Ayurvedic Explanation & Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes or Dermatitis is increasing throughout the world and ayurvedic treatments can help with this problem. Glucose or diabetes is a metal decaying disease in which the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood of the patient increases more than normal. The main symptom of this disease is that glucose is found in the urine of the patient.

This disease is also called a disease in Ayurveda because, in this disease, every organ of the body has an effect. Not only this, but every cell of the body is affected by this disease. According to the Acharyas of Ayurveda, this disease affects all the five koshas of man i.e. Annamaya Kosh, Pranmaya Kosh, Manomaya Kosh and Anandamaya Kosh, also negatively affect them.

The cause of juvenile diabetes or congenital spasm found in children may also be the result of prohibited deeds done by parents, a description also found in some texts in Ayurveda.

But the main reason for the issue is lack of exercise in lifestyle and more intake of more gurus, Snigdha and hot food.

This disease can be divided into two types according to it’s cause of the origin :

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, it is a Tridoshaj disease, due to which it can also be called Vataj, Pitta or Kaphaj Prameha.

It can be kaphaz, pittaja, aataja, kaphapittaja, vatakfaja, pittajwaja. Apart from this, this disease can also occur due to the emergence of all the three doshas.

Syphilis, only gout or gall-gland can also be called Type 1 diabetes. 

Sushruta’s Description of Diabetes

According to Sushruta, the primacy of dosha is the determinant of the growth of this disease.

The patient shows excessive sleepiness, loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, cough and runny nose, all these symptoms are present in Kapha prash dosha.

Pile dysfunction can cause a burning sensation in the urine, body temperature, excessive thirst, acid (acidity), dizziness, insomnia, heartburn while gout velocity upward in gout, phlegm in body, dryness, heart tightness, breathing Symptoms, etc., are experienced in taking pain.

According to Charaka, there are three types of Prabhama- Sadhya, Yapya and Incurable.

Curable stage: The initial form of the disease in which a person catches the disease in the initial stage and takes all possible measures to control it. In this category, the weight of the patients is more than necessary and it is due to eating more fried and rich food.

Partial curable stage: Pitta and Kafaz Prabha is found in the patients of this type of case. This condition can be kept under control by treatment.

Stubborn or Incurable stage: In incurable disease, the disease takes an incurable form. The amount of ojus in the body of the patient decreases continuously because it leaks from all the new doors, especially through urine and sweat.

Dysfunction of the arteries leads to blockage of the arteries and metallization, which has a negative effect on the heart and nervous system, causing an imbalance of ojas.

Treatment of Diabetes in Ayurveda

These factors are evaluated mainly for the treatment of heart disease, mainly the patient’s body structure, major defects, disease-related complications such as blockage of blood arteries. Apart from this, the mood of the patient and the effect of his diet also determines the severity of the discharge.

 Genetic causes (disease among family members – genetic factors) also increase the chances of disease, but it actually takes the form of the disease due to bad diet. Although treatment of diabetes should be done under the supervision of Ayurvedacharya, the patient should take care of himself to improve his diet and exercise regularly. 

Bharimhan treatment method proves to be extremely beneficial in the pathological outbreak of this disease.

The bark of Vijayasar is used medicinally. The juice of this medicine is solid and hard and the properties are small and safe. It is bitter and cold semen which is very beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory diseases (ie all those diseases in which the colour of urine is distorted from normal). Many companies like Snaana are emerging to promoting ayurvedic products which are bringing the old magic of Ayurveda back into the people’s hand.

Vijayasar is also a blood-repellent chemical that removes metallic substances and reinforces cells. Apart from this, it also kills anthelminthic ie stomach worms.

Apart from this, there are many Ayurvedic medicines which are capable of treating diabetes successfully.

Exercise and Yogasana: Any type of physical exercise or yoga is helpful in the treatment of this disease. Mandukasana, Paschimottanasana, Antonykarani, Halasana and other asanas and pulse resection Pranayama, when done regularly, helps a lot in the treatment of Prabhama.

Caution: Do yogasanas by learning from any sensible Yogacharya or under their guidance only. Do not practice yoga by looking through the book or other social media.

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