been injured in a slip and trip accident at a supermarket because of something that the supermarket did or failed to do, you may have a valid supermarket accident claim. Speak to Free Legal Justice today to discuss the merits of your claim.

Falls From A Height

Falling from a great height at Asda can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious or life-changing injuries to the victim. Some stores have multiple levels to them and have stairs or escalators to connect the different levels. A customer in Asda can suffer all sorts of injuries because of a fall from a height in the supermarket.

If you are an employee working in a supermarket, you may be injured in a falling accident when you stock shelves, work in the store room of Asda, or use a ladder in the course of your job.  A serious fall accident in Asda can have a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, and if Asda as your employer is to blame for your accident, you will be able to make a compensation claim for your injuries, as well as your pain and suffering. If you have suffered from this type of accident, Free Legal Justice is here to support you. We appreciate how difficult it can be to recover and adjust back to normal life.

Electrocution, Chemical exposure and Burn injuries

A customer or a staff member could be electrocuted if there are any wires exposed at any place in Asda, or if a fridge, light, or other appliance trips or blows a fuse. There are many potential fire hazards at a supermarket – there are many electrical appliances for keeping food warm or cold, many supermarkets that have a bakery or a warm food section, there are sometimes demonstrations of various electrical appliances, there are countless chemical and flammable substances that could cause a fire or burn a customer or an employee alike.

If you have been involved in a supermarket accident involving electrocution, burn or chemical substance exposure, contact Free Legal Justice today to discuss the merits of your potential supermarket accident claim.

Objects Falling From A Height

If a pack of tea falls on you, you won’t be injured by a falling object in a supermarket for example, but there are many heavy and sharp objects such as electrical appliances, glassware, furniture and cases of alcohol that can cause injury should they fall onto a customer or child below. Similarly, if something falls from the ceiling – for example a ceiling tile, or part of a light fitting- detaches and falls onto you as you go about shopping, you could be seriously injured and require immediate medical attention.

Similarly, employees in supermarkets are at risk of falling items as they go about their daily tasks. Employees particularly vulnerable to objects falling would include those who work in the storerooms and stock, shelves. They could easily be injured by huge crates, heavy boxes, and pallets of storage of stock that becomes dislodged and fall on them. If this accident happened during the scope of work and it was not your fault, you will likely be able to make a claim against your employer.

If you have been injured in any way because of a falling object in a Asda, contact Free Legal Justice today to speak about your supermarket accident claim.

Attacks By Humans And Animals

This type of accident is rare but it can happen anywhere and at any time. If you are attacked by a dangerous individual or an animal that enters Asda, you may be able to claim compensation if the accident happened as a result of the supermarket’s failed duty of care towards you (for example they failed to take steps to prevent dangerous animals or individuals from entering Asda).

Accidents Involving Moving Objects Or Heavy Loads

This type of accident is more specific to employees being involved in accidents at Asda. A manual handling duty is any workplace task that requires an employee to lift, move or support a load. The rules regulating health and safety at work define manual handing as the “Transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or by bodily force.” Manual handling injuries suffered by Asda don’t have to be linked to a heavy load – they can be caused by any work involving the handling of items, even very light items. Manual handling injuries are particularly common amongst supermarket employees that deal with the loading and unloading of stock, stacking of shelves and other manual labour in the supermarket.

We Specialize In Asda Accident Claims

Free Legal Justice has handled numerous supermarket accident claims involving some sort of manual handling incident suffered by an employee. The majority of these cases are a direct result of supermarket employers failing to pay the necessary attention to manual handling safety rules and processes. In many cases, lifting and carrying injuries sustained by employees could easily have been prevented.

The injuries suffered by employees because of manual handling claims are often the result of:

  1. An employee being required to manually handle extreme loads;
  2. An employer failing to provide adequate safety training;
  3. Insufficient risk assessments being conducted by the employer;
  4. Failure of the employer to provide suitable safety equipment and first aid support to employees;
  5. Failure of the employer to provide a safe system of work or sufficient assistance to vulnerable employees.

Our expert legal professionals have successfully proven the negligence of hundreds of employers in claims of this nature. Free Legal Justice is here to help all supermarket accident claims victims receive lawful financial compensation for their injuries, and get the justice they deserve.



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