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Automatic Writing: How It Helps You Connect With Your Soul

Automatic writing is a simple way to connect with your soul and can be practiced by both beginners and veterans on the inward path.

Automatic writing is a form of mediumship, where messages from spirit are received through the medium’s hand. As it moves across a writing surface. The words and sentences that emerge usually have no relationship. To what the medium was thinking about beforehand or even what they were doing at the time. This technique is also known as psychography.

Many people use automatic writing to contact departed loved ones. Others use it to receive messages from spirit guides or other non-physical beings. Some people use automatic writing as part of their spiritual practice; others do it just for fun.

How Does Automatic Writing Work?

It’s also a great exercise that can be taken anywhere and done anywhere — in a journal, on paper or even on your phone.

The process of automatic writing is fairly simple: You sit down with a pen in hand and begin to write without thinking about what you’re writing. The key here is not to censor yourself or edit as you go along. Instead, just let out whatever comes into your mind.

When you start out with automatic writing, try asking your guides for help finding a good technique. That works for you. They might suggest something specific like using a pendulum or ouija board. They might tell you to go outside and sit on the grass, they might direct you to a particular book title or website. Whatever works best for them at the moment.

You shouldn’t expect significant results right out of the gate. Just enjoy this process as an opportunity to learn more about who you are.

How Can Somebody Get Started With Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing can be done in many ways, but a good old pen and paper are the best. It helps us retrieve information from our subconscious minds. Things we may not even be aware of – and lets us put it into words. If you want to try automatic writing, here’s what to do:

  •  Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes (or longer if possible). Make sure there are no distractions like phones or people who might interrupt you!⦁ Set aside any preconceived ideas about what this exercise will do for you (or not do). You might think automatic writing will tell you something specific about your life or future — or that it won’t work at all. Either way, set all expectations aside and let yourself be open to whatever happens during the exercise. If nothing comes happens, don’t worry! Keep trying later when you have more time available and are more open-minded about the experience.⦁ Take a deep breath. Let go of any tension in your body, and ensure that your fingers are comfortable on the pen or pencil.

    What other things to do:



    ⦁ Think of a question that you need guidance for. The whole point of automatic writing is to get guidance from your soul. And for people lost in the daily hustle and bustle of life, it’s essential to get a chance to listen to their soul. Start your session with a straightforward question you’re confused about or divided on.

    ⦁ Address your question to a particular something, like a spirit guide. If you have one, or your soul if what you’re seeking is inner clarity. Multiple questions are better spread out over many sessions instead of being crammed into a single session.

    ⦁ Once you’ve calmed yourself and feel like you’re in a trance, you can start writing. Don’t worry if the words are gibberish or if you can’t understand your handwriting. If you’re unaware of what you’re writing, that’s you tapping into something spiritual. And that’s what we’re trying to do!

    ⦁ At one point, you’ll feel like the flow of information is coming to an end. You may feel like you’ve run dry, or your trance state will break. This is when you try to interpret the writing. Look for coherent sentences that stand out, and be prepared to hear truths because this isn’t a process that comes with sugar-coating.

What Are The Benefits of Automatic Writing?

Getting In Touch With Your Subconscious

Automatic writing is a technique you can use to get in touch with your subconscious mind. It involves writing words without thinking about what you’re going to write. It has several benefits for you, like a calming effect on the mind and body, getting spiritual guidance from your higher self, and better inner clarity that allows you to make good decisions.

Helping You Connect With Your Higher Self

In automatic writing, there are no limitations on what we can do. We let our hands move freely on paper or computer screens and allow the words and symbols to flow out. This is because we don’t have conscious control over our hands’ movements. Our hand moves according to its own will and at its own pace. This helps us connect with our higher self or soul to get answers to questions we may have been wondering about for years but never dared to ask someone else about them.

Finding the Clarity In Ourselves We All Need

Automatic writing also helps us find clarity within ourselves by helping us release negative emotions such as anger, fear or sadness through our hands onto paper or computer screens as they occur during automatic writing sessions regularly over time.

How To Know If You’re Connecting With Your Soul Through Automatic Writing

The true purpose of automatic writing is to connect with your soul and gain information and wisdom from it. To do this, you must first understand what your soul is and what it wants to tell you.

Your soul is who you are at the core level, where you have stored all of your memories from past lives. Your soul knows everything about you. Including why you’re in this life and what lessons you need to learn. It also knows about any gifts or talents passed down through your family line and any special abilities. That can help you on your journey.

To channel your soul, you must take time every day (or at least once a week) to get in touch with yourself. This could be meditation or prayer — anything that brings about inner stillness so that you can listen for messages from within.


At the end of the day, the real point behind automatic writing isn’t the spiritual entities. It helps you get in touch with. Instead, the point is to take a deep look inside yourself and give your inner self a chance to speak for a change. To find out how the real you would respond to a situation instead of the calm exterior you’ve had to build to deal with life. This can be very important for mental satisfaction and a therapeutic step for most people.

Hope, now you are clear with automatic writing and how it helps us to connect with your soul. Automatic writing helps in a soul connecting. If you want to know more about this. You can book a session with us, and get a detailed knowledge on the same.

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