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Home Improvement

Basic Guide about CCTV Security Camera for Beginners

Today’s CCTV security camera build with intelligent and proactive qualities to make home surveillance easy and stress-free.  Due to these advances in engineering, installing a home security system is simpler and cost-effective than previously.

Types of CCTV Security Camera

A fixed lens CCTV security camera is the simplest, most basic camera available. While a basic camera may seem less advantageous, it does have its list of benefits. Additionally, since the camera’s direction isn’t adjustable, it will remain pointing in the desired direction.

360º ANGLE CAMERAS: 360º angle cameras include numerous cameras placed in one housing unit (usually a ribbon camera) in which the pictures generated are switched together.  But as there are cameras in each way, with no fantastic view, 360º cameras do not offer the desired advantages and quite often, it’s tough to locate a perfect place to put the camera.

PTZ (PAN/TILT/ZOOM) CAMERAS: PTZ stand for (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras get their name in the vast array of movement options of this camera.  PTZ cameras can quickly and easily adjustable, remotely control, providing you with a detailed view of what is happening inside and outside your home.  One of the principal advantages of a PTZ camera is that they perform it feasible to monitor a considerable distance with fewer cameras.  Just one PTZ camera can replace multiple classic security cameras.  It makes them great for commercial uses such as airports, office buildings, shopping malls, and apartment buildings.


As their name suggests, dome cameras possess a dome-shaped home and are widely used both indoors and outside houses and commercial buildings.  The main advantage of employing a dome camera is that it is often difficult to determine which way the camera is currently facing (some cameras do a better job at this than others). In addition, Dome cameras are more durable and resistant to vandalism than other security camera housing types.

BULLET CAMERAS: Compared to a patio camera, bullet cameras are shaped more like a gun.  Bullet cameras are often placed outside of a home or building, pointing in a single direction.  Unlike a dome camera, the focus and orientation of the camera are undeniable.  Three of the main advantages of utilizing a bullet camera over a dome camera would be since bullet cameras are more versatile in placement, they’re easier to keep clean, and also have a tendency to make a clearer picture on account of their ability to reflect light (some cameras do this better than others).

DISCREET CAMERAS: Unlike dome and bullet cameras, discreet cameras are more hidden and hidden with the objective of not being viewed. These cameras are usually placed inside a home and can also be called a spy camera or a babysitter camera. Discreet cameras can hide common household items such as teddy bears, phone charging blocks, smoke alarms, and more.

CCTV Security

CCTV Security Camera Features

RESOLUTION: CCTV Camera definition and resolution is generally an essential feature for those looking to buy a new CCTV security camera.  And as you can imagine, the picture resolution choices are better than ever before.  You may find cameras on the market with up to 4k resolution. However, there are a few drawbacks to some higher-resolution cameras.  One of them being, the higher the resolution, the more space is needed to store and manipulate the images produced.  Fortunately, it is generally not that expensive to increase storage availability irrespective of where you plan to store these pictures.  Another potential negative to a more excellent resolution is that higher resolution cameras typically do not respond as well to low-level scenarios as a lower resolution camera.  So it’s possible to purchase a camera with more resolution than you need, raising storage costs and decreasing performance.

NIGHT VISION: Clear night vision is among the most essential features of an outside security camera.  Selecting a camera with infrared (IR) technologies will produce the very best and brightest image in low light.  For the Very Best Visibility, we recommend you choose a camera with nighttime visibility of up to


Based on how you plan on tracking your Smartphone, a mobile program can provide you with a live feed right on your mobile device.  Generally, there are two types of surveillance view apps on the current market, proprietary programs, and third-party programs.  A proprietary app will only work with the companies that possess IP security cameras at no extra price.  Third-party apps are compatible with various cameras and will probably charge you a monthly fee to use.  If you intend to use a third-party program, make sure it’s compatible with the cameras you plan to buy.

POE (POWER OVER ETHERNET): The latest link type employs one Ethernet cable to receive power and transmit the image.  This kind of connection can handle video resolutions of 4K+ exceeding the constraints of elderly BNC HD-TV cameras. In addition, PoE cameras may allow for more flexible placement options since they don’t rely on electricity outlets or wireless signal range limitations.

CCTV Security Cameras

Difference between Analog Camera and IP Camera

The most important difference between Analog Cameras and IP Cameras systems is transmitted and processed video data. As per our guideline, analog cameras capture the image from video signals hauled through coaxial wires into the DVR. DVR processes signals and converts them to digital movies that can be viewed on a monitor.

With an IP CCTV system, all data transmission is completed through the connected network instead of coaxial cables.   IP cameras are linked to an NVR, but this device simply stores and views the footage, not processing it.  Considering that the CCTV system is connected to a community, users may access and view their camera footage remotely through the net.

The Best Smart Home Security Systems Brands for You 2021

Need a security system but don’t know where to start? We test all major professional security packages that help you select which is the best smart security system for you.

CCTV cameras make it easy for you to control remotely with the help of a smartphone app. Dahua, Hikvision also made it simple which monitor your home from pretty much anywhere. Smart Security Systems is highly customizable which developed setup with the professional installation including Hikvision and Dahua CCTV cameras.

More about CCTV Camera System

A CCTV system might seem complicated since they require a network connection, but they’re actually pretty simple and flexible. With a design, you can use PoE to simplify the wiring process. In case you have any questions about CCTV Camera, it is always best to talk with an experienced person. Click for more info- best guideline for CCTV Camera.

CCTV Security Camera FAQ’s

Question: What is a CCTV Security Camera?
CCTV, or (Closed-Circuit-Television), is a system that permits you to keep an eye on what is going on in and around your properties. CCTV Cameras and monitors allow you to view live details of your selected area, and recorders record footage for later reference.

Question: Do security cameras record all of the time?
Ans: CCTV Security cameras may be set to record continuously, according to a schedule, or when motion is detected. This can easily be adjusted inside the camera’s settings. Keep in mind, if your smartphones are set to record continuously, they’ll take up more storage space and so allows for shorter historical records. Also, if the cameras are battery-powered, it might significantly shorten the battery life to maintain continuous recording mode.

Question: Where is the best place to put an outdoor security camera?

A: We commonly put security cameras at the corners of your house under the soffit. This generates better observing angles and tamper prevention.

Question: Is there a security camera that works without WiFi?
A: Of course, most Digital (HD)High-Definition cameras still rely on wires.

Question: What internet speed do you need for security cameras?
A: At least 10Mb/s. needs to view them online

Question: Are WiFi security cameras reliable?
A: WiFi cameras are reliable, though less than wired cameras. They also typically have poorer image quality for the same cost. This is a result of potential interference from radio interference, your home’s walls or the space from the WiFi.

Question: Do you need WiFi for wireless security cameras?
A: Some security cameras utilize your home’s WiFi, while others create their WiFi out of a DVR. Cameras that have their DVR will communicate directly with the DVR rather than your home’s network.

Question: Do WiFi cameras use data?
Yes, even if you see your cameras without being connected to the same system, you may use your home’s net information and your mobile’s info.

Question: How far can you run IP cameras?
A: There isn’t a specific maximum distance for an IP camera run. The number varies depending on the network speed. As a general guideline, using a cat5 or cat6 cable, 328-foot (100 meters) limitation. If necessary, there are ways to expand this limitation. The most frequent way of doing this is by installing extra network buttons before the 100-meter limit. Another choice is to use an Ethernet Extender. All these are useful in circumstances where adding a switch is not possible.


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