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Benefits to Open Cases CS: GO on Websites in 2022

CS: GO skins are valued by the community for their exceptional designs that bring attractiveness to the matches. Various collections, such as Broken Fang, Breakout, Chroma 2&3, etc., have become my favorite ones. Players open cases in CS: GO millions of times, aiming to receive the rarest skins. However, in recent years one more method for receiving skins became popular – social platforms with custom skin packages.

Recently, the users started searching for alternatives to Steam, in which the chances to pay off become lower each year. There are many advantages to open cases CS: GO on sites, and the developers always make them maximum visible to customers. So, it’s time to understand why millions attend the websites and often forget about spending money on unpacking boxes on Steam.

Why Playing on CS: GO Websites?

Valve’s algorithm for dropping skins is straightforward: “High odds to drop mil-spec skin, middle to get restricted or classified ones, and less than 1% drop knives”. And each new update makes the valuable skin’s drop practically impossible. Therefore, players decided to stop spending money on such low-winning probability lotteries and joined the community of online platforms. Here, you can find the list of the primary benefits to open cases on CS: GO websites.

Total Transparency 

The developers are the typical players having thousands of hours in matchmaking and know everything about the skins. They created an innovative and exciting approach that makes users deepen into the CS: GO skin industry. The website owners aim to connect the audience and make website rules and conditions entirely visible (including the odds to drop items, the mechanism of the randomness algorithm’s work, etc.).

Unique Events 

The website visitors can participate in giveaways and contests with different prize pools.

The most typical loyalty programs are the following: 

  • Daily/weekly free boxes;
  • Promo codes;
  • Points for each box opening (to trade on skins later);
  • Giveaways.

Millions of users worldwide regularly open cases CS: GO and join alternative activities on the high-trusted websites.

High Odds for Expensive Drop 

The players can analyze each case on the website and choose the most suitable, including the desired drop. Near the item’s icon, the percentage of drop probability is indicated, which helps avoid purchasing collections without high chances of getting what you want.

More Profitable than on Steam 

It is unnecessary to purchase both keys and cases if using the online platforms’ collections. The money is paid for the case only, and that’s cheaper than the Steam market’s price. It makes players avoid overpaying in the game and choose an affordable price on the sites.

Join the Community

Many site users know each other and don’t mind playing matchmaking or 1v1 on the aim_map. Moreover, it’s possible to play or join the stream with the developers and spend time together in the game. It unites the players worldwide into one family of the devoted CS: GO fans.

Top Expensive Items to Drop on CS: GO Websites

The users usually open cases CS: GO for a particular drop, such as contraband skins, knives, or gloves.

So, the most desired valuable drops on the sites are the following: 

  • M9 Bayonet “Doppler” ~ $700-800.
  • AK-47 “Fire Serpent” ~ $850-1,400.
  • Butterfly Knife “Marble Fade” ~ $2,200-2,500
  • M4A4 “Howl” ~ $2,500-13,000.
  • AWP “Dragon Lore” ~ $3,300-12,000.

The preferences for skins are different, so everybody can choose a suitable case and unpackage it for their favorite items.

Due to apparent advantages, the community appreciates open cases of CS: GO on various online platforms. High expensive drop probability, transparent algorithms for random number generations, and possibilities to play together with a community are the reasons for choosing sites for box unpackaging.

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