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Basic tips to follow in order to keep your car away from frequent AC repair

Run your car’s air condition system weekly

The air conditioning system in a vehicle is one of those components that go unnoticed or unattended, until it malfunctions. If you have ever been in that situation, you know exactly how rough it can be. And all of a sudden fixing it becomes your top priorityA functioning air condition system isn’t just a matter of comfort or convenience, it’s a legitimate health concern for aged drivers, drivers with children, or anyone especially sensitive to heat. Prevention is always better than cure. So, before you end up going to the service center for your car AC repair, you need to know some stuff on how to maintain a car’s air-conditioning system all year round. 


Run your car’s air condition system weekly 

On a weekly basis, turn the air conditioner on and let it run for 15 minutes. Set the temperature to the coolest setting and the fan on the highest speed. This will help to keep the gas pressure at its optimum level and the compressor in the top-notch condition, reducing the chance of further mechanical problems. Does your car’s AC has a defrost setting? If so, make it run for at least 10 minutes every week, to help remove moisture from the system and thereby preventing the build-up of mildew. Result? You will enjoy air conditioning that is much fresh and less prone to emitting unpleasant smells. 

Air conditioning systems comprise of control system, vacuum lines, the refrigerant system and many more.  With so many operating systems, it becomes very complex and much harder to detect the exact reason for its breakdown. And so, it would be better to take it to a service center as only a specialist can troubleshoot it through a series of checks.  

  • Clean the air filter 

Take out the car’s air filter which is usually located behind the glove box. Wipe out the dirt and debris and make sure to clean the filter with water or replace it with the new ones if required. However, avoid going to any local workshops because chances are that you might get fake spare parts at cheaper rates. 

Instead of wasting much of your time in looking for the “best car AC repair near me”, call ZDEGREE at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733. It’s one of the best car AC repair service centers in DubaiAbu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain that uses special equipment to check for air condition leakage and repair it to avoid any further issues. 

  • Keep the windows shut and let the cool air flow! 

People often tend to forget to close their car’s window while switching on the AC. This forces the air conditioning system to work harder in order to keep thcar cool, resulting in more fuel usage than normal. As a result, you will not be able to notice any benefits in terms of the temperature in your car either. 

ZDEGREE offers AC repair parts and replacement kits for most car brands in the UAE. Not just that, from tire fitting, wheel balancing, Tire air filling, battery replacement to ac performance checkup, fitting checkup and component checkup, they offer mobile services throughout UAE.  

  • Clear away debris 

Have you ever looked into the exterior grills under the windshield of your car? If not, check it henceforth. For this is one of the places where you would find lots of other debris. Take your time to clean out in order to prevent them from getting sucked into the air conditioning system and clogging it. Also, make sure to open the hood and check the condenser. If possible, use a hose to clean out debris to clog the condenser and make it less effective. 

Most of you often go through a misconception that a car is an enclosed space so the chance of your car getting contaminated is much less. Well, you are wrong! As compared to a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler is much bigger fomite.  You often come in contact with a lot of places in your car. So, does anybody who travels with you. This increases the chance of carrying infection. So, why take risk when the world is fighting against this COVID?  Since this pandemic, ZDEGREE, has been taking several important steps to disinfect your vehicle. Infact to combat this situation, ZDEGREE is now up with “sanitize your car offer” where you will be provided with much safer, much cleaner and a germ-free car.  


Don’t let the air conditioner accumulate wear and tear until it’s too late. An appointment with ZDEGREE for maintenance is definitely going to save your money in the long run. The team gives you a guarantee of providing a thorough and professional Car Ac repair services which will satisfy your needs at a very competitive rate. It’s not just a workshop for car AC repair, it’s much more than that. Right from tire replacement, auto detailing, auto inspection, battery replacement, oil change servicing to truck tire service, ZDEGREE is a complete package to serve you the best without compromising on quality. Call them up right now to make sure that your car’s AC is up and running once again. 


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