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Best Angle to shoot a food

Do you experience difficulty sorting out what is the best camera point to use for your food shots? I observe that with the understudies that I educate, this is an exceptionally normal issue.

Camera Angles for Food
My understudies regularly encourage me what I want to instruct them. At the point when I initially began educating, I would do a demo in class where I set up my camera while my partner, who I was showing the class with, would set up our food and props for the demo shot. An understudy asked me, “how do you have at least some idea where to put your camera?”. I needed to think for a couple of moments. This has become so worked in for me, that I understood I didn’t consider it, I simply kind of knew where to put it.

This was never educated to me in school that I can recall. I have two degrees from two unique schools. Neither of these schools at any point discussed food photography india when I was there. So how could I know where to put my camera?

The response is, I feel that from long periods of shooting, I just educated it all alone. I’m certain that is not what you need to hear, but rather it truly is valid with photography. The more you do it, the more straightforward it will get. I guarantee!

So meanwhile, while you are figuring out how to further develop your food photography, simply realize you will begin to get where your camera should be to show your food in the most effective way conceivable.

The food shooting situation I will discuss is the one where you are at home, and you make some little memories to spend on your food shots. As I’ve referenced previously, I generally shoot on a stand. On the off chance that you are not shooting on a stand, you are truly restricting yourself, and how you can deal with your shot.

Here is My specialty. Suppose I’m dealing with that shot above of the rural peach tart. I realized I needed to have a genuine close up chance of the peaches. As it’s perched on the table, I check out the tart, yet not through the camera, and conclude where I need my emphasis to be on the peaches.

When I know where my center will be, I know how to put my camera to get that piece of the peach tart in center. In that shot over, the camera was at around a 45 degree point gazing down into the tart. I took this with a 100mm full scale focal point so I could get quite near it.

You want the point that will show your food the best, NOT the dish it’s in, or the bowl it’s in. It is not selling those. You are selling your food – and by selling I mean including in your picture.

So glance through your camera while it’s not on the stand yet, and generally form your shot where you can see the food the best, THEN recall where you are generally, put your camera on the mount, then, at that point, reexamine your shot to what you need.

In fact I get asked this constantly. The response is, this thoroughly relies upon the kind of food you are shooting. The manner in which your food is plated will direct WHERE you want to put your camera.

Presently, a few food sources can look incredible when being captured a couple ways. Like a pizza. That can look extraordinary at a 45 degree point and furthermore an overhead shot.

I will separate this into the four most normal camera points to shoot food with.

This is presumably the most well-known camera plot for shooting food.

Camera Angle for Shooting Food 
So Taking shots at this point with a more extended focal point, similar to the 100mm focal point, or setting your long range focal point to something like 75mm or higher, you get to truly see into your dish and in a great deal of cases, just see the outer layer of what you are shooting on – there is no foundation (surface is the wood here – foundation would be what you would see past the surface, similar to a divider).

Assuming you are one of the numerous bloggers who are as yet utilizing a 50mm focal point to have your chances, you will likely run out of your surface region except if you get right on top of your food. The 50mm focal point is viewed as a wide focal point for shooting one dish of food. Every individual who utilizes it needs to get amazingly near their food to have a chance that doesn’t show bunches of things behind the scenes that you don’t need. This can be extremely restricting.

So I would say for all my business occupations that I shoot, that this is presumably the most widely recognized point I use.

So at the point when the food on the plate takes into account this, I will bring down the camera point a smidgen so I can show a skyline line toward the rear of the shot and show a foundation. It was truly great to show how thick the side of the sheep is in this shot underneath.

Notice that the profile of the plate is exceptionally shallow. There is not really any lip on the edge of the plate by any stretch of the imagination. Assuming this was in an enormous bowl, I would need to raise the camera point higher to see into it.

So I sort out where I need the concentration to be AND what camera point to use with the dish the food is on.

Moreover This is a great method for food shots a few food sources and is exceptionally normal for burgers and sandwiches. When shooting burgers and sandwiches, you need to show what’s in them. Assuming you put the top bun on (we call this the crown), you are covering the food, so you need to shoot from the side like this.

At the point when I am going for a burger customer, frequently the camera is a tad lower than straight on and I am calculating the camera up a smidgen to see the food. This gives the burger an exceptionally courageous look.

This is a camera point that we see constantly with food online journals. A few web

journals utilize this a lot of I feel. It’s more straightforward to make an arrangement

this way since you are wiping out profundity in the shot. Your food becomes shapes

and tones that you place into your casing.

Overhead Photography
It’s an extremely fun method for shooting – simply recollect, kindly, don’t do this constantly, or it will get exhausting exceptionally quick.

The point here is to utilize distinctive camera points to keep your perusers locked in.

Stir it up! Attempt distinctive camera points assuming that you are as yet learning

this and are uncertain of which camera point to utilize.



So I need to specify that these main four camera points above are only a manual

for the most widely recognized ways of shooting food. This truly relies upon the

dishes and glasses your food or beverages are in.

Infact Here is an injection of beverages. At the point when I shoot glasses, I like to ensure

that you can see the back edge of the glass so you can see the highest point of the beverage.

In this shot, I am marginally higher than a straight on camera point, to see a

smidgen of the highest point of the beverages and the back edge of each glass.

So Clearly, in the event that you are shooting a bowl of soup or a one-pot dinner in a

dutch stove, your camera point should be essentially at a 45 degree point to see

into your dish. You may should be higher to gaze down into something.

So whenever you are setting up for a food gave, attempt at least a couple points and

see which one you like the best. In time you will begin to get a feeling of what searches

best for your shots. The more you shoot, the simpler this will turn into. I guarantee!


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