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There are close to 250 breeds of beef cattle throughout the world but the most common among indigenous are Angus, Brahman, Beef Master, Piedmontese, Herefordshire, Gelbvieh, Limousin.

Angus is one of the most common beef cattle breeds because of its willingness to grow healthy bodies throughout grazing. This breed has a really low rate of difficulties relating to reproduction which builds it ‘money maker’ for cattle growers.

  • British Breeds: These are the breeds that were developed in the British Isles and were subsequently brought to the U.S in the late 1800s. Some common good example of British breeds is Hereford, Angus, and Shorthorn. They are normally smaller in size but their abilities are unequaled. 
  • Continental European Breeds: These are renowned as exotic breeds. These consist of Gelbvieh, Limousin, Simmental, Charolais. They were sourced to the U.S in the early 1970s mainly to enhance the leanness and rate of emergence of existing breeds. These breeds are wider in size when they reach an experienced age. They have inferior fat.

Among all the common breeds of beef cattle, the Gelbvieh breed is seemly the fastest-growing beef cattle breed in the United States. Gelbvieh breeds necessitate is increasing among the cattle producers and also amongst the consumers while the other breeds are experiencing a decline in their sales and requirement. A combo of breeds or any particular breed in any breeding program has an appreciable effect on the profitability and efficiency of the cattle manufacturing industry. Each breed has its reproductive efficiency, emergence rate, maternal skills, and because of these divergences, the end product specification fluctuates from one breed to another.

The production price and overall nutritional requirements are completely dependent on the type of breed as these are associated with the size of the animal and the pace of growth. Therefore, in crossbreeding initiatives it is essential to select appropriate breeds. There are up to 250 beef cattle breeds in the globe and 60 percent of them constitute in the United States of America. 

Nowadays, beef cattle production businesses are as common as dairy production businesses. Throughout the globe, the United States of America is among the biggest exporters of beef. Beyond question, beef cattle are the knockout of any farm and considering the different kinds of breeds, they indeed are incomparable in their ways. 

The cattle producers choose the breeds for their production businesses referring to their market value and rare symptomatic to gain greater profits. Some of the elements that cattle producers keep in mind besides selecting the beef cattle breeds encompass the market demand of the breed, accessibility of pure-bred seed-stock, its savings, quality, and quantity of obtainable feed staff, and its extraction system.

Some of the illustrious beef cattle management breeds.

Black Angus:

It is the most popular breed in the United States. This breed outnumbers the rest breeds compounded. It is consequently the Scottish people brought the longhorn herds which were interbred with Angus. The furless Angus was rejected earlier but the improvement in its relish and its affection increased its demand in the marketplace with time.


It is a British breed, from Herefordshire, England. This breed is renowned for its versatility to various climatic conditions and its robustness. Certified Hereford Beef necessitate a face that is 51 percent white with utterly no markings in white on the backs, side of the body, and hip. They are smaller than the Angus breed.


They emanate from the Piedmont region of Northwest Italy. Its heritable anomaly is known as ‘double muscling’, makes it singular. They have increased protein and less chemical fat which is healthful for its consumers. It is challenging for Piedmontese dames to give deliver to double-muscled calf due to their narrow birth canals, and due to this, Piedmontese bulls are cross-breed with Angus. This duple the benefits. In the U.S, Piedmontese beef is successful available by heritage farms.


This breed is also common as American Brahman. This breed has been released by the United States to many foreign including South America, Australia, the Pacific Islands, etc. This breed is unusual because of its gigantic body size and average depth with legs of moderate length and straighter back. They are largely light gray but they can also be black or red. An adult female is an igniter in color rather than a male. The male has worse areas on the shoulder, neck, flank, and lowly thighs. A Brahman cow weighs some 500-700 kg although a Brahman bull weighs around 800-1100kg.

Beef Master:

Emanated in the United States of America, this breed is a consequence of cross-breeding between Shorthorn, Hereford, and Brahman cattle. It has a good fertility rate and excellent milking superior. They are primarily red. The bull weighs roughly 1200kg and the cow weighs around 800kg. This breed is common because of its opposition to illnesses and parasites. The animal of this breed is simple to handle as they have superb aptitudes.

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