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Best 5 Chat API Service Providers for Web and Mobile 2021

If you’ve landed here, it is obvious that you’re looking to build a chat app. 

Apart from this, you’re also aware that chat API services are better than either building a chat app from scratch or using one of the chat solutions available. 

So, if you’re on a search to find the best real-time chat API provider best suited for web and mobile apps, then this blog will be your guide. 

From supporting your decision to invest in a real time messaging API to answering all your related queries, this blog will have everything you need to get started.

As a bonus, we have also listed out the best chat SDK providers so that you can get started on the right foot

Top 4 Reasons That Prove Using A Chat Platform API Is Worth Your Time & Money

  1. You need to make use of a real-time messaging API because it saves you all that effort to conduct manual work. 
  2. Whether you’re using a chat API for websites or for mobile applications, the features provided by the former are dedicated to enhancing the chat experience.
  3. Rendering a chat API service helps additionally to secure engagements taking place in the app. Instead of you having to invest in a separate security measure, a web chat API provider offers the same in its package.
  4. Lastly, using a messaging API android or iOS provider eliminates all the hassles witnessed when it comes to adding features that remain cluttered in the app, when notifications become unresponsive, and even when messages don’t reach the right place.

Wait, you Already have a Chat App? Now what?

The truth is your current chat app can’t match the value a chat API service can provide. While this chat app works well for marketing purposes, when it comes to enhancing the chat experience, the expertise of a web chat API provider is well expected. Using the best chat SDK providers present in the market can offer tons of benefits.

To name a few are customization options, personalized options, high-end security, dedicated features, and much more. 

chat app features

So, What About Voice & Video Messaging?

For any chat app to be successful for engagement, offering voice and video messaging works well.

Whether you use Chat API for websites or mobile applications, these API providers also offer voice and video messaging. 

Did you know that when you make use of messaging API android or iOS provides for video and voice messaging, the features offered are doubled?

video calling features

For instance, with video chats, you have additional features provided such as group video chats, screen sharing, 1-1 video chats, and more. 

The importance of using voice and video messaging matters during app building because they play a vital role in providing a better-digitized communication experience required in 2021.

A Chat API Caters To Any Industry: Here’s 3

Using the best chat API for website or mobile applications can cater to multiple industries.

Based on their usage, the chat APIs can simultaneously help you build a customized chat platform.

To help you understand better on its perks, we have listed three types of sectors that exhibit the benefits well.

1. The E-commerce sector

The e-commerce sector can benefit better from the use of a chat platform.Creating a customized chat platform can allow e-commerce vendors to engage better with sellers.The chat platform can easily be placed on the marketplace or their online store.Sharing information has become one step easier in e-commerce with the support of a chat API provider.

2. The Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is another industry that can benefit well from a chat API provider.Today most chat API providers are compatible with HIPAA compliance, a law that ensures patient’s information is secured. Since the app process conducted online engagements, chat API providers offer the best high-end security to ensure secure communications.Whether it is engaging with patients or having internal communications, chat API provider’s customization options will help you build apps best suited for all.

3. The Customer support sector

The customer support sector includes every industry that engages with its users.Providing on-demand services is well appreciated and considered high by all.Hence when you use a chat API provider to provide instant on-demand services, the process becomes simpler. The engagements on the app become simpler, easier, seamless, and more conversational.

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So, Which Chat API Provider Should You Choose? Here’s 5

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

Visit Website :

CONTUS Mirrorfly is a self-hosted API and SDK provider.If you’re seeking a chat API provider for a website or a chat SDK android/ iOS provider, CONTUS Mirrorfly offers 150+ features and customized solutions to cater to all your needs. 

The reason why CONTUS Mirrorfly is well suited for enterprises is because all the features provided by them are guaranteed to enhance any communication platform you wish to choose, which in this case is chat.

When you use the assistance of CONTUS Mirrorfly, you’re seeking the help of experts who understand how they can shape your app-building for the better. 

You should invest in CONTUS Mirrorfly because they will provide a chat platform that is blended with high-grade technologies, 300+ in-house developers assistance, upgradable features, and flexible hosting. 

MirrorFly  Chat API Features

  • Proactive Chat
  • Cross-Platform messaging
  • Access to source code
  • End to end support
  • Digital Whiteboards

Pros : Its messaging infrastructure has the ability to scale further such as it can connect over 10 million+ users and 1 billion+ conversations.

Cons : Currently monthly subscription plans aren’t available

Platforms supported : Android, iOS and Web

2. Apphitect

Visit Website :

When it comes to investing in the leading mobile application in UAE, Apphitect comes to mind.

The reason why Apphitect is popular is because they use high-end technological solutions such as AWS, Cassandra, and much more. 

From providing offline messaging to personal chat options, Apphitect has a variety of features to offer. 

Another reason why Apphitect is growing popular is because it is considered one of the best chat SDK iOS and android providers. 

Apart from this Apphitect also offers voice and video messaging options as well.

Apphitect API Features

  • Social Integrations
  • Sync and store
  • Push Notifications
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Group Chat

Pros : Offers zero downtime possibility

Cons : It takes a minimum of 10 business to integrate chat platforms on websites

Platforms supported : Android, iOS and Web

3. Sendbird

Visit Website :

Sendbird is another great chat SDK Android and iOS provider. user-friendly chat API and native chat SDK, provider. It is best catered to enterprises and small-scale businesses.Sendbird specializes in integrating chats catering to the needs of any kind of industry. 

It provides a UI Kit that consists of built-in UI components and much more in order to customize the chat application better.

Sendbird API Features

  • Webhooks
  • Offline messages
  • Moderation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Push Notifications

Pros : Before you opt for any of their pro features, there is a free trial option for each

Cons : Their starter plan doesn’t provide the basic chat features needed to understand the product better and limited customized and beta version of video and voice calling

Platforms supported : Android, iOS

4. Talkjs

Visit Website :

TalkJS is considered one of the best chat SDK iOS and Android providers. It is a chat API that offers pre-built UI to cater to web and mobile applications. 

With the use of simple coding, app developers can easily create chat use cases instantly.

Talksjs API Features

  • Prebuilt UI
  • Developer-friendly API
  • Real-time messaging
  • Out of the box notifications
  • Customizable design

Pros : TalkJS APIs can cater to any framework and programming language

Cons : If you’re looking to build UI from scratch, then TalkJS isn’t the tool you should opt for

Platforms supported :Web and Mobile


Visit Website :

If you’re looking for a white label chat API provider, Quickblox is your tool,helps app developers build easy messenger platforms integrated with chat and video instantly. 

Quickblox API Features

  • Multimedia sharing
  • Chatbot integration
  • Extended messaging
  • Offline messages
  • Chat moderation tools

Pros : Provides well-versed security solutions

Cons : Their services are limited to only serving healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and marketplaces

Platforms supported :Web and Mobile


In the current scenario, as a business, you need to start incorporating unique solutions to sell better.While making use of already available platforms will do the needful, when it comes to a long-term approach in terms of flexibility and scalability,

it is solutions like chat platform API providers that prove to be helpful.You now have the top real-time chat API provider list to help you build an efficient chat platform in 2021.

So, when do you plan to get started?Have you selected any chat API service provider yet from the list above?


Richard is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.

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