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Beginners guide for vaping

Many people who plan to quit smoking, usually opt for vapes. Stats show that the majority of people have been able to quit smoking by switching to vape. If you are a newbie in the world of vaping, it is best to look for the best vape starter kit in Australia and get your hands on one of those.

What is vaping?

Let’s be straightforward; It is known as the modern form of smoking. Vapes come with an e-liquid which is infused with nicotine. The electronic device known as the vape or the e-cigarette, heats up to produce vapour from the liquid, as they inhale.

Each vape comes with a tank, a battery and a wicking material. The tank holds the e-liquid and the wicking tool is wrapped around a coil. The coil basically absorbs the liquid and once the power button is turned on, the vape produces the vapour.

How to vape?

If you have never smoked or tried a vape or seen anyone vape either; then you need to make sure that you do so accurately.

Also, you simply need a vape starter kit and you are good to go. These come with user manual’s and you must read through it thoroughly to understand how it works and how you need to work with it.

Although smoking is quite similar to vaping, it is safer to read through the instructions. Also if you are a newbie, you might consider watching tutorials or reading the manual over and over until you are sure that you have understood how to vape.

Is vaping safe?

Now, this is an argument that has been going around for a very long time and there is no definite answer to it. If you haven’t smoked ever, it is best to steer clear of vapes as well. However, if you do feel like smoking, it is best to opt for a vape then because it is safer than your traditional cigarettes. And if you are a regular smoker, it is best to switch to vaping as it is a safer option. But there is still a long way to go, in collecting relevant data for vapes and their safety and nothing determinant can be said about it, as of now.

Is it safer than the traditional cigarettes? Yes it is. But is it a healthier option to make? Not really. Studies are being carried out to see its aftereffects on the human body and lungs specifically. Enough evidence hasn’t been collected as of yet to state vapes are completely safe.


If you ever decide to start vaping, it is essential to invest in a good quality vape and liquid. Do not go for cheap vapes as they aren’t good. Also never borrow someone else’s vape and use it. It is not safe and can become a huge source of exchanging unwanted illnesses.

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