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Best and affordable Land Rover Repair Santa Clara:

Land Rover introduces high functioning engines that are known for their power. Mostly Land Rover models are SUVs but some are in typical Jeep shape models. Land Rover is one of the eldest vehicle manufacturers. The initial land rovers were not built by land rover group itself. The initial land rover was the idea of two child of brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks. This personnel designed the Land Rover and introduced it for self-use. But later on, British Manufacturer caught an eye on the design. Before going on hand with British Manufacturers, Rovers had a look like WWII old Willy jeeps.  Land Rover Repair Santa Clara can repair every segment faulted in your tough Rover Vehicle.

Land Rover Time Line:

The first-ever land rover was designed by Maurice Wilks and his associates by using chassis of the jeep, this happened in around 1940s. Then the original Land Rover was released in a show in Amsterdam on 30th April 1948. Around 1958, the Land Rover (Rover Group at that time) introduced its first model series which were successful in the market namely as Land Rover Series I, II, and III. In 1961 the Rover Group started the production of tough forward drive vehicles Series II. They were further elaborated in the shape of IIA models.

The Land Rovers in 1961 was not that hit at the time. Because all they were producing was a model which is not luxury and but were not cheap also. Their models (at that time) mostly sold in off-road areas that had not developed roads. If your Off-Road vehicles show some problem then Land Rover Repair San Jose has every solution for your land rover.


In 1967 it became difficult for Rover to survive because of incidents and unfortunates with their sales. Like they introduced Series I which were cheap and is very suitable for off roads traveling. But the Series I was very less elevated toward comfort. Traveling in it causes people back pains and joint pains. This causes the market of Land Rover to go down and caused loss to the company. So for these, they wanted to maintain the toughness of Model but also they want to increase comfort.

Estate Wagon by Land Rover:

So when the Series I by Land Rover Failed they need to increase the comfort. In order for that, they release the model Estate Wagon by Rover. This Model included carpeted floor, upgraded seats, heater (heater at that time in a car was a luxury feature), 7 seats, large space and wood built frame. These whole lauded features were by Tickford, which is a renowned manufacturer of interiors for cars. This model was expensive but comfort is of quality.

Land Rover at that time didn’t realize that their customers were mostly workers of a heavy task which need to travel rural and undeveloped areas and most were from the middle class so for them it is hard to afford. This misunderstanding caused a loss and only 700 models sold. Whether it is Land Rover Series I or Estate Wagon Land Rover Repair Services can provide high-quality maintenance.

Leyland Motors and Rover Group:

After the losses and underrated performances of vehicles by Rover Group further on the Land Rover was being sold. This was not a happy deal by the British Manufacturing Company BMC. After the Bid in the market, it was being purchased by Leyland Motors, Formerly known as Ashok Leyland.

Rover Group and BMW:

Further on the Leyland Motor were not able to handle the stakes of Rover Group so they made a deal with BMW AG and sold 80% stakes of Rover Group to BMW.

If you’re Tough Land Rover Vehicle is facing any kind of special faults then Land Rover Repair Santa Clara is the best-repairing center in town. It is the Subsidiary of a well-known service company Bay Area German Car.





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